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Support Technician Resume

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  • Previous experience programming within the fields of finance and psychology knowledge of various languages and programs used in research and experiment implementation as well as in statistical analysis
  • Technically sophisticated information technology specialist with solid experience supporting software/ hardware systems and performing equipment upgrades under adverse conditions
  • Strong experience in administering the Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and Active Directory
  • Familiarity with Active Directory infrastructure according standard processes and procedures
  • Proficient with WebSphere, UNIX OS and Active Director
  • Wide knowledge of Active Directory architecture design and implications
  • Sound knowledge of debugging and troubleshooting the equipment
  • Operational knowledge of software visualization and Intel server hardware
  • Ability to work in a team, prioritize work effectively
  • Extensive experience setting up, installing, and repairing desktops, laptops, printers, and modems. Data Analyst
  • Outstanding knowledge of multiple hardware and software applications.
  • Java, java servlets, Jscript, Html, C++, C application
  • Skilled communicator, able to successfully work with wide range of end - users to diagnose and resolve complex technical issues.
  • Desktop Laptop imagining using IBM BIGFIX
  • Strong background with hard drives, central processing units (CPUs), video cards, firewalls, McAfee enterprise security and antivirus and disaster recovery software
  • Windows 7,8 and 10
  • MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and Words Applications
  • Antivirus
  • End-user hardware support
  • Printer troubleshooting skills
  • End-user telephone related support.
  • Excellent technical skills, with strong knowledge of Internet connections and peripherals. Extensive knowledge of both PC and LAN hardware and applications.


Programming Languages: Java, C, Python, Prolog, HTML/CSS, XML, BASIC, Software Applications Eclipse, IBM Rational Entry - Level Data Analyst Application Developer, SQL Developer, SAS, SPSS, NSBASIC/Palm, NSConduitBuilder, SWI-Prolog, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access Operating Systems Windows XP/Vista, Mac OSX, Linux ASP.NET (Ubuntu desktop/server)


Visual Studio .Net, Visual Basic 6, C#, ASP.Net, C, C++, Java, Net, XML/HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, CSS, Windows, Linux, Unix, MS Office Suite Software, IT Consulting, Technology Education, Technology Change Management



Support Technician


  • Provide technical support and troubleshooting services to end-users who need assistance with their computer also point of sale POS setup. Backup and restore an organization's data files and systems.
  • Install, configure and upgrade PC software and operating systems.
  • Clean and repair computer hardware, such as keyboards and printers.
  • Remote IT help desk technicians provide technical support over the phone or Web.
  • Remote help desk technicians often use specialized help desk support software to take control of end-users' computers to troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve complex issues.


Desktop Support Technician


  • Provided hardware/ software installation, server maintenance, trouble resolution, root cause analysis, and SLA maintenance for a large, enterprise-wide LAN/ WAN environment.
  • Traveled to multiple Confidential branches to deliver training to new technicians.
  • Coordinated and oversaw IT projects for Confidential and Confidential .
  • Acted as escalation point for CompuCom sub-contractors.
  • Maintained iMacs, disaster recovery, Smart Hands server, and telecommunications equipment.
  • Troubleshot and diagnosed technical issues, network security, and backup/ restore initiatives.
  • Supported all standard, corporate, Confidential -developed mainframe, and Web-based applications.
  • Managed, set up, and provided technology training for remote users.


Information Technology Specialist/Desktop Support


  • Perform tasks such as installation, parts repair of Computer and Laptop.
  • Manually examine and replace all broken component of the laptop hardware and peripheral.
  • Troubleshoot systems device both hardware, re-imaging configures and installs software.
  • Determine an organization’s network and computer system needs before setting one up
  • Install all network hardware and software and make needed upgrades and repairs
  • Maintain network and computer system security and ensure that all systems are operating correctly
  • Collect data to evaluate and optimize network or system performance
  • Add users to a network and assign and update security permissions on the network
  • Interpret and solve problems when a user or an automated monitoring system alerts them that one exists.

Columbia Dentist

Confidential, Columbia, SC


  • My responsibility is to diagnose/ticket laptops perform tasks such as installation, parts repair of Computer and Laptop.
  • Manually examine and replace all broken component of the laptop hardware and peripheral. Troubleshoot systems device both hardware, re-imaging configures and installs software
  • Provide networking to desktop, laptop and installs software maintenance perform tasks such as installation, parts repair and upgrade computer hardware
  • Troubleshoot printing issues, resolve complex technology problems as the go-to person for IT issues.
  • Also include analyst/Data Analyst project planning and management, software analysis and design.
  • Extensive knowledge of financials and MS Excel including amortization, debt securities, equities and derivatives such as options, Asset Management role within the dental practice.
  • Served the community by responding to a wide variety of situations ranging from emergencies
  • That immediately threaten lives or property to some non - emergent calls.
  • Responded to routine citizen requests for information or assistance Performed
  • Duties in the following general categories: fire suppression, emergency
  • Medical aid or rescue, hazardous material responses, training, building
  • Inspections and public education as volunteer firefighter we normally work
  • Under the supervision of a company officer and is.
  • Expected to function effectively as part of a highly trained team.
  • Search burning buildings to locate fire victims.
  • Respond to fire alarms and other calls for assistance, such as automobile and industrial accidents

Confidential, St, Philadelphia, PA

Property Manager /Asset Management


  • Meet with prospective tenants to show properties, explain terms of
  • Occupancy, and provide information about local areas.
  • Direct collection of monthly assessments, rental fees, and deposits and
  • Payment of insurance premiums, mortgage, taxes, and incurred operating expenses.
  • Manage and oversee operations, maintenance, administration, and
  • Improvement of commercial, industrial, or residential properties.
  • Maintain records of sales, rental or usage activity, special permits issued Maintenance and operating costs, or property availability.

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