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Pharmaceutical Helpdesk Support Resume Profile


At present, I am looking for supplemental employment on a temporary or permanent basis between the hours of 4PM to midnight. If you have employment opportunities that match please feel free to contact me.

Qualification Highlights:

  • Hold a DOD SSBI TOP SECRET clearance
  • AAS in Microsoft Network Engineering
  • BS, Cisco Internetworking Technologies
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional/CISSP
  • Solaris 10 Operating System Essentials
  • Certified NSA Level 1 Network Administrator
  • Certified NSA FOIC Fiber Optics Installer Course , EM-523
  • MCP, Microsoft Certified Professional
  • 20 years of experience with electronic based security

Current Technical Highlights:

  • Primary capabilities manager for the U.S. Navy's Strategic Sensor Grid SSG , centrally managed through six managers, controlling over 100 Cyber Network Defense CND sensors.
  • Direct capability improvements and evaluations for Intrusion Prevention Systems IPS in a CND capacity, utilizing both vendor and SPAWAR assets in an effort to increase efficiency and enhance capabilities.
  • Assist external remote sites with guidance on what capabilities they are required to collect in order to properly connect to the Strategic Sensor Grid.
  • Provide system requirements of IPS related equipment and capabilities to departmental and directorate leadership within NCDOC and elsewhere in order to increase network based protection throughout the U.S. Navy.
  • Conduct research for CND related equipment and software capabilities that can be integrated with the U.S. Navy's Cyber Network Defense System CNDS , which allows for better utilization of current assets and guidance on what products should be utilized in the future.
  • Support remote pharmaceutical representatives with technical assistance in a Prescription Drug Marketing Act PDMA environment with a focus on maintaining operations across VPN connected laptops, iOS 7.X iPads and regulatory compliant relationship management software.


Pharmaceutical Helpdesk Support:

  • Experienced with remote phone, email and voice mail support for pharmaceutical representatives in a large scale Windows/Apple helpdesk environment.
  • Familiar with general best practice rules for PDMA, and The Sunshine act, guiding field pharmaceutical representatives in related policies.
  • Experienced with relationship management software in a federally transparent environment.
  • Experienced with iPad support and upgrades in a heterogeneous environment utilizing Airwatch administration.
  • Experienced with remote VPN and network support for home and field user environments.

Information Assurance, Network Security:

  • 20 years experience with electronic based security policy and procedures
  • Responsible for deployment and maintenance of 100 McAfee IntruShield Intrusion Prevention System IPS and
  • Was responsible for 30 CSIDS sensors from around the world. This included the daily administration and maintenance of 11 additional IDS Consoles in support of a 24/7 watch.
  • Responsible for supporting Q1 Labs e-Security/Sentinel Security Information Management , a situational awareness and incident handling hardware/software suite used to collect, aggregate, correlate, and display security event data in one user interface. Support security analysts in writing correlation rules, filtering out false positives, and training in all aspects of Intrusion Detection and e-Security software.
  • Responsible for the administration of the RSA SecureID server for VPN access for remote users.
  • Maintained a Security Suite for private LAN in support of a Forensics and special projects department in an unattributable environment to ensure secure and virtually invisible means of open source research.
  • Updated network security related servers for IAVA and STIG compliance assisting in garnering the worksite the first ever CNDSP Computer Network Defense Service Provider level-3 accreditation from STRATCOM U.S. Strategic Command .
  • Conducted a full spectrum of forensic analysis on 37 hard drive images. Published cyber technical reports for 12 of these images providing technical details of what occurred as well as a real-world correlation of events.
  • Assisted in identifying potential IDS/IPS signatures which led to the discovery of previously unidentified malicious activity.
  • Provided oral and written presentations to senior engineers and executives to make actionable decisions for current and potential security threats.
  • Connected new remote sites to IPS server solutions on a daily basis to reduce remote threat potential and enhance network monitoring.
  • Successfully identified and tracked multiple network access violations back to their source and advising appropriate authorities with timelines of what inappropriate behavior occurred.
  • Coordinated with multiple business partners within an enterprise to respond to potential incidents and maintain records of attacks for historical and research purposes.
  • Controlled anti-virus definition updates and system upgrades across multiple anti-virus vendors and products to help defend against the spreading threat of viruses.
  • Manually removed viruses from thousands of individual machines as well as encompassing those machines in an anti-virus managed environment to reduce the spread of network viruses.
  • Monitored and configured 8 B1, 2 DMZ, 2 RAS, 90 B2 and 10 B3 firewalls to support both primary enterprise and remote site protocol security.
  • Managed the removal of 4,323 network vulnerabilities on more than 250 systems in a small network environment to improve network security.

Government Policy and Procedure

  • Worked as one of four Global Information Assurance Center Duty Managers GIAC DM for the NMCI project.
  • Frequently consulted for best practices related to network security defense in depth concerns at international U.S. government sites.
  • Written over 30 security related communiqu s dealing with the proper procedures in dealing with vulnerability threats to include advertised Microsoft vulnerabilities, assessments of level 2 and above Symantec virus threats and targeted attacks on a large scale network.
  • Familiar with procedures and guidance provided through multiple government entities and assist with interpretation of this guidance for U.S. government customers.
  • Network Administration
  • Experienced with NT to 2008 Network server installation, infrastructure, maintenance and troubleshooting procedures on a hardware and software level.
  • Managed 500 user accounts, recreated home directories, and relocated shared network drives to reduce network lag time by 20 and enhance network configuration performance.
  • Knowledgeable with conducting multiple levels of backups from individual tape backup to enterprise level datastore and virtual environment snapshots
  • Maintained an IP database of 500 IPs with both static and dynamic components under consistent control for over 2 years with minimal network conflict.
  • Worked with multimode fiber-optic installation procedures from planning, to installation.
  • Manually rebuilt over 50 workstation level computers to reduce field technician workloads.
  • Managed the correction of over 2,400 network trouble calls increasing user productivity
  • Internetworking
  • Experienced with the maintenance and troubleshooting of VPNs and Remote Access Servers.
  • Capable of troubleshooting complex network problems in a multi-disciplined group environment.
  • Obtained a bachelors degree in internetworking with a certification equivalence of CCNP and CCDP.
  • Managed 200 broadband circuits utilizing IDNX/Promina, Fireberd testers, Cryptographic equipment, and various patch panel systems for 2 years encompassing all U.S. Military backbones for the South Korean peninsula

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