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Sr. Customer Support Engineer Resume

Richardson, TexaS


Telecommunication/IT professional with over 20 years hands - on experience integrating and testing small, medium, and large scale wireless networks. Thorough understanding of 3G/4G Technologies (LTE, VoLTE, UMTS, DAS, Small Cells, WiMAX, VOIP, CDMA) and strong IP background. Good understanding of network switching/routing, IP media gateways and connectivity as well as EPC (Packet Core-GGSN, SGSN, IMS). Familiar with ALU LTE end to end validation and feature testing CSFB fallback, IRAT, Data throughput improvement fault management and troubleshooting. An innovative professional with strong testing, analytical, communication and organizational skills that adapts quickly and works well with others.


Network Hardware: IBM 7200, 7500, 4700, 3800, 2800, 2600 Series, Confidential Routers/Switches 6500s, 5500s, 3750, 3560, 3000s, 5508, 2900s, ASR5000,9000, eNodeB, RAN, RNC, MME, S-GW/P-GW, HSS, MME, MGW 7540, Nokia Flexi-BTS, ALU 5620, 9370, MSC, BSS, HLR/VLR.

Switches: Nortel DMS 100/250 (BSS and OSS), ALU 5E, Nokia, Ericsson AXE.

Standards: 3GPP, LTE, CDMA2000, WiMAX, UMTS, EVDO, VOIP, GSM, IEEE 802.11 & 802.16Protocols OSPF, BGP, MPLS, SIP, MGCP, TCP/IP, Skinny Call Control Protocol (SCCP).

Operating Systems/Databases: Sun/Solaris, Linux, Windows 2000/XP, Oracle 9i/10g, Oracle-DB, SQL.

Tools: Protocol Analyzers, WireShark, Airmagnet Wifi Analyzer, Sniffer, TEMS, WMS, Granite, GeoProbe


Confidential, Richardson, Texas

Sr. Customer Support Engineer


  • Worked in Technical Assistance Center (TAC) supporting Self Optimizing Network (SON)
  • Supported customers to resolve medium to complex issues within their LTE, UMTS networks from the UE through the Packet core, including load balancing, mass event handling, 3G/4G intra/inter handovers etc…
  • Trained customers and engineers in the use of self optimizing network (SON), measuring KPI’s threshold levels balancing cell site activities (intra/inter) in various markets and all other aspects relating to Optimization.
  • Attended customer interface meetings to give technical presentations/analysis of outstanding service requests.

Confidential, Plano, Texas

Sr. Wireless Engineer


  • Responsibilities include network deployment and integration testing on LTE, VoLTE, WiMAX and UMTS
  • Network deployment end to end testing & integration of Nokia packet ore elements (S-GW, MME, P-GW, etc.)
  • Extensive travel nationwide to perform FOA and drive testing using wireless UE devices/handsets and other test tools ran traces and KPI reports on 3G and 4G networks (LTE, VoLTE, RNC, EPC, eNodeB etc…).
  • Drive testing using UE devices (IRAT, CFSB, Handovers etc….).
  • Cell site migration of legacy networks, rehomes of MSC’s and upgrades.
  • Integrated, configured and upgraded Access Points and Wireless Controllers Confidential 5508 in hospitals and performed RF survey using RF survey tool (Airmagnet).

Confidential, Carrollton, Texas

Sr. Wireless Engineer


  • Responsibilities included commissioning, configuration, network deployment, integration and testing of LTE, WiMAX, and UMTS networks.
  • Performed network deployment/planning, testing, integration and commissioning of LTE and UMTS networks.
  • ATM cell site migration to 4G IP based Mobility networks, writing and executing scripts and running KPI s.
  • Travel to customer site performed IP network planning, UMTS RNC, NodeB, Switch and Router configuration.
  • Worked with TAC/Customer Service to resolve medium to complex issues both in - house and remotely.
  • Validation testing, integration & commissioning LTE (Ericsson 6201 & ALU 9370, Nokia) EPC Packet Core.
  • Peform routine hardware and software upgrades and maintenance on customer equipment.
  • Wrote MOPS (Method of Procedures) for integration and turn-up of Routers and Switches Tested, integrated and configured Confidential routers and switches in both LTE and WiMAX Networks.
  • Reviewed documents of various LTE nodes, such as eNodeB, MME, UGW and HSS for prospective customers.
  • Configuration, testing and troubleshooting LTE network elements and link interfaces ( eNodeB, MME, SGSN, GGSN, PCRF and HSS) to resolve technical anomalies.
  • Performed LTE/SAE Software Installation and configuration of managed elements eNodeB, MME, S-GW/P-GW, HSS in various markets.
  • Configured Lab with real LTE nodes to setup LTE test network.
  • Tested and configured LTE and UMTS backhaul including RAN and RNC integration on customer network.

Confidential, Richardson, Texas

System Test Manager/Technical Lead


  • Responsibilities included performing validation and system testing, field support of LTE/WiMAX networks consisting of Modems, Base Stations, and External GPS Units (EGU) and PCMCIA cards.
  • Designed and upgraded from 3G to 4G (LTE/WiMAX) networks and wrote test cases to perform validation testing.
  • Performed remote data translations on (3G, 4G) technologies to support our WiMAX infrastructure. Performed RF design work for Optimization of small to medium size customer networks.
  • IOS Upgrades within 6500 series Confidential Switches VPN and DNS Troubleshooting Multi-Customer ISP Network supporting layer 1-3 technical issues.
  • Supported development of next generation 3G & 4G Systems on VOIP Networks using SIP.
  • Performed router and switch configuration, validation and customer acceptance test for VOIP/WIMAX systems.

Confidential, Fort Worth, Texas

Sr. Engineer/Technical Lead


  • Responsibilities include working the Communication, Navigation and Identification systems (CNI), incorporating Telecommunication protocols into Military Aircraft.
  • Integrated Voice/Data and Imagery into F/A-22.
  • Developed terminal host processing and Crypto keying for CNI System.
  • Supported development of Network Terminal Controller.
  • Successfully loaded Oracle Database on standalone test system
  • Supported the software development team in defining system requirements.
  • Developed voice and data link protocols using iSmart/eSmart test tool.
  • Evaluated integrity of data message flow from host to Link-16 terminal.
  • Technical prime contact to evaluate adding additional bandwidth into aircraft

Confidential, Richardson, Texas

Supervisor/Technical Lead


  • System level testing, product verification and Integration of Service Node, Sentinel, Media Gateway, SCP’s STP’s.
  • Performed routine upgrades on VERITAS and other Servers.
  • Installation, Testing and Maintenance of Service Node, SCP and STP. Operating system was Unix Solaris 2.8.
  • Design and Configure, in preparation for deployment of small, medium and large scale networks using Confidential products utilizing BGP, RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, HSRP, VLAN, UDP, WLAN, MPLS and ATM
  • Configured, implement and maintain Confidential 3845s, 2811s, 6509s, 2940s, 3560s, and 3750s
  • Performed data analysis to ensure that data accurately reflects customer requirements.
  • Full integration and testing of 3G VOIP Networks using SIP and varies protocols, resolved QOS issues.
  • Set-up routing tables for VOIP network switches and integrated into enterprise networks.
  • Wrote test cases and scripts using GLCOM, MGTS and INET box to simulate bulk load traffic and monitor SS7.
  • Wrote integration test plan and test cases for the Soft switch, SN and SCP for deployment at customer site.
  • Traveled with sales team interfaced with customers and provided technical support for company product line.

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