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Traffic Analyst-consultant Resume



A permanent position in NYC or Edison, NJ vicinity (Unix/Linux/Windows network and/or systems administration).


  • Over 10 years of experience in UNIX/LINUX Administration (Solaris 8 - 10, Free BSD, Red Hat 6.22-7.x/Fedora FC1-FC5, Mandrake, Suse 9-10);
  • Over 12 years of experience in administration, support, and maintenance (Internet, E-mail, antivirus scanning, content management, proxy servers, DNS, FTP, Web E-mail access, etc.);
  • Over 9 years of experience in providing ongoing support for various services, including Enterprise Internet browsing and E-mail, SSH, SSL, NFS, FTP, DNS BIND 9.3.0, BIND 8.4.4. 8.4.5 ;
  • Over 3 years experience of analyzing sniffer captures and troubleshooting network problems;
  • Experience with Linux Shell and Perl scripting;
  • Excellent communication, analytical, and interpersonal skills.


HARDWARE: Server Sun Servers (4500, 3800, 880, v490, v240, v210, 420, 220, X1, v100);

Workstations: Dell optiplex GX, Dell precision 610, 620;

Lan/wan: PIX 10000, 520, Nokia/Checkpoint, CISCO ;

PROGRAMMING: Fundamental knowledge C++, DHTML (CSS), XML;

Strong: Shell and Perl scripting (Bourne, Bourne Again, Korn), HTML;

Good: SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, JavaScript, C, C shell scripting, Pascal.

ARCHITECTURES: Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, ATM, VPN, 802.11, WLAN, SNA;

NETWORK: TCP/IP, RIP, OSPF, PPP, SSL, FTP, SMNP based network management (HP Open View);

OPERATING SYSTEMS: Solaris 8-10, Free BSD, Fedora FC1-FC5, Mandrake, Suse 9-10);


ADMIN TOOLS: admintool, smit, linuxconf, vmstat, iostat, top, traceroute, ping, sar, ntop, webmin, sniffer;

BACKUP: tar, cpio, dump (ufsdump);

SECURITY: SSH, SSL, IPchains, IPtables, TCP Wrappers, Tripwire, port scanners;

OFFICE: OpenOffice, MS Office

OTHER: samba, proxy (squid), MRTG, CVS


Confidential, NYC

Traffic Analyst-Consultant


  • Responsible for lost data and passwords recovery;
  • Developed and customized scripts that improved systems monitoring; automated driver installation using Perl scripting;
  • Wrote Shell script to perform automated status check and system reboot;
  • Operating system and TCP/IP/UDP troubleshooting using sniffer;
  • HP DL Servers maintenance, support and trobbleshooting;
  • Manage LAN/WAN infrastructure changes and provide senior-level guidance in identifying network gaps;
  • Wrote VPN white papers; technical/business research of VPN solution;
  • Daily Server/Client user support and maintenance (Suse9, Fedora/RedHat, Win XP);
  • Sun Servers (4500,3800,880,v490,v240,v210,420,220,X1,v100), assembly and relocation;
  • Apache Web Server 2.0 installation and configuration in NOVELL/Suse 9 lab Environment;
  • Customized configuration, installed NOVELL/Suse 9 sp2 printing;
  • Hands-on experience with Cisco firewalls and switches; Assisted with wiring, server-router-hub RJ-45 connections.
  • Installed People Soft nvision 3-tier access software;
  • Dual configuration WinXP/Linux installation with security monitoring and scanning utilities (Nmap, Ethereal, TCP Dump);
  • Configured Ximian Red Carpet 2.0 on Enterprise Suse 9 Server ;
  • Supported testing center relocation and assembly (Compaq Proliant 3000, 5500).

Confidential, New York City, NY

Junior System-Network Engineer and Administrator


  • Administered, secured, and supported Sun Solaris systems running Oracle database.
  • Support Oracle HTTP server (Apache);
  • Monitored day-to-day network problems, provided helpdesk support (back-ups and recovery, setup, anti-virus update, etc.);
  • Developed various web reports using Oracle PL/SQL
  • Helped with SUN Solaris 7 installation and configuration;
  • Customized Dual Had configuration Red Hat 6.22, 7.1;
  • Supported Oracle HTTP server (Apache);
  • Developed and customized scripts that resulted in improved e-mail security (cut off 90% viruses);
  • Implemented multiple backup strategies using tape and network drives;
  • Provided help-desk support for FTP, VPN, and Internet connectivity;
  • Supported migration and upgrade of e-mails and servers; token ring to ethernet LAN;
  • Helped IT manager with project / management support (part ordering, supplier negotiation, etc.).

Confidential, New York City, NY

Computerized Automated Machine Technician-Operator


  • Adjusted, troubleshot, repaired, maintained and operated automated computerized mail, fax and manufacturing equipment;
  • Performed operational programming, code troubleshooting and debugging;
  • Helped maintain shop manufacturing and inventory databases (customized Macola);
  • Assisted supervisor in maintenance planning, part ordering, new personnel .

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