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Technical Services Manager Resume Profile


To obtain a position that will allow me to use my experience and technical ability while allowing me to expand and to improve my career path while providing the best service possible.

Technical Skills

  • MS Server 2003, 2007, 2010.Windows XP Pro, Win7. MS Office Suite, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, AOL, Exchange, MS Outlook, Ghost, Active Directory, Citrix, Netmeeting, VPN software, DNS, TCP/IP, Track It call logging system. Blackberry and Palm One Software and troubleshooting. Canon and HP printer experience. SCCM, Credent and Computrace.
  • A qualified PC Hardware, PC Operating Systems, Networking.
  • Microsoft Server Management Training Certificate
  • Currently completing ITIL training.

Professional experience


  • Provided Windows 7 migration support for all areas of the company.
  • Provided daily support for all reported user problems and provided resolutions to all issues.
  • Documented all resolutions into ticket database.


  • Currently providing hardware and software support on an as needed
  • basis for established clients.
  • DFS Group Kennedy Airport
  • Provided POS and laptop upgrade support.
  • Northeast Securities
  • Provided Help Desk and Desktop support due to staff shortage.
  • Commack Boces
  • Provided laptop upgrade rollout support.
  • Rockville Center Core BTS
  • Participated in WIFI upgrade and Network port verification.


Technical Services Manager

  • Reported to the Vice President of Technical Services.
  • Managed Desktop technicians and Help Desk representatives.
  • Monitored all aspects of department's daily performance and expectations along with staff performance.
  • Assigned and tracked technician driven user requests and projects for timely completions.
  • Worked with other IT departments for problem resolutions and or expedition of tasks to resolve issues with the company staff.
  • Worked closely with the Help Desk to assure service and documentation integrity. Developed standards and procedures that allowed for high rate of completion and through training achieved abandonment rates of under 5 on a consistent basis for the call center.
  • Responsible for all inventory purchases and reporting.
  • Created all purchase requisitions for the department related to any kind of equipment necessity.
  • Responsible for review and implementation of policies and procedures for the desktop group to provide more efficient operation.
  • Managed all remote office requirements for service or changes. This entailed 14 remote sites with approximately 190 users.
  • Provided assistance to all departments when they had plans to make operational changes on any technical aspects that could provide a better outcome to their plans.
  • Responsible for yearly staff evaluations and performance appraisals for merit increases.
  • Provided senior management with projected estimates for budgetary requirements.
  • Created schedule for rotation of staff from two main sites to allow better interaction with technicians and users at both sites and to provide technicians with working knowledge of both sites.
  • I was able to achieve a problem resolution increase and higher project completion rate by having staff report back on status of projects at pre determined intervals.
  • Scheduled monthly meetings when possible with department leaders to discuss technical issues and needs and also to be able to plan for any additional staffing or changes they would be implementing in the future.


Help Desk / Desktop Support Supervisor

  • Primary responsibility is to respond to all calls and emails submitted to the Help Desk.
  • Delegate duties and tasks to all staff members for completion on a timely basis.
  • Provided new user account set up via Active Directory. Created email and user accounts, group access rights, network passwords, roaming profiles, email aliases and various other functions. Maintained and updated user accounts as needed.
  • Provide desktop and network support when and where needed.
  • Assist staff in any problem resolution issue that may arise that may be of an extreme technical nature.
  • Provide reoccurring training on new functions or updated existing functions to all staff members.
  • Monitor phone activities of user calls for technician's accuracy and etiquette when assisting user.
  • Monitor Help Desk tracking software, Track It, for overdue work orders to be completed on a timely basis and to verify accuracy of scheduled work orders.
  • Interview any and all prospective applicants for the Help Desk when job opportunities were available.
  • Provided input and suggestions on department practices and then implemented changes to enhance workflow within the department.
  • Provided Performance Goals as required by company policy to staff for yearly evaluations leading to eventual raise based on goal completion.
  • Scheduled staff for company provided training as well as professional training seminars to provide career enhancement opportunities as well as to improve current job performance skills.
  • When possible provided Desktop and Admin support to ensure timely completion of requests and reported problems.
  • Provide reports to senior staff as to department performance or statistical data on call resolution. Reports were created via Track It system or add hock dependant upon desired outcome.
  • Evaluated all Help Desk performance tools available to consistently be able to provide optimal execution or problem resolution.
  • Completed Certified Track It Training course on 7/18/06.


Desktop / Network Technician

  • Primary responsibility is to respond to any and all user service problems reported to the Help Desk.
  • Provide timely resolutions to problem that may arise during the work day.
  • Create new user accounts via Active Directory and maintain any updates to AD as needed.
  • Complete and document any project or assignment given in a timely manner. Also, complete any and all work orders assigned and document completion.
  • Provide technical assistance to user when needed for specific applications problems pertinent to their job function.
  • Provide permissions and or access right s to users when required to shared documents and folders.
  • Provide desktop set ups of new employees with all required accesses to Outlook, network printers and files, Fax mailboxes, and any applications needed for their job function. This also includes creation of all user profiles for network access, internal and external email.
  • Responsible for remote office site visits for service requests and routine service when needed.
  • Responsible for user relocations when requested.
  • Responsible for training class set up as requested for all company departments. This included audio visual equipment set up if requested by training scheduler.
  • Job function requires a variety of professional and interpersonal skills so as to better enlighten the user community to better utilize there desktops.
  • Troubleshooting of web based applications on a wide variety depending on web site trying to be access and the particular problem being encountered.
  • Provided internet access when requested to users by connection to network accessible ports set up on firewall.


Help Desk Coordinator

  • Provide timely response to all service requests submitted to the ITS department via Track It system. Request entered and monitored are from all areas of the company and are resolved and closed as quickly as possible.
  • Provide on-line and or telephone resolutions to users for various problems and requests submitted. Problem varied from O/S problems, printer related issues, networking, e-mail and software and hardware issues.
  • As requests are received, assign to department technicians for timely resolutions and or scheduling based upon their current workload.
  • When needed provided assistance in all aspects of company system upgrades and software and hardware installations.
  • Performed all aspects of Help desk and Desktop support when technicians were absent or responding to remote office visits.
  • Provided documentation for department Policy and Procedure implementation due to Help Desk department development.

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