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Desktop Support Resume Profile

Cedar, RapidS

Technical Skills

  • Operating Systems OS Windows Server 2008/XP/Vista/ Windows 7 8 Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Conceptual LAN/WAN Desktop Support Troubleshooting OSI Seven Layer Model Client/Server Architecture Active Directory Server Virtualization
  • Hardware PC Processors Motherboards RAM Hard Drives Optical Drives Expansion Cards Network Interface Cards NICs Printers and Drivers
  • Software MS Office Suite 2003 2007 2010 2013 VMware Visio 2007 and 2010 SCCM Deployment Console

Work Experience


  • The responsibilities are to assist with Windows XP to Windows 7 migration support for laptops and desktop platforms. The project will entail coordination with the Confidential Desktop Support team and the business units being migrated. Additional responsibilities are to help troubleshoot general PC issues and end user support training. Plus software testing for certain software and training other contractors.

Key Responsibilities

  • Migrating Windows XP Desktop and Laptops to Windows 7
  • Troubleshoot PC issues
  • Coordinate migration with the Altisource Desktop Support team and the end users.
  • Keep accurate documentation on PC inventory
  • NOTE Contract will end on 11/26/2014
  • 11-3-2014 to 11-26-2014
  • Helping with tickets
  • IMACs
  • Software Installation Instructions
  • 12-1-2014 to 2-28-15
  • Access 2003 Databases Windows XP to Access 2003 Windows 7 Migration
  • Troubleshooting Citrix XenApp
  • Printer moves
  • Desktop Moves
  • Software Testing Configuration


This contract position is through Confidential. There were 172 Dell desktops need to be moved from one side to the other side of the room. Check network connection and dual screen compatibility. Moved Avaya phone some with headsets had to properly TTI phone down and up. If any issues arise report to project manager Confidential.The contract was one night 5PM to 10PM completed it by 8 30PM.


This is a sub-contractor position for Confidential Responsibilities are to deploy a pre-built image to all PC s laptops and tablets. Take PC s laptops and tablets and run DBAN Darik s Boot and Nuke . Travel to different offices and deploy PC s laptops tablets and printers. Take old PC s and leave two gigabytes of memory in them. Also remove all types of stickers for security reasons then will be shipped back to HP. Also download software for each type of computer according to St. Luke s documentation and add printers along with the software using SCCM software.


  • Data Center Technician Tier 1
  • Troubleshooting
  • Cabling
  • Fiber Ethernet Coax DS3 and T1 s
  • AS400 Tape swap out and update database
  • Traveling to different facilities
  • Moving customer equipment
  • Customer service
  • Assembling
  • Cage walls
  • Cage doors
  • Cleaning
  • Data center Loading dock Mechanical Room and Power room
  • Documentation
  • DMARC Head End Room cross connects and certain clients cages
  • Labeling
  • Cables Cabinets/Racks Various equipment
  • Installing various equipment
  • Axis cameras Dell servers EMC Cisco routers/switches patch panels
  • Data Center Technician Tier 1 2
  • Power room monthly maintenance
  • Generator Testing maintenance
  • Vendor Scheduling
  • Reports any issues regards to Internal and external structure of the building
  • Reports any issues with customer equipment
  • Desktop Support
  • End user support Involta Employees only
  • Troubleshooting PCs
  • Setting up new laptops/desktops
  • Systems Specialist
  • Install configure and maintain server hardware and operating systems
  • Create user accounts and maintain security levels on applications storage folders and databases
  • Documentation


  • Imaging Dell PC s
  • Deployment/set up of Dell PC s
  • Adding drivers through server for printers
  • End user support
  • confidential
  • Tax ACT 2nd Story Software IT Software Support
  • Telephone helpdesk
  • Provide support and problem resolution for Tax ACT software

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