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Technical Specialist Resume


Seasoned IT professional wants to resolve thorny technical problems, rescue troubled projects, work with different groups to improve processes, and inspire and mentor colleagues.


Programming: Databases, Operating Systems, Firewalls, Networks, Processes

Tools: Visual Basic, C#, C, C++, PowerBuilder, FORTRAN, SQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Dbase, Windows, Linux, Unix, AIX, MS - Access, Word, Excel, VBA, vbscript, Perl, Python, Assembler, Documentum, Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat API, APIs, Foxpro, X.25, Ethernet, Cisco Firewalls, Checkpoint Firewalls, NATs, SecureCRT, MSMQ.



Technical Specialist


  • Developed C# application to configure and manage over 10,000 remote access routers for a major client.
  • The product reduced errors, enabled on-demand reports, added flexibility, and was easier to support than the prior process.
  • Provided needed support and development for an existing data collection and reporting system for hundreds of older Confidential .
  • Developed programs in vbscript for SecureCRT to use secure connections to Confidential .
  • This requirement had been outstanding for over 12 months.
  • Developed a technique using Message Queuing to run multiple instances of polling programs to reduce the number of servers required by a factor of five.
  • Upgraded main application from 1999 vintage PowerBuilder 6.5 to more current PowerBuilder 12.
  • Supported Network Operations and Engineering with tools and infrastructure support for monitoring over 40,000 network devices on disparate networks worldwide.
  • Developed LAMP program to assist in network address allocation for new clients reducing time required from over an hour to less than 10 minutes per client.
  • Primary support for 20 critical AIX servers running a specialized NAT Application integral to the Confidential monitoring infrastructure and necessary to meet service level agreements.
  • Responded to incessant pleas for help from Network Engineers and eventually documented the Client Implementation Process.
  • Used MS-Access and various programs to analyze data from numerous sources to resolve inventory discrepancies for SOX compliance.
  • Streamlined new client implementation process by eliminating two network changes per client resulting in savings exceeding $100,000 per year.
  • Checked and authorized route changes on key firewalls.
  • Supported engineers by troubleshooting problems they were unable to solve. One favorite example was expired time-to-live quotas on old international equipment.

Firewall Engineer/Administrator



  • Specified, ordered, configured, and implemented firewalls for network security. Engineered firewall changes to diverse firewalls in wildly differing environments.
  • Developed testbeds as needed to ensure that changes would work. Once was responsible for the 4th, last, and only successful attempt to make an exotic routing change because it had been tested in a lab on my desk.
  • Assisted in the audit and cleanup of firewalls at a major international bank.
  • Resolved routing issues that had plagued one project for months - in just days.
  • Provided engineering, administration and rule management for over 100 Cisco firewalls for a major computerized reservation system.
  • Developed conceptual network drawings to assist in engineering changes in complex environments which were very popular with the rest of the team.
  • Planned and orchestrated a very successful replacement of a critical firewall which was required to eliminate the last token ring interface.
  • This required very close coordination with network engineers.

Sr. Consultant

Confidential, Tulsa


  • Software Development and support for various client-server and other applications in support of Confidential Maintenance & Engineering.
  • Integrated and finalized third-party software used to format Confidential General Procedures Manual and Fueling Manual.
  • Completed a VB program used to upload Chemical Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets into Confidential Flight Operating System.
  • Supported an aircraft component warranty tracking system with a PowerBuilder user interface and SQL Server database.
  • Provided ongoing emergency support for Confidential M&E Warehouse Systems when the primary support team could not resolve a problem.
  • Singlehandedly resolved major outages by quickly understanding unfamiliar code and making necessary changes.
  • Stepped in to complete conversion of communication links to X.25.

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