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Forensic Scientist Resume


Lab Software Proficiency: •Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) •Scientific Data Management System (NuGenesis) •PowerDMS •TotaLChrom Navigator •TurboMatrix •MassHunter Workstation Data Acquisition (Versions B.06.00 and B.07.01) •MassHunter Qualitative Analysis (Versions B.06.00, B.07.00 and B.08.00) •MassHunter Quantitative Analysis (Versions B.05.02, B.06.00 and B.07.01)

Language Proficiencies: (speech, reading, and writing) English and Malay

Microsoft Office Applications Proficiency: Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint

Other: Knowledgeable in computer internals including basic hardware and software setups


Forensic Scientist



  • Analytical testing of volatile substances using Perkin Elmer Clarus 500 and Clarus 580 Headspace Gas Chromatograph Flame Ionization detector (GCFID)
  • Analytical testing of volatile substances with SIM using 7890B/5977 Agilent Headspace Gas Chromatograph Flame Ionization Mass Spectrometer (GCFID/MS)
  • Analytical testing using Enzyme Linked Immunosorbant Assay technique on the DSX Dynex
  • Analytical testing for the presence of drugs using the RANDOX Chemiluminescence Evidence Investigator instrument
  • Analytical testing of samples for Cannabinoids MRM testing using Agilent 7890B/7000C Gas Chromatograph Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer (GC/MSMSMS)
  • Analytical testing of samples for sympathomimetic, dissociative anesthetics, and quetiapine drugs using Agilent 6410/6460 Liquid Chromatograph Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer (LC/MSMSMS)
  • Conduct routine calibration, maintenance and troubleshoot of Agilent, Perkin Elmer and Randox instruments
  • Conduct peer review of analytical test batch data
  • Write and review technical procedure manuals, standard operating procedures, safety manuals and training manuals
  • Routinely use Hamilton 503A automated diluter dispenser for analysis
  • Perform protein crash extraction and solid phase extraction on blood samples
  • Conduct method validation on Agilent (GCFID/MS), and Randox Evidence Investigator instrument
  • Provide requested defense interviews and subpoenaed expert witness testimony
  • Ensure analysis conducted in Toxicology unit adheres to the ISO 17025 and ASCLD/LAB Standards and maintain working knowledge of accreditation standards
  • Participated in mock court training and provide training to unit members regarding the implementation and use of new instrumentation and software for new analysts
  • Host alcohol workshops in conjunction with the Mesa Police Department to allow testing for Field Sobriety Tests and Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus tests
  • Participate in internal audit and assist in assessment for external audits

Forensic Services Laboratory Technician



  • Prepared reagents, samples, and solutions for chemical analyses and perform quality check on prepared solutions.
  • Maintained reference standards and inventories of stored evidence and supplies
  • Assisted with testing of preliminary breath test devices (PBTs)
  • Operate laboratory instruments, creates and/or maintains records and updates case files in LIMS
  • Function as a safety officer for the Forensic Services Section
  • Inspects and evaluates equipment, safety devices (emergency showers, eyewash fountains, fume hoods, and fire extinguishers), and work - related conditions to ensure compliance with prescribed operating and safety standards.
  • Monitor and maintain deionized water system and high pressure gas cylinders
  • Maintain, clean, and calibrate laboratory apparatus, equipment, glassware, instruments, and safety devices on a regular basis
  • Receive logs, distributes, and maintains inventory records
  • Collects, packages, stores, and arranges for removal of hazardous chemical and/or reagent wastes, and biological wastes
  • Creates, records, and updates case files necessary to assist Forensic Scientists/Examiners in documenting the analyses and examinations conducted
  • Accession, aliquot and prepare blood and urine samples for analyses
  • Repackage blood and urine kits for return to evidence section and for evidence transfer/outsourcing

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