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Wireless Translations & Transport Provisioning Engineer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Senior RF engineer with over 15 years of RF Optimization and Performance experience LTE/ CRAN/Small Cell/5G NR and 5Gmmwave.
  • Vast experience in scripting and translations for new Confidential RBS equipment and carrier add launches for RBS 6000, 5216 and 6630.
  • Extensive experience in implementing the latest Confidential field guide alerts and Gold Standards (IFLB, DUACC, Carrier Aggregation, TDD, CAT - M, NB-IOT).
  • Vast experience in initial site design including site walks/drive tests for pre-construction, outdoor/indoor coverage analysis, SINR and interference verification and remediation.
  • Senior Specialist Cisco Transport engineer with over 5 year experience with Nokia 7705 SAR, 7750 and CISCO SIAD’s 901, HD2 and 9010 MSN deployment and migrations.


ENM, CLI, Moshell, Mapinfo, RMAP, Arieso Geo (IOT), Business Objects, Nesa, Quantum, TEMS, SecureCRT, OSS, NetAct Nokia, Spirent, Jump Sever, ATOLL and ACTIX, UNIX. 5G/ LTE/VoLTE/ UMTS RF parameter tuning/optimization, eUTRAN troubleshooting, S1/X2 link analysis, eNodeB/MME/EPC, call flow traces and drive test log analysis. CISCO SIAD’s 901, HD2 and 9010 MSN deployment and migrations/ EVC upspeed/Bandwith and Netquality testing/ NodeB re-home/Electrical to optical conversions.


Computer / RF tools: ENM, CLI, Moshell, Mapinfo, RMAP, Arieso Geo (IOT), Business Objects, Nesa, Quantum, Excel, PowerPoint, TEMS, SecureCRT, OSS, NetAct Nokia, ACTIX.


Wireless Translations & Transport Provisioning Engineer

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • RAN Transport engineer working on Nokia and CISCO SIAD and MSN’s. Activities include 5G SIAD migrations, MSN rebalance, Node B re-homes, EVC up speeds, bandwidth and net quality testing, electrical to optical port conversions. On the RAN side, preform Pre-post activities and performance monitoring of UMTS, LTE, 5G sites for Confidential, Nokia and Siemens nodes involved in the transport cut (lock/unlock, pre-post KPI’s, alarm clearing, parameter checks).
  • Mobility integration engineer for Confidential & Confidential National Translations Center. Create scripts using CIQ for several complicated Confidential LTE and 5G NR configurations such as cabinet and radio adds, XMU/Sectorization, 2x2 and 4x4 MIMO.
  • As well as any provisioning projects like Small Cell, C-RAN (Centralized RAN) and 5G remote radios 6630.
  • Wireless translations engineer. Implement the latest RF parameters and Gold Standards as well as field guide alerts for LTE and 5G Confidential elements. Some examples include Dynamic UE Admission Control, Cat-M1 & NB-IOT activation, Carrier Aggregation, Inter-frequency load balancing, 5G PCI/RSI Optimization

RF Engineer

Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Area engineer responsible for the launch of new LTE sites as well as 2nd, 3rd and 4th carrier.
  • Drive test and analyze performance of LTE sites, DAS and microcells. My responsibilities include working with different teams and groups from ATT design and implementation, to field support teams and Operations.
  • Responsible for the post-launch performance of the new carriers by monitoring LTE and Volte, accessibility, retainability, Throughput, data volume and handover performance.
  • Review the power settings, tilts, handoff performance, SRVCC, overshooting and PCI conflicts.
  • Ensure the sites are alarm free, the features are aligned, and parameters are set according to Gold Standards.

RF tools Support Engineer

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN


  • RAN support engineer for RF tools and software developed by Confidential .
  • These tools are used for frequency and PCI planning, layer management, azimuth, tilt and power optimization as well as self-optimized network.
  • Provided day to day support for wireless carriers with using the tools as well as customizing the software to best support the specific need in the market

Wireless Systems Engineer

Confidential, Dallas, TX


  • RF technical lead for the AWS rollout in several US markets.
  • Review design survey packages in order to determine the best site configuration (antenna type, height, azimuth, tilt).
  • Create RF design sheets, CIQ’s and plumbing diagrams for the new co-located macro and micro sites.
  • Provide coverage analysis and frequency plan using Tems Cell Planner.
  • Create CDD (cell design data) and generate DT using the PARAGEN tool. Generate documentation for the final design acceptance (MAPINFO and TCP coverage & C/I plots, equipment list, TMA & TRU count, PCN analysis).
  • Technical lead for 1900 GSM market launches in the Midwest. Drive test analysis, parameter optimization and monitoring of statistics in order to bring the newly launched clusters to GREEN.

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