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Web Developer Resume Profile

Technical Skills

Computer Languages: Proficient in Web Development HTML , ASP, ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0, JavaScript, VBScript, JAVA, VB.NET, C , PHP, IBM WebSphere, SQL, MS Access. Also knowledgeable in XML, COBOL, UNIX shell script, PASCAL.

Operating Systems: DOS, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, WIN2008, UNIX SOLARIS, IBM MVS, Linux, LAN, TCP/IP.

Professional Experience


Configuration Management Specialist

  • Deploy EAR files, through the WebSphere 6.1 console or through a batch job, for the programmers. WebSphere was installed on Windows Servers.
  • Deploy Windows Dot Net applications to Window Servers. IIS6 and IIS7 were the versions used. This involves stopping and starting services, or copying files to different servers.
  • Work with teams to get the database ID's and submit the paperwork to management to send through Security. Get the ID's and passwords back from the DBAs. Then apply this information to the datasource settings.
  • Work directly with the testers to get the environment set up correctly for their Stress test. Asking for DB refreshes or making configuration changes. Made the request through SharePoint or JIRA. Help monitor the tests as necessary.
  • Work with WebSphere administrators to troubleshoot problems in the environment.
  • I installed applications using JBoss/Jenkins Had to move files within NEXUS and make configuration changes before installing. Tomcat/Apache was the front end servers.
  • Working with the Precise group to get I3 set up in the Stress lab. Keeping I3 up and running and collecting data. Making changes to I3 as necessary. Getting I3 ready to do instrumentation.


Prod Support Analyst

  • I currently deploy WebSphere EAR files to 3 different environments. WebSphere 5.0 and 6.0 was installed on AIX and Apache was used for the front end servers. Used KSH scripts to move the plug-in and restart Apache service.
  • Deploy Windows applications to Window Servers. Deploy UNIX applications to UNIX servers. This involves running scripts, stopping and starting services, or copying files to a different server.
  • Work with teams to get deployment procedures for the new applications and conveying the information back to the team and writing the procedures up.
  • Tested the new version of WebSphere 6.0 for our team and writing up the procedures for our team. Trained our team with these new procedures.
  • Used PVCS to promote files and to write them out to staging libraries.
  • Currently maintaining the TMDSM web page and making the necessary modifications to this page. It is written in VBScript with an MSAcess database. 6 months working on various modifications for the web page.
  • Developing VB.NET Win Form applications to interface with the MS OFFICE products. I have developed an application that will send a daily email with a click of a button. Spent 2 weeks working on this.


Web Developer

  • Lead developer for the business Web Page. Kellysproshop.com Hosted by Brinkster.com. I also content manage the Web Page for the company. The application was developed in VB for ASP.NET 1.1. 1 year working on this. ASP.net/ VB.
  • Lead developer for the Greater Omaha Area Bowling Association. Bowlomaha.org. It is hosted by Godaddy.com. The enhancements include adding an administration pages to control users. The application is developed in C for ASP.NET 2.0 with a SQL2000 backend. Spent 6months working on this. ASP.net/C .
  • I also set up the network in the shop and fix network / computer problems as they arose.


Software Migration Analyst

  • I worked on projects for our team. This involves programming new projects or modifying the existing programs. Programming in SAS and JCL. I developed an automated process to take place of a manual one, eliminating over an hour of manual labor and lots of errors.
  • Help develop automated processes to assist with the software migration process. The macros were written in VBScript. This was to run the daily and monthly reports for the team. All jobs have to be maintained and updated as processes changed.
  • Project managed the Major Implementations for our team. This involved keeping track of all the records and attending all the plan review meetings. All major implementation questions were routed to me to analyze and answer


Programmer I

  • Responsible for writing COBOL programs and JCL that would pull the necessary data for the testing of the changes that were made to the program. I would unit test with my changes and then would system test for the project, using all the other programs that were being changed or modified.
  • Responded to written and telephone requests for issues and problems. Responsible for researching the issues and responding back to the requestors of the issue to determine what was the best corrective action to get the issue fixed.


Control Dispatcher

  • Executed daily operations of delivering the computer forms and printouts to the administrative departments on campus.
  • Provided personalized service to students who came by to pick up their printouts.
  • Answered telephone calls to assist computer users encountering problems.
  • Helped train newer employees and showed them the daily operations of the department.


Computer Operator

  • Assisted subordinates and supervisors in identifying and resolving problems.
  • Loaded peripheral equipment with selected materials, such as tapes and printer paper for operating runs.
  • Observed peripheral equipment and error messages displayed on monitor of terminal to detect faulty output or machine stoppage.
  • Recorded problems, which occurred, such as down time, and actions taken.
  • Helped oversee all aspects of training for new operators that were assigned to my position.
  • Learned all aspects of my position and also learned what positions came before and after my position. Kept in close contact with the other positions when problems would occur, so I could determine what would need to be re-running.

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