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Customer Service Representative Resume

Washington, DC


More than 6 years' successful experience in customer service and support with recognized strengths in account maintenance, problem - solving and trouble-shooting, staff support, and planning/implementing proactive procedures and systems to avoid problems in the first place.


  • Possess solid computer skills.
  • Excellent working knowledge using IBM, Microsoft Excel, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word.
  • A team player, acknowledged as Total Quality Customer Service Professional.


Customer Service Representative

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Manage calls in a personal, systematic and organized manner following departmental guidelines and utilizing proper use of terminology.
  • Route calls internally using appropriate Confidential guidelines.
  • Actively listen and probe callers in a professional and timely manner to determine purpose of the calls. Research and articulately communicate information to callers while maintaining confidentiality.
  • Comprehensively assemble and enter member and provider information into the appropriate system to initiate the requested transportation services.
  • Perform necessary follow - up tasks to ensure member or provider s needs are completely met.
  • Assume full responsibility for self-development and career progression.
  • Acquire and maintain in-depth knowledge of, and adhere to, established Confidential Protocols and Procedures and MTM s Transportation Provider Network.
  • Proactively seek and participate in ongoing (formal and informal) in all aspects of the Customer Service Representative role. Remain responsible for updating self on ever changing information to ensure accuracy when dealing with members and providers.
  • Demonstrate flexibility in areas such as job duties and schedule in order to aid the Confidential in better serving its members and help MTM achieve its business and operational goals.
  • Meet company standards for average handle time, quality scores, and trip accuracy.
  • Adhere to company policy in regards to levels of discipline and the attendance policy.

Key Entry Operator

Confidential, Fairfax, VA


  • Ability to compose professional correspondence without requiring additional .
  • Control the pace and flow of the inquiry/request and manage call time effectively.
  • Handle inquiries and requests in a courteous and professional manner, including calls received in crisis situations, and/or from abusive callers. to and empathize with customers and acknowledge their concerns.
  • Following protocol and to apply sensitivity and discretion in handling confidential information.
  • Ability to gather information to determine a customer’s needs, apply problem-solving skills, and resolve the inquiry/request effectively.
  • I have computer and keyboarding skills sufficient to record information from the inquirer in an accurate and efficient manner.
  • Retrieve information using the web to search. Respond to inquiries from the hearing, speech, and visually impaired, as well as other physically impaired callers using appropriate equipment.
  • Take direction within a team setting and complete team-related work promptly.

Residential Counselor

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Responsible for greeting and checking in new residents in a friendly manner.
  • Maintaining log book and documents all group home activities.
  • Checking all due back times, check each youth folder to ensure what time the youth is due back in the facility.
  • If the youth is not back in the house at the due time follow up with the abscondence procedure...
  • Responsible for preparing dinner as indicated on the menu.
  • Coordinate with co - worker on behavior management system point sheet.
  • Document individual observation on the behavioral chart and place in the case action book.
  • Observation must be a summary of the youth activities on that shift.
  • Responsible daily inspection form.
  • Complete walk thru with previous shift to make sure facility status is good and before receiving the shift. Any damage items in the house document for work order form.
  • Ensure the entire facility is swept and dusted daily. Kitchen and dining room are cleaned after every meal.
  • Check all rooms for neatness and appearance. Take out trash as needed.

Community Support Worker

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Assistance and support for the consumer in crisis situations, such as providing referrals for shelter, food, transportation.
  • Assist consumer with development of interpersonal and community coping skills in multiple settings.
  • Assist consumer, family or guardian, and significant others with development of strategies and supportive interventions for avoiding out - of-home placement for youth and adults.
  • Responsible for preparing and maintaining patient charts in a neat and accurate manner.
  • Assist consumer in developing, increasing social support skills and networks to relieve life stresses.
  • Balance nightly deposits and handle credit card processing.
  • Responsible for solving the queries of the client and explaining them about the nature of our work
  • Accepting and distributing messages and mails properly to all the department and employees.
  • Assuring that clinical records are maintained, completed, and preserved in accordance with the MHRS provider s Clinical Record Policy.
  • Responsible for in-take on client seeking resource assistance in various areas.
  • Responsible referring clients to various offices to obtain resources, and follow up to make sure clients received resources they were after.
  • Assuring that information on enrolled consumers is immediately retrievable

Data Entry Clerk

Confidential, College Park, MD


  • Logging into a computer and accessing work queues as instruction.
  • Follow all oral and written instructions provided pertaining to the computer images to be keyed.
  • Read computer images.
  • Transcribe information from computer image and paper source.
  • Determine what information is needed to be keyed.
  • Make decision on questionable information on computer image according to instructions provided.
  • Verify, if required, that previously keyed information is correct.
  • I key at least 10,000 keystrokes per hour.
  • Compiling, sorting, and verifying the accuracy of information.
  • Comparing information with source documents.
  • Re-entering information in verification format to detect errors.
  • Stored completed documents in appropriate locations.
  • Located and corrected data entry errors or reporting them to supervisor.
  • Maintained logs of activities and completed work. Keyed over 300 document daily.

Customer Services Representative

Confidential, Falls Church, VA


  • Determine applicant s needs according to established procedures and provides standardized referrals to appropriate
  • Conduct telephone interviews with applicants according to established procedures and enter information into a complex database in order to register applicants.
  • Record appropriate and necessary applicant data and responses into the systems database.
  • Record in the applicants files both a contact and comment.
  • Provide daily call records which need to be maintained and forwarded to the supervisor, Coordination team; via e - mail at the end-of-the-day.
  • Provide basic information and explanations of sales, individual and bundle packages, and other packages to customer.

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