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Infrastructure Support Analyst Resume

Wilmington, DE


Computer Network and Data Communication, Multiplexing and Compression, Project Management and Technical Support. Software/hardware Expertise: MS Outlook 2010, MS Office 2010 (Word, Outlook, Excel and Power Point), HTML, JavaScript, MS SQL, CDMA Technology, TCP/IP, Network mapping, SMTP, Active directory, DHCP, DNS, NAT and static IP addressing, LAN/WAN, Unix security administration, FTP, Agile, Requisite Pro


Platforms: MS Windows 7, Windows XP, MS Servers, AIX, Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X, IOS 4&5

Tools: /Utilities: Powerbroker, CISAR, PAR and other Unix Security and Compliance tools.


Infrastructure Support Analyst

Confidential, Wilmington, DE


  • Provided day - to-day infrastructure support for Confidential by monitoring incidents and also ensure security controls are implemented and operating effectively as part of service delivery.
  • Identification and resolution of incident, root cause analysis, change/release management and disaster recovery (Continuity of Business).
  • Interfaced with Business analyst to define project/release and also describe application’s requirements to project scope.
  • Worked with Production, development and testing team in rolling out applications and ensure production changes are in compliance with SDLC methodology and risk guidelines.
  • Team member in access management by performing entitlements/Unix privileges revocation across all regions using Powerbroker either by deleting and/ revoking users IDs from user group and servers from host groups and also creating Powerbroker policy in compliance with enterprise entitlement review system.
  • Responsible for tracking users to be decommissioned after review.
  • Part of my work in global identity administration was transitioning/migrating of servers from Unix security model (USM) platform to Global security framework (GSF) platform across NAM, EMEA and ASPAC region to meet new security control challenges
  • Provided root and admin access to users (system administrators) to ensure compliance on all security tools and reduce risk.
  • Part of the team that ensure servers are added to Config database with correct packages and security standard.
  • Developed process control manual/documentation for both Unix server GSF migration and powerbroker.
  • Performed troubleshooting support for Unix related problems and cloud servers that fail SUNIDM authentication for server decommissioning or deployment.

Confidential, Horsham, PA

Business Technical Support


  • Ensure network integrity by monitoring clients modem, router and switch by remotely accessing the devices with the aim of providing excellent local area network (LAN).
  • Load static IP on the modem and also ensure static IP and DHCP IP address route accordingly either for camera, servers, emails or remote access
  • Set up port forwarding, blocking, NAT on clients modem for easy internet access. Troubleshoot all form of system network equipment by remotely sending required hit or signal.
  • Adequately telnet and ping into network devices to deduce acknowledge and recognize devices active on the LAN and check for latency or drops respectively.
  • Educate clients on the network traffic priorities and effectiveness of networking principles such as Virtual LAN (VLAN) on switch.
  • Support voice over IP (VOIP) by monitoring any form of RF issue such as T3 and T4 timeout using sophisticated tool such as scout manager.
  • Educate clients on the pros and cons of 3G Network regarding the number of mbps latency and the subsequent birth of 4G (LTE) and CDMA phone technology with GSM. Also assist client in establishing the mobile devices as a hot spot.
  • Provision phone lines in the switch system for clients and all feature lines for a full featured line and not limited to toll free numbers. Features such as voicemail provisioning, call waiting and call forward.
  • Provision either native or ported phone lines in workbench application and also ensure caller ID and publication options are active.
  • Troubleshoot cable services with Visual and Audio issues either without correct signal or no picture by working clients through resolution process, sending appropriate signals to the cable box and ensure tech resolution on site.

Confidential, Newark, Delaware

Business Specialist


  • Install, configure hardware and software on client machines, iphones and IPads either CDMA or GSM.
  • Work with the business team to set up Mac and prepared Mac for business end users, educate them on how to use phone or Ipad as hot sport
  • Ensure adequate system network LAN for business customer making use of Confidential network devices such as the express router and adapter.
  • Maintain system backups and performed system/ file restoration on IOS systems with Confidential time machine application.
  • Work with third party vendor to aid with implementation of software application.
  • Maintain system back up from PC’s to Mac and Mac to PC’s
  • Directly involved in third party and Confidential product sales of computers, software and hardware

Confidential, Newport, Delaware

Technical Support


  • Worked with internet service provider on the back-end to ensure immaculate services either resetting the modem password for easy access or static IP upload on the modem.
  • Ensure constant internet access to all staff by monitoring the network on site for any form drops on the network using hubs, bridges and switch.
  • Installation and configuration of systems software and hardware in accordance with business needs.
  • Liaise with vendors on business software requirements and recommendation.
  • Ensured tickets are created and recorded to track each incident resolved.
  • Troubleshoot computer systems and deploy, install or upgrade software applications and drivers on all systems.
  • Directly involve in networking the systems company wide.
  • Set up DNS in the modem and also work on the staff email account either webmail or outlook by ensuring that the SMTP and POP are correct.


Service Quality Analyst


  • Worked directly with the upper management team to roll out complaint manager application to resolve Customers complaints bank wide.
  • Assisted in managing customer complaint manager database with over 5 million customers.
  • Facilitate pre and post implementation for all employees that work directly with customers in over 700 branches making customer service satisfaction increase by 38% in 6 months in 2009.
  • Competitor monitoring for comparison for service quality.
  • Resolve system application issues by handling inbound and outbound calls from the back end.
  • Assisted in Customer service audit to measure the effectiveness of the complaint manager application.
  • Profiled all staff bank wide on the database.

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