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Incident Manager - Onsite Lead Resume

El Segundo, CA


An experienced service delivery professional with certifications in ITIL, Kaizen, Leadership and metrics based ITSM process management and supervision. Directly managed and led technical operational staff and technical infrastructure departments in an external and internal customer support capacity. Highly trained, skilled and certified in aligning technical departmental goals to corporate expectations using proven accountability methods.


  • ITIL based Incident, Release, Change, Problem and Configuration Management. Process Implementation, Reporting and Compliance.
  • Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) methodology and implementation.
  • MAP Vital Factors Metrics Accountability Goal Setting and Reporting
  • Help Desk and Monitoring Based Ticketing Systems Administration
  • Monitoring Tools Administration
  • B2B and B2C Incident Management, Product SLA and KPI Compliance and Reporting
  • Employee Career Mentoring and Educational Training Programs


Confidential, El Segundo, CA

Incident Manager - Onsite Lead


  • Oversee and d riv e the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire Major Incident Management process including ServiceNow Incident documentation, Company-wide communications and Bridge procedures.
  • Ensuring Problem and Root Cause Analysis Records are thoroughly completed within SLA’s including Preventative Measures to be implemented.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of all Cross Functional Service’s and making recommendations for improvement
  • Assisting in the d evelop ment and maintaining the ServiceNow management system
  • Reviewing and auditing all Cross Functional Services process es
  • Ensuring that all technical teams are compliant with following the approved ITIL process

Confidential, Santa Ana, CA

Process Manager


  • Support ed all Change & Configuration Management ServiceNow processes
  • Contributed to the Release and Change Management value steam creation and process implementation for a company-wide DevOps CI/CD Release Management initiative
  • Daily Review and communication of all Change record content for completeness and accuracy
  • Daily assistance to complete CMDB server and application requests
  • Assist ing in the validation of all CMDB data
  • Weekly CAB Meeting support and preparation
  • Post-CAB change review and approval s
  • Generat ion of Change & Configuration Management reports as needed
  • Assist ing with the on-boarding of new employees

Confidential, Torrance, CA

Application Operations Lead


  • Contributed to the creation and establishment of a company-wide priority 1 & 2 SRT management best practices and process compliance process.
  • Performed Major Incident Manager duties for all Consumer Web and Mobile business impacting Incidents.
  • Oversaw service restoration, resolution, process compliance and reporting of all Incidents by technical teams.
  • Oversaw all post mortem meetings.
  • Ensured Root Cause Analysis and documentation compliance were completed within agreed upon SLA timeframes.
  • Provide guidance to the support team to make sure permanent long term solutions were implemented to reduce the risk of repeated business impacting incidents.
  • Oversaw and approved the successful deployment of dept. changes that improved application performance, functionality and reliability. Provided functional manager guidance and approval for all Consumer Web and Mobile Changes.
  • Voting CAB member. Led a Change Management Kaizen effort that made significant improvements to the company-wide Change process.
  • Application Run books, Website DDOS prevention testing, Monitoring enhancements, CMDB mapping & description accuracy reviews, Application Server and Database security patching consolidation.
  • Contributed to and oversaw the implementation of various continuous improvements Kaizen efforts to reduce major incidents.
  • Was i n-progress: Implementing database High Availability across all Consumer Web & Mobile channels via Oracle Data Guard 12 c.
  • Responsible for maintaining, improving, and enforcing release and change management standards for the Consumer Web & Mobile team and all other Gold level Application teams within the Application Operations team portfolio.
  • Worked directly with the Consumer Web & Mobile project and support teams to plan all release windows and cycles across the entire portfolio.
  • Created and implemented a company-wide Release Gate to better govern all major releases for quality assurance, monitoring & support readiness. This Gate is still in use today.
  • Participated in weekly CAB meetings to discuss release scope and/or roadblocks
  • Continually worked towards making improvements in the release and change process using proven Kaizen methodology.
  • Provided Application Availability uptime and trends, P1, P2 and P3 Incident trends, Problem Management Causal Analysis, Tier 1 and Tier 2 customer service request totals and trends, Total consumer channel logins and trends, Total consumer payments received and trends, Releases and Changes implemented to Management and Executive teams.

Confidential, Brea, CA

Network Operations Center Project Manager


  • Incident Management Monitoring tools implementation
  • ServiceNow CMDB review and expansion
  • ServiceNow workflow automation and cross-platform integration
  • US and India NOC process improvement
  • US and India KPI metrics implementation

Confidential, CA

Service Delivery Manager, Command Center


  • Managed a 24/7 dept. with 11 Support Analysts that provided tier 1-support, escalation, documentation and incident management resolution services for a global technical infrastructure. Department averaged over 30,000 Incident notifications that were escalated and resolved every month.
  • All incidents were managed via a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between my dept. (Tier 1) and all worldwide Tier 2 teams.
  • Over 100,000 Linux and Windows server hosts, services and databases monitored and supported for 35 technical teams in 6 data centers globally while consistently maintaining an overall product SLA availability of over 99.90%.
  • Over 6,000 Cisco Network devices in 6 data centers and hundreds of individual client Venues monitored and supported worldwide.
  • Established and steered department and individual employee’s goals and expectations using vital factor metrics methodology to ensure SLA compliance of all monitored products and services.
  • Re-organized department and inter-departmental processes to meet ITIL best practices nomenclature procedures and communication standards.
  • Oversaw the implementation, configuration, administration and reporting of all monitoring, change management and incident management ticketing services.
  • Specific critical incident recovery procedures were triggered when notifications were received from these systems to ensure MTR and product SLA metrics compliance.
  • Specific triage team notification and conference call set - up per agreed upon and documented recovery procedure.
  • Post mortem reviews conducted within 48 hours of all critical incidents to ensure all parties complied with agreed upon recovery procedures.
  • Created weekly, monthly and yearly reports with trend analysis of global product availability, major/critical incidents and top tickets sold for executive team.

Confidential, CA

End User Support Manager


  • Coordination of all company worldwide related service requests including escalation and notification process using ITIL methodology.
  • Management of technicians to support Windows and Mac O/S clients in a complex technical environment.
  • Creation of internal and external departmental related processes based on proven ITIL methodology.
  • Help Desk software implementation and feature enhancements.
  • Departmental forecasting, budget negotiation and implementation.
  • Purchasing of all technical related support material, distributed locally and worldwide.


Confidential, Lakewood, CA


  • Webmaster, administration and support including content, page creation and updates of numerous Remax realtor web sites.
  • PC hardware, OS/Applications software repair and support for local Realtors and other private individuals.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Service Desk Manager


  • Evaluated, transformed, hired and managed large technical staff providing local and national company-wide support for Help Desk, System and Network Administration, PC and Telephone Technical Services.
  • Successfully upgraded existing technology for systems security, information backup, client/server virus protection/back-up.
  • Created and implemented all yearly departmental budgets, strategic/disaster recovery planning and procedures to ensure business continuity.
  • Worked closely with corporate departments to improve IT service, technical relationships and align all technical projects to corporate expectations.
  • Recognized as “Employee of the Month” for responsiveness, professionalism and results for creation/implementation of improved system security procedures.
  • Met or exceeded all individual and departmental metrics including the following: Yearly budget, Project timelines and agreed upon Service Level Agreements.
  • Negotiated external technical support contracts and managed vendor relationships.
  • Project managed the acquisition and implementation of all Help Desk related products and applications.
  • Service Continuity - Trained in Service Continuity/DisasterRecovery Planning by an expert at Gartner Group. Implemented best practices methodology for entire company.

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