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Software Specialist Resume

Alexandria, VA


It is my goal to obtain a position where I can showcase my expertise and earn a position that would afford me exposure to my career passion, cutting edge technologies integrated in ways yet to be imagined.


  • I am Communications Infrastructure and Applications Expert with a diverse portfolio of traditional and converged technologies all focused on AVAYA technology.
  • My career began working as a Confidential Service Provider and has evolved to currently working as a full - time contractor to AVAYA on a large direct account.
  • The core of my experience is in High Level Call Processing/Routing, all aspects of Call Center/Contact Center, as well as experienced integrator and application configuration expert.
  • Experienced and certified in Sales, Design, Implementation, and Maintenance of nearly all of the AVAYA portfolio.
  • Seasoned AVAYA professional with experience ranging from Mulitvantage/Definity call processing and call center software, Sun blade CMS systems, Definity AUDIX VM platforms, the evolution to converged technologies including Aura Utility Server, System Platform with All CM Templates, CC Elite with advanced vectoring, AACC, Modular Messaging, SES/SM Servers, SIP Convergence, one-X platforms, IP DECT, and application enablement services.
  • Experience in both indirect and direct channels - worked pre-sales, sales, design, operations, maintenance, and management.


Technical Skills, Competencies, General Skills: TDM/VoIP Call Processing, Call Center/ Contact Center, Wired and Wireless, Analog/DCP/IP/SIP, DECT, Routing, Networking, SS7/CAS/T1/E1/BRI/DS3, Performance Analysis, Capacity and Installation Planning, Technical Documentation, Project/Vendor/Employee Management, Peer Mentoring, CDMA, WIMAX, GSM, TCP/IP, LDAP, TSAPI, JTAPI, OSI Model, VPN, FTP, Telnet, Tunneling, SSH, HTTP(s), Linux (server/admin), Microsoft (all platforms server, desktop, and clients), OBDC, Mode-Code, DS1C, Fiber, Copper, LAN/WAN, 802.11, DiffServ QoS, DHCP, MPLS, PPP, VLAN, UDP, RTP, SPX, RIPv1/RIPv2, TLS, NAT, RADIUS AAA, CNA and APC, and much more.


Confidential, Alexandria, VA

Software Specialist


  • Provide core and remote translations for new deployed sites on a daily basis (successfully completed 100+in > 6 months).
  • Provide programming for Confidential and Confidential .
  • Configure MGC lists, sync sources, SLS Configs, Alarming administration, DSP management, s/w patching and firmware updating, trunking, routing, peripheral integration, configure survivability and failover options (ESS/LSP/SLS), Uniform Dial Plan planning and conversions, call type analysis, routes, call handling treatment, sys/loc/disp parameters, advanced vectoring, network region admin
  • Provide IP DECT Wireless configurations and integration to Confidential (Multi-master, master, standby, slave base stations Configs), 37XX Wireless setup and registration, LDAP, UNITE SMS services, Kerberos, and SARI/PAR I admin (including PARI relay).
  • Provide one-X Applications installs and configurations, Communicator and Attendant client’s setup, configuration, phonebook, Client Enablement Services integration, and other features.

Confidential, South Windsor, CT

Sales Engineer/Software Specialist


  • Began working an Engineering role, meeting with technical audiences, fielding questions and constructively debating solutions, as well as more of a business focused audiences, lending more of a productivity and return on investment approach to solutions.
  • Functioned day to day in a dual role, both as a Sales Engineer and Software Specialist.
  • Utilizing years of experience with AVAYA account teams and 3rd party OEM account teams, providing a truly turnkey solution.
  • Utilized my real world expertise and hands on field experience in addition to leveraging tools and resources such as AVAYA Solution Designer, Maintenance Pricing Tool and Multi-site Tool, ATAC Pre-sales support, distribution channels, 3rd party/OEM resources.
  • Have done Cisco front ending, interoperability, and integration with a wide variety of vendors.
  • Utilized my programming experience as a software specialist, and continued to provide software support, new system translations, and eventually all aspects of programming for our service department.

Confidential, Saint Petersburg, Florida

Service Manager/Operations


  • Hired on as entry level cold call sales agent quickly grew customer base and moved into account management.
  • Progressed into a Sales Engineer role working daily with sales and service staff, pursued my desire to expand my capabilities Into design and implementation,
  • Consistently staying current on all things AVAYA allowed me to work with account teams to develop solutions and approaches based on customer needs and opportunity circumstances.
  • Meeting in pre-sales/informational gathering, solution presentation and Q&A, as well as post-sales planning contexts, I am an outgoing people person who truly believes in the superiority of AVAYA solutions.
  • Exuding that belief to customers and reps helped to make me successful and generally provided the advantage of leading discussions.
  • Implemented some of the first international, interoffice IP trunks, for Confidential when Definity R8 introduced H.323 trunking.
  • During the last few years of my employment at Confidential, I worked as service manager in the Operations department building on the skills and techniques i had learned, continuing to broaden my technical repertoire earning a multitude of certifications, hands on experience and become an expert in product families most commonly implemented.
  • E.g. Communications Manager Call processing software, Call Center Elite with Expert Agent Selection combined with Basic Call Management Reporting or Call Management System, Session Manager deploying SIP Endpoints and Trunks providing interoperability in an existing customer environment.

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