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Computer Lab Assistant Resume



Seeking a full - time position as a software engineer


Programming Language: Java, C, C++, Prolog, Python, LISP, R, HTML, Assembly Language, knowledge of SQL, Javascript


Computer Lab Assistant

Confidential, CA


  • Provided technical support to users in the lab
  • Tutored students in computer programing
  • Created a class to store starting city, destination city and distance between them
  • Stored all data in form of (from-city, destination-city, distant) as “legs” into an array
  • Implemented Dijkstra’s Algorithm to get the shortest route
  • Collected the data of forest fires in Montesinho Park from UC Irvine’s databases
  • Used the Linear model function namely lm() to get the adjusted R square values which help us to find good predictors
  • Determined the relation (equation) between fire size and good predictors by using Linear Model’s estimates
  • Simulated a queuing system with a finite buffer
  • Given buffer size and traffic intensity, determined the probability of packet loss.
  • Lexical analysis served as a scanner that read token(s) from the files
  • Used syntactic analysis to check the correctness of the syntax (grammar) of input E-language
  • Created the symbol-table and checks whether the variable has been declared or not
  • Generated C code for the corresponding E code

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