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Customer Service Help Desk Resume

Little Rock, AR

Computer Technician


Computer support technician with over fifteen years experience providing technical assistance to business and home users. Skilled at troubleshooting and fixing problems while minimizing customer stress levels. Certified by CompTIA and Dell.


  • Desktop Systems
  • Laptops
  • Support Techniques
  • Training
  • Customer Service
  • System Maintenance
  • Help Desk Operations
  • Diagnostics


Customer Service Help Desk Confidential, Little Rock, Ar 2009 to Present Responsible for receiving calls from new and established DSL customers. Assisting new customers with hooking up their equipment and talking them thru the registration process. Also responsible for troubleshooting of customer issues and establishing a means for correcting the issue(s) in a timely manner. Assisting with basic configuration of mail programs. Assisting with troubleshooting of connectivity issues between computer(s), attached equipment, and communications equipment.

  • Demonstrated high quality, results-driven, prompt, and professional customer service and support to instill confidence in technical advice and directions.
  • Developed process for accessing the Motorola modem when the access label is unreadable.

Field Service Representative Confidential, Little Rock, Ar 1994 to 2009 Responsible for installing, maintenance, and diagnosing of problems of HUGHES NETWORK SYSTEM Personal Earth Stations (PES), MOTOROLA/VANGUARD communication equipment, and various computer and printer systems ( including IBM, Sony, Toshiba, and Dell ) around the state of Arkansas which included upgrading all assigned equipment and ensuring equipment was current in operational software. Required to assist customer over the phone when on-site visits could not be made.

  • Was only HUGHES technician in state of Arkansas.
  • Developed process for testing transmission cables which reduced system downtime
  • Was only Motorola/Vanguard technician in state to cover 150 plus customers.

SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS Confidential 1984 to 1994

Held General Manager position at major communications facilities supervising 60 individuals. Senior Supervisor/Site Project manager which required supervision of all incoming projects to ensure on-time start, progression, completion, and Quality Control. Supervisor of site Operations and Maintenance, Site Security, and Small Computer Security and repairs. Developed Maintenance/Job record keeping procedures that ensured accurate system/equipment records for history purposes. Operated various Satellite Communications systems using a variety of modulation schemes. Developed training procedures on station operations to permit newly assigned individuals to become station qualified in less than30 days. Was selected to manage a deployed Satellite Communications Station in support of Desert Storm. Supervisor of Job Control at forward location requiring accurate record keeping and timely dispatch of Maintenance Personnel. Established and developed a training system that permitted individuals not technically qualified on deployed system to become qualified in less than 30 days. Developed maintenance and training procedures for deployed and home base personnel on computers that kept assets in operational condition resulting in minimal outages and saved asset funding.

  • Developed computer repair procedures that kept base computers at deployed base operational preventing the loss of computer assets that had to be returned to the parent base for repair which took the system out of operation for 30 plus days.
  • Developed deployed Job Control office which resulted in better control/tracking of system outages and repairs of base telecommunications system.
  • Developed training and repair procedures for newly assigned systems at facility.
  • Developed unit supply procedures to ensure a greater than 98 percent availability of all required parts were on hand.

FIRE PROTECTION Confidential 1974 to 1984 Held positions of Handlineman, Driver, Rescuemen, Alarm Room (Dispatch) Operator, Supervisor of Alarm Room, Assistant Chief of Training, Assistant Fire Chief, Fire Department Supply Supervisor, and Assistant Supervisor of Mobility. Performed refresher training to Fire Fighter personnel. Maintained personnel records, equipment maintenance records, and mobility deployment records. Performed facility fire hazard inspections, and maintained facility inspection records. Trained base populace on Fire Safety. Maintained Fire Fighting Equipment in working condition.

  • Developed record process for ensuring 100 percent accurate reports of available parts.
  • Developed training procedures for training base personnel on basic fire fighting procedures.
  • Developed training procedures for new personnel working the Alarm Center which resulted in minimum qualification time required.
  • Was responsible for recommending and evaluating of new fire fighting equipment at the base level and command level.
  • Developed new equipment testing procedures for ensuring all new parts met National Fire Protection Codes and Specifications.


CompTIA A+ Certified Service Professional Dell DCSE ASSOCIATE DESKTOPS V3 V4

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