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Contractor Help Desk Coordinator Resume

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  • Seasoned technical savvy individual with a strong work ethic and the desire to succeed. Proven ability to work in fast pace environments as a team player or individual contributor.
  • Quickly adapt to change and fascinated by challenging tasks. Demonstrated ability to effectively coordinate and communicate between business and technical professionals.
  • Over ten years of IT experience providing all aspects of computer support such as troubleshooting, installations, and maintenance.


HARDWARE: Cabling, Routers, Switches, System Board, LCD Kit, NIC Cards, Hard Drives, CD Rom drives, DVD drives, DVD Installation and servicing MFP copiers/scanner & printers, writer Drives, Key Board, MAC, Hinge, Tape backup drives, Fax/Modems and Zip drives, troubleshooting, configuration and evaluation of Desktop and Notebook PCs (Apples, Compaq, HP, Dell) replacement and setup, Memory upgrades, Re - Imaging, Printer configurations (Dell MFP3115cn, Lexmark, Cannon laser jet, Dot Matrix), USB connected devices; PDA’s, Blackberry, printers, cameras, Conference projectors, External Hard Disk, Monitors, RSA Secure ID Tokens.

SOFTWARE: VoIP, Novell, UNIX, UPS database, Fed-Ex database, McAfee, Microsoft Office Suite, QuickBooks, MCI office, Access Database Query, Lotus Notes, Tiger, Panther, Service Pack install/upgrades, Active Directory (AD-SCCMconsole), RSA Security Console, Citrix MetaFrame, 3270 MainFrame, SharePoint, IT Service Center, IT Config-Management, SAP, LMS, MDD, Maximo, Cognos, Quality Center, Docushare/Documentum, EMMA, VPN/EWP Secure ID Token, USD & HRC Ticketing Systems, Depot Works (Apple & Dell).

OPERATING SYSTEMS: DOS, Novell/Linux, Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP Professional, Vista, Windows 7, Tiger, Panther, Jaguar



Contractor Help desk coordinator


  • Answer calls, troubleshoot and diagnose IT issues involving multi-platform environments.
  • Follow up with the clients to ensure that the issue is properly resolved.
  • Provide first level support and a single point of contact for Information Technology and Human Resource problems.
  • Tracking these calls/requests using the USD & USPSD Ticketing System.
  • Administer client’s Network accounts/passwords using Active Directory (AD-SCCM console) on a daily basis.
  • Front line support for various Applications/Programs: MS Office Suite, MS Outlook, MS Communicator & LiveMeeting, Lotus Notes, 3270 MainFrame, SharePoint, SAP, LMS, MDD, Maximo, Cognos, Quality Center, Docushare/Documentum, EMMA etc.
  • Support clients when attempting to VPN into the Dominion Network using RSA Security Console Tool.
  • Remote to client’s using XP Remote Assistance, SMS/SCCM or LiveMeeting Share desktop to properly diagnose/resolve PC issues.
  • Execute policies and procedures by immediately escalating more complex problems to specific support teams.
  • Providing excellent customer service while continually meeting team quotas and expectations.


Desktop Support Manager


  • Responsible for the oversight of desktop support functions and the development and implementation of strategies and solutions.
  • Supported and maintained client’s technologies on workstations, VoIP, servers and peripheral devices.
  • Served as the first point of contact for individuals requiring technical support on hardware and software issue.
  • Implemented a manual Ticketing system to track IT problems.
  • Perform daily backups of the network server to ensure data integrity.
  • Telnet into the Server to Trouble shoot issue and manipulate Data upon request.
  • Analyze data with vendors to review new hardware and software to facilitate system upgrades/maintenance.
  • Responsible for the deployment of new technology releases, performing new PC installations and server maintenance.
  • Performed system integration, testing of software upgrades in a Sand-Box environment. Before deploying live.
  • Added and deleted user accounts through Active Directory and VoIP.
  • Write proposals for purchasing new or upgraded software and hardware.
  • Responsible for cabling, pc moves, VoIP, and Dialer System installation and support.
  • Providing front line service on MFP copiers/scanner & printers.


Dell Depot Site Manager


  • Advanced and supported daily workflow and operations for 24 staff members while meeting daily SLA’s.
  • Served as key liaison between the organization and vendor management.
  • Answer, evaluate, and prioritize requests for assistance from users experiencing problems with hardware, software, networking, phone, circuits and other computer-related technologies within the Bell organization.
  • Coordinated all project requests to ensure succession to the end, including creating project deadlines and assigning work assignments.
  • Configured, installed updates, troubleshoots, repairs and replaces computer systems, servers, terminals, peripheral equipment and related hardware.
  • Added and deleted user accounts through Active Directory.
  • Provided status reporting of all incidents and reported resolutions to upper manage.
  • Implemented SLA metric system.
  • Developed and conducted formal and informal sessions as well as composing Manuals.
  • Responsible for managing and administering over $1million worth of revenue for the operation.
  • Tracked over sixteen thousand Assets with a system called Depot Works.
  • Forecasted and monitored annual budgets; Arranged and executed summer project plan for over sixteen thousand end users.
  • Completed software upgrades, antivirus software, and system updates
  • Installed Mother Boards, LCD Kits, RAM, CD ROMs, DVD ROMs, Hard-drives and Nic Cards, Hinges
  • Responsible for the distribution of daily work to designated technicians.
  • Completed troubleshooting on desktop/laptop hardware and software; including, network issues.
  • Assisted with password resets/suspend/un-suspend user accounts.
  • Assigned and created sessions to pass down to other staff members.
  • Lead Imaging Technician for summer Refresh Program.
  • Imaged approximately 13,000 laptop for deployment back to the school for the next year.
  • Assist with setting up the servers that house the Image to be drag-drop to the allocated laptop.
  • Reported and documented any downtime of server and moved laptops to a backup server to minimize daily SLA’s.
  • Resolved Apple desktop/laptop applications issues for over 13,000 laptop-users.
  • Apple Laptop Installation: Mother Boards, LCD Kits, RAM, CD ROMs, DVD ROMs, Hard-drives and Nic Cards, Hinges.
  • Met and exceeded SLA’s and daily quotas.
  • Repaired/box completed laptop for deployment while tracking with the Apple Works Program.


CS1 Mail Clerk Supervisor


  • Consulted with key leaders to manage organizational change efforts and leadership initiatives.
  • Analyze associate development issues to create and manage the execution of project plans that will enhance staff development, satisfaction and retention.
  • Documented, developed, and provided to staff members.
  • Prepared monthly reports to ensure the timely communication of all information to senior management
  • Delivered and distributed mail for employees.
  • Assisted in the packaging, assortment, and mailing of various paper items for local and regional clients.
  • Highly trained with UPS database, Fed-Ex database shipping system.

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