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Senior Statistical Process Analyst Resume

Mitchellville, MD


Development, Development Administration, and International Public Finance


Development, International Development Administration; Business Administration; Budgeting; Technology Transfer; Manufacturing and Plant Design; Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Growth Models; United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Manufacturing Standardization, Chemical, Food, Plastics and Pure Water Technology; Feasibility and Grant Proposal Writing; Marketing and Agriculture; Advanced Statistical Analysis; Mortgage Lending; Banking and Economic Development.


Windows 2000 Professional, XP and Windows 10; Software Microsoft Office 2000 - 10 including 1) Word, 2) Excel, 3) Power Point 4) Publisher, 5) Outlook, 6) Microsoft Access; and 7) Project Manager, Word Perfect 12; Lotus Smart Suite


Confidential, Mitchellville, MD

Senior Statistical Process Analyst


  • Assisted in the Becton Dickinson team development of advanced microbiological Phoenix® technology equipment for medical and visible/ultraviolet microbiological diagnostic analytical applications and clinical trials; functioned as an Analyst between Research and Development, and Pilot Manufacturing in order to statistically measure machine performance and identify problems and methods of correction for improved equipment design.
  • Developed statistical methods for analyzing Phoenix® technology databases (8K to >50MB files with 5 - 50 variables and 85 to >500,000 cases) including Statistical analytical modules: 1) Basic Statistics, 2) Variance Components, 3) Distribution, 4) Multiple Regression, 5) Data Management Statistics, and 6) Industrial Statistics; and 5) Quality Process Analysis and Experimental Design; responsible for describing in graphical and verbal performance terms analysis of bacteria using experimental approaches during project meetings and in one on one problem solving sessions.
  • Presentations included recommendations for the most effective analytical methods and equipment design.

Confidential, Annapolis, MD

Administrative Development Officer, Programs Manager


  • Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Manufacturing Standardization, Chemical, Food, Plastics and Pure Water Technology; Feasibility and Grant Proposal Writing; Marketing and Agriculture; Advanced Systems Aquaculture, Advanced Statistical Analysis; Mortgage Lending; Banking, Environmental and Economic Development with strong and sustainable business plan development and financial management skills required for the execution of strong and sustainable economic business projects; including with the appropriate fees, classes taken, and office location equipped Confidential can legally originate hundreds of millions of dollars of mortgage loans for sale and billions of dollars of collateral for commercial loans for industrial applications.
  • Established an email and phone spreadsheet of Embassy contacts for the purpose of doing business with these African countries.
  • Developed technology and completed pre-feasibility studies for: 1) solar salt; 2) caustic soda; 3) sodium perchlorate; 4) grain based animal feed; 5) cracked petroleum products and chlorine reaction products; 5) powder and liquid detergents; and 6) commercial refrigerated retail facilities including grocery, and slaughter house facilities; 7) advanced aquaculture high intensive grow out facilities; and 8) railroad and port facilities technology.
  • Received a written communication from the Vice President of the Confidential of Africa concerning the technology developed to support the production of pure solar salt and aquaculture.
  • Completed pre-feasibility studies; feasibility outline and proposal; and technological designs of solar salt facilities to produce up to 10,000,000 or more tons of pure solar salt including: 1) evaporation, and crystallization pan plumbing and technology design for separation of precipitates, 2) purification facilities including manufacturer based proprietary technology, and 3) quantitative analytical facilities including x-ray spectrometers, and atomic absorption ICP-OES technology to determine the accurate concentration of minerals.
  • The majority (80%) of students improved to B or better with 60% achieving excellent performance in macroeconomics lecture; and instructed twelve (12) students in the spring semester of 1992 and seventy-five percent (75%) of the students achieved B or better by midterm.
  • Tutored individual students in specialized courses, including macroeconomics, microeconomics, intermediate economics, mathematical statistics, statistics, financial accounting, financial management, corporate finance, monetary and fiscal policy, banking policy, and other administration courses as needed.

Confidential, Baltimore, MD

Port Planner Intern


  • Assisted the Manager of Planning of the Port of Baltimore with the Confidential Plan and the Economic Development Model with regional economic research, financial spreadsheet models, graphics preparation and report writing.
  • Completed and submitted a final 500+ page study to the Port of Baltimore which compared port cargo, operation, and shipping facilities for east coast and gulf coast commerce ports.
  • Evaluated aerial photographs of the Port of Baltimore and defined every pertinent facility use.

Confidential, Schenectady, NY

R and D Center Process Engineer


  • Process engineering responsibility involved transferring a large integrated circuit prototype thin film transistor wafer, color filter and final liquid crystal into a pilot facility; later became the liquid crystal devises used in computers, cell phone, and head-up displays in aircraft.
  • Material specialist’s responsibilities involved developing electrical capacitor materials for aerospace, electronics and low energy electron beamed cured capacitors for low energy light bulb applications.
  • Associate Staff responsibilities included flame retardant material and quality control development for Confidential Productions Department (SPD) thermoplastic polymers; activities encompassed bench chemistry, organic and inorganic synthesis, characterization, material performance, routine reporting and pilot productions facilities.

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