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Ecommerce Integration Specialist Resume

New, YorK


Acquire a challenging postion in a progressive IT environment that will utilize my expertise and offer future growth.


HardWare Software languages: Iseries (formally AS400) version 7.1 Prism(Mfg/Distr ERP) MacPac(Mfg/Distr ERP), Confidential Apparal(Mfg/Distr ERP) RPGfree,RPGLE, RPGIV, ILE, CLLE, CLP, DDS, SQL, FTP, TCPIP, EDIINT(AS2)

Hardware Software Languages: MS Dynamics Axapta, X++ and Morphx Dev Suite, SQL server, runnng on Windows Server (under 12 mos experience)

EDI Software: Confidential (TrustedLink for Iseries) V6.3 with visual Mapper, Ebridge EDI solution for windows, Confidential for AS2, EDS *Asset, Gentran400, Nubridges (formally Trailblazer) AS2


Confidential, New York

Ecommerce Integration Specialist


  • Designed, developed and implement custom user interfaces that provides the integration path to the business system (ERP).
  • Support mapping and integration for all production EDI documents such as: (850, 855, 860, 875, 880, warehousing transactions 940, 945, 943, 944 and more.
  • Support AS2 EDIINT compliant software that provide support to customers that prefer direct peer - to-peer EDI exchange over traditional VAN EDI.

Confidential, New York City

EDI Manager/Ecommerce Integration Specialist


  • Installed, and integrated Confidential an Confidential product and leading EDI software solution for the midrange platform.
  • A robust software package that includes all components (communications layer, intepretor and translation module built in) needed to do data exchange.
  • Designed, developed and implemented a custom built user interface (completed 1999) to support VAN EDI integrated with accounting package MacPac(ERP).
  • Provide EDI Solution that runs in windows and integrates well with the new ERP MS Dynamics Axapta 3.0.
  • Managed a development team of 3 consultants both technical and functional to facilitate business and technical requirements designed and written by me to integrate windows based EDI solution for MS Dynamics Axapta ERP.
  • Installed Confidential a leading EDI solution provider for windows based ERP and Microsoft business partner.
  • Implemented eBridge as the core integration solution that connects to our newly acquired Acounting package and to our EDI trading partners.
  • All transactions inbound and outbound are seamlessly integrated with Axapta.
  • Installed EDI*Asset translation software that intefaces directly with Ebridge to do EDI compliancy and generate 997 acknowledgments for any data received.
  • Inbound data is exported from *Asset, mapped by eBridge and integrated into Axapta via a business connector and application adaptor.
  • Data extracted from Axapta is mapped by eBridge, imported to *Asset, reformatted and placed into a directory that Confidential monitors and transmits to the EDI community.
  • Installed and integrated Confidential (Intelligent transport layer software) designed to connect you to your business community via a secure browser connection.
  • Confidential deployed from a Dell Server is integrated with both Confidential running on Iseries 520 and Confidential client running in windows.
  • I spearheaded the changeover in the shipping department coordinating the effort of upgrading hardware,software documenting user requirements and working through issues with 3 rd party software vendors to ensure the shipping solution was seamlessly integrated with Axapta and the implementation.
  • Delivered SOPs, and conducted training to the user community responsible for day to day operations.

Senior P/A and Application developer



  • Developed applications on AS400 using RPGLE, securedFTP, IFS and other OS400 disiplines to meet cross platform data integration.
  • Developed AS400 applications that integrates UPS/FEDX carrier tracking information with ERP system.
  • This process features collecting data from proprietory shipping solution databases via FTP and IFS running from the AS400 (iseries) box.
  • Developed AS400 application that transfers customer specific data as a Prealert for shipping via secured FTP.
  • This process features constructing customer specific data files via procedural programming utilizing current programming techniques including RPGLE (ILE)built-In functions, procedures, and service pgms on the Iseries platform and then using FTP to transfer files to remote server locations.
  • Support all ERP modules and design develop and implement new applications on the AS400 platform to extend functionality to meet the needs of the user community.

Confidential, New York, NY

Project Leader/AS400 Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Automat the process of reporting domestic trade (buys,sells, and short sales) on the Confidential through firm accounts and delivered electronically (via ICF communications) to Confidential .
  • Design develop and implement a "Commission recapture program" application for participating "Retirement benefit plan sponsors" and various "Asset management" firms.
  • This process features collecting daily trade activity and assigning wieghted average prices to each security traded.
  • Deliver a (like) windows based front-end that features cursor sensitive cascading pop-up windows to do table search, select and/or maintenance to databases without having to close your current views.
  • All programming for this application was written in ILE/400.
  • Reporting (via Electronic data transfer) OTC trading activity to Nasdaq using ICF communications.
  • Receiving trades for (Soros Fund management) electronically over a leased line to be stored and retrieved from queues setup in QSNADS.
  • Recieving price files from Service groups electronically over switched and leased lines to price securities.
  • "State Street index trading" system that features agency trading for foreign securities.
  • Design Develop and implement applications to be part of a Limited Partnership system that features Security Services at all industry levels (ie. firm, branch,broker,wholesaler, and investor ) .
  • Design a Fax system that links forms and documents created on a Fax Server to Software running on the AS/400 . Fax documents are spooled and placed on queue to be delivered to the user.
  • Develop various applications to accomplish tasks relating to class actions, Corporate restructures, Tender offers, Transfer agent services, Proxy Mailings etc…

Confidential, New york, NY

AS400 Senior Programmer Analyst/EDI System Coordinator


  • Provide system to fully automate the process of bringing open orders to production and transmittng billing notices (invoices) to the trading partner
  • Provide maintenance applications for customer service departments to maintain cross reference files in order to ensure EDI document interpretation.
  • Provide EDI procedures and production schedules for operations, customer service, and sales departments.
  • Provide comprehensive system documentation to management and end user.
  • Setup entire communication environment including modems to port, controller,device and line description configuratiions for each network interface.

Confidential, New york, NY

Programmer Analyst


  • Member of a development team organized to develop and market a midrange platform EDI solution for the wholesale and retail grocery industry.
  • Designed, developed numerous applications to automate tasks that were otherwise slow and repetitive. Built robust inteface programs allowing users to specify advanced selection criteria to drill deeper into the database for reporting and on screen inquiries.
  • Supported all application related to wholesale food brokerage business.

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