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Help Desk Technician Resume


  • Seeking out new opportunities in the Information Technology Environment; Responsibility in service support needs involving strong customer’s service for client’s needs. I would like to find a strong Technical Customer Service Company striving on excellence; and educational development
  • Duties involved installing managing IS users’ desktops and laptops and roll - out of new software packages.
  • Daily Desktop support to resolve end user issues related to Hardware, Windows 7 & 8 Operating Systems, also Macintosh applications.
  • Troubleshooting devices, applications, programs, documentations from all problems into the Rumba and Heat ticketing system & escalates issues as needed.
  • Upgrade new software applications.
  • In install software packages using SCCM to ensure computer management with policies, backups and implemented, authorizations usage for Windows and Casper for Macintosh operating systems.
  • Maintain supports for mobile devices handheld devices for departments and users.
  • Daily/Weekly Manage IT inventory using Land Sweeper setting up new software deployment and applications fixing users passwords and policies for workstations and troubleshoot problems as needed.
  • Installing and managing computers software and hardware based LAN systems and wireless using all Microsoft and MAC software packages with Casper being my management tool to keep records on how and when software and hardware changes were made and also future changes.
  • Daily & Weekly Support on workstations, laptops, PCs Smart phones, Pads, The one drive is to store documents, files, pictures and anything user needs.
  • Download one drive by Windows.
  • Manage and install Microsoft Surface devices office products and applications, IPads and IMAC pros’, wireless devices remote scanners for remote stations for nurses, tablets for Windows and Macintosh products.
  • These devices are the new vision window’s products, smartphones and IMacs devices.
  • Maintain Mac Domain, Casper server, and Apple e-mails. Remote Desktop systems use to remotely connect to users computers to fix problems without disrupting sessions.
  • Additional responsibilities include scripting for Mac OS X and Windows, resolving advanced Desktop support issues on the Mac and Windows 7 & 8 PC platforms.
  • Also assist the division with WEB/SQL, Visual Studio, Python and .NET programming. Investigate and evaluate emerging technologies as they relate to all administered solution, prepare baseline configurations, administrative authorities. Google Apps, Microsoft Apps and commercial software.
  • Investigate new products and programs to ensure our facility have the best and up to date resources.


Hardware: Dell, Macintosh, Hewitt Packer, IBM, Compaq Computers, Canon and Xerox’s printers’, servers form all makes and models, Pads, IMac’s, tablets Fax machines, Laptops, Hubs, Network Boxes, Switchboards, replacing motherboards, Hard Drives, Network Adapters and all other peripheral equipment. Cisco Servers and switches combine.

Operating systems: Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Windows 2003/2008 Server. PC applications, MS Office, Exchange/Outlook.



Help Desk Technician


  • Help Desk Technician ensuring that all user’s calls, emails and walk-ins are addressed and assigned appropriately.
  • Additional responsibilities include the ability to configure new and existing computer systems for use on the PPPL network; provide operating systems and application support on PCs Window 7 & 8, Macintosh 10.7 - 10.9 Operations Systems with the updated applications’ like (MS Office, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, wireless devices ).
  • Maintain the resources network connected computers ensuring that all systems are patched running the appropriate state of the art versions of software; and prepare IT equipment for excess ensuring proper sanitization procedures are followed.
  • Configure new OS operating systems for MAC and Windows components. Fix computers hardware issues as well as software configurations.
  • Install Casper Image for Macintosh and SCCM Images for Windows 7 and 8.1 for each individual and departmental particular need. Land Sweeper for granting permission and fixing environmental usages.
  • Casper remote polices, Active Directories for policies and Net Backups to ensure files and programs are protected if any computers experience failure.
  • Reset passwords and placing computers in the right operating units for policies and upgrades accrue.
  • Using Identification Units to assign computers to particular users and NAC to assign MAC and Wireless addresses to our network systems. IPads, IPhones, Smartphones, Notebooks, Tablets for wireless and installing their applications like One Drive, Met lab, MobileIron using Confidential policy, it’s helpful to consider the steps you’ll need to take to ensure that your deployment goes as smoothly as possible
  • Mass360 for Windows 8 and iOS 7.1 Macintosh. To ensure personal and private information is maintained.
  • Registering computers making sure they are place on our network.
  • Applying Macintosh applications and inventories for applications like AutoCAD, Mathcad and etc...

Confidential, Horsham, Pennsylvania

Help Desk Support/ Technician


  • Having around 500 users across the United States as a Desktop Support, both in offices and working from remote locations across.
  • Working with software up to date products an updated technologies.
  • Install applications, configuration & support of desktop hardware & software. Mobile devices support, security/user accounts.
  • Basic experience with active directory. Client OS - Windows 7 and 8. Microsoft Outlook / Internet Explorer.
  • I have good understanding of Exchange servers. TCP/IP, DNS. DHCP. Practical networking - Basic troubleshooting / port patching.
  • Support desktop and peripheral equipment with knowledge of virtualization technologies VMware.

Confidential, Trenton, New Jersey

Client Help Desk Support


  • Repair computers hardware problems; analyst equipment failures, responds emergency calls of system malfunctions, emails accounts blocked accounts.
  • Able to investigate problems using the monitor on the HEAT Ticket System that keeps us up to date on future problems and upgrades.
  • Research and solve issues users have when applications fail to run on computers and operating systems.
  • Networks fail to connect with workstation and data bases and scanners devices.
  • Add programs and application for new upcoming mobile PCs. Able to setup wireless connections printers, PCs, remote scanners that operate with mobile workstation for nurses and doctors gather information from patients using barcodes. Setup work stations for departments for an entire department.
  • Install applications, programs, fix web-sites issues. IT supports relating to technical issues involving Microsoft’s core business.
  • Improve customer service, perception and satisfaction.
  • Escalate service issues that cannot be complete effectively. specific knowledge of the customer and how it relates to their business strategy and goals.
  • Troubleshooting disconnected networks resources and reestablishes connections on the servers.

Confidential, New York, NY

Computer Operations/Help Desk Support


  • Processing batches jobs in Confidential and related software to maintain support for users, clients in a mainframe environment.
  • To insure files are uploaded and transferred to the mainframe and servers configurations.
  • Also download files and transfer them to backup’s disc and tapes.
  • Running the EDI and monitoring every hour on the hour to ensure connection lines are up for clients and company use.
  • Responsibility includes fixing interruptions in communications.
  • Using JCL to investigate a bends and well as corrupted files.
  • Confidential monitors backups and performs tasks as well as maintains for OPS can structure the nightly shifts.

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