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Logistical Operation Support Specialist Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Resourceful Project Management Professional with seven years of experience in Project and Logistics Management, Personnel Leadership, and Security Operations.
  • A hands - on leader with high productivity objectives derived from lessons learned and application of project management methodologies and industry best practices.
  • Experienced in leading project planning and organization, including meeting strict deadlines in ‘no room for errors’ environments.
  • A natural communicator, effectively liaising at all levels and obtaining buy-in from stakeholders through subordinates.
  • Possesses multiple s in Project Management and Logistics.
  • Open to Project Management role with an organization seeking a proven performer committed to team mentorship, project excellence, and total customer satisfaction.
  • Provided ongoing project oversight by defining project scope for multiple types of logistical applications throughout the Confidential .
  • Monitored activities and the closing of all projects by conducting regular analysis and follow-up with key stakeholders.
  • Completed these tasks throughout the Confidential central region and district offices.


Project Management Logistics Management Operations Management Project Planning - Delivery Policy & Procedure Definition Regulatory Compliance Government Contracting­ Personnel Management Vehicle Maintenance / Logistics


Logistical Operation Support Specialist

Confidential, Dallas, TX


  • Responsible for day to day operations for the executive staff by sending out daily reminders throughout the Central Region of Confidential.
  • Administered various analytical tracking for outgoing and incoming government files on a daily bases
  • Maintained data logs of government records and information on government records and information on a daily bases.
  • Served as a point of contact for various contractors working with federal guidelines leading a contract team responsible for the administration of GSA contracts.
  • Administered government maintenance such as auditing incoming and outgoing government files and packages for senior immigration service officers at the central region office.
  • Maintained collaborative working relationships with the executive staff and doing various task as handing out mail to coordinating with interpreter and delivery guys on a day to day bases.
Logistical Operation Support Specialist



  • Managed all aspects of an organization to include cost, manpower, materials, facilities and equipment,
  • Directed Logistics and Management Operations required supporting specific missions, and systems.
  • Supervised multi-agency program planning, funding, and management of information systems.
  • Coordinated, evaluated, developed, and adjusted plans and schedules to meet assigned requirements and deadlines, on time on a daily bases.

Transportation Asst. /Logistics

Confidential, Fort Worth, TX


  • Assisted daily operational oversight for over 50 personnel, ensuring compliance with policies, procedures, safety, environmental, and/or government regulations on the use of government vehicles.
  • Planed, organized, and monitored schedule work for projects.
  • Managed and led various projects for quality, and monitored performance through collaboration, site visits, inspections, and progress reports.
  • Provided, guidance, and assistance to program personnel and assisted key stakeholders and senior leadership as needed.
  • Coordinated a Vehicle Rotation Program for 25 vehicles, overseeing schedule and rotation of the vehicle usage program.
  • Planed and organized deadlines on logistical contract work, including moving supplies from over various military installations, including overseas work navigating within austere environments.
  • Maintained over 20 government vehicle maintenance initiatives in accordance with manufacturer and vehicle warranty requirements, while maintaining inspections, and ensuring junior personnel were properly trained in maintenance policies and procedures.
  • Coordinated multiple government vehicle inspection deadlines, and monitored performance through personal interaction, inspections, and progress reporting.

Motor Vehicle Operator

Confidential, CA


  • Maintained and reported on vehicle defects and accidents throughout the motor pool.
  • Provided support for 20 defective or damaged vehicles to ensure that mechanical, safety, and emergency equipment was in proper working order.
  • Planed organized, and managed the duties of up to five subordinate staff, ensuring all daily tasks were accomplished in a manner consistent with organizational requirements.
  • Directed activities related to dispatching, routing, or tracking transportation vehicles.
  • Monitored daily operations, ensuring compliance with administrative policies and procedures, safety rules, environmental, and government regulations.
  • Supervised daily operations to verify and resolve ongoing issues throughout the team.

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