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Video Conferencing Support Engineer Resume


To establish a career that offers challenge and growth with opportunities to enrich my knowledge, experience and skills while contributing the best of my knowledge to the field.


  • Ability to work in a multi - cultural environment.
  • Flexible approach, Positive attitude, Friendly Personality, Ambitious and Energetic.
  • Interpersonal, Good Communication and Problem Solving.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Interested in learning new technologies.


  • Proficient level in Troubleshooting during live Video Conferences if any issue occurs.
  • Proficient level in using Tandberg Management Suites (TMS), Multipoint Control Unit (MCU & MPS).
  • Proficient level in using Video Conferencing codecs like Tandberg 1000, Tandberg Edge 95, Tandberg 3000 MXP and Tandberg 6000 MXP.
  • Proficient level in using Video Conferencing codecs like Cisco Tele Presence C Series and MX Series.
  • Proficient level in using Video Conferencing codec’s like Polycom View Station, FX, VSX 7000, VSX 7000s, VSX 7000e, VSX 8000 Series, and Visual Concert.
  • Proficient level in using Touch Panel, Audio & Video devices.
  • Have good exposure about Gateway, Gatekeeper, Routing, Switching, Firewall and Checkpoints.
  • Have good exposure to Video Conferencing Standards (ITU-T) like H.323 & H.3xx, Audio Standards (G.725 and G.7xx), Video Standards (H.261 Annex D, H.263), The Communication Standards (H.2xx, H.331 and Bonding) and Data Collaboration (T.1xx).
  • Proficient level in using Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro (Net Meeting), Audio Encoder and Video Mixer.
  • Proficient level in Streaming & Video Recording.
  • Proficient level in using Pinnacle Studio and Real Producer Plus software.


  • Intermediate level in the following Multimedia Tools Flash, Swish and Photoshop.
  • Have basic knowledge about C Programming.
  • Have good exposure to various operating systems such as MS-DOS, MS-Windows 9x, MS-Windows XP and MS-Windows 2000 & 2007.
  • Proficient level in Using MS- Office Utilities.
  • Have good knowledge on ITIL & completed a training.



Video Conferencing Support Engineer


Video Conferencing Support Engineer


Multimedia Engineer.


Senior Video Operations Engineer


  • Reporting Problem found in the VC Endpoints or Core Infra to the appropriate team.
  • Worked on SIP (Service Improvement Plans) to deliver excellent service to the End Users.
  • Created a Detailed Template to Display Health Check Report.
  • Isolating the Connectivity issues before the Actual VC and fixing it.
  • This Minimized the Technical issues popping up during the live conference.
  • Maintaining Asset Records of the VC Endpoints.
  • Working on TMS Tickets and resolving the issues.
  • Checking the connectivity of the IP & ISDN Enabled VC Endpoint at the Start of the Day and Publishing the Report.
  • Maintaining the Booking system of the Video Conference Rooms.
  • Scheduling the Video Conference links Using TMS (Tandberg Management Suite).
  • Providing E - mail Support and Telephonic Support for the issues in the live Video Conference.
  • Responding to Users Queries through E-mail and helping them to Organize Video Conference with multiple locations.
  • Registering New Video Conference Endpoints in TMS Tool.
  • Monitoring the Executive Video Conference and providing necessary assistance when required.
  • Scheduling and Monitoring Event Calls & Town Hall Meetings.
  • Coordinating with the Onsite Audio Visual Technician to fix issues in the live conferences.
  • Supporting Video Conference over ISDN Enabled VC Endpoints and troubleshooting issues.
  • Creating a Record for Everyday Video Conference Held and Status and Issues Faced in the Conference.

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