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Support Tech Resume


Software Skills: Installing and updating client and server operating systems, wiping hard drives, installing images of operating systems, Office 365 (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook), Active Directory (installing, configuring), Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, Skype, Antivirus and Malware management (Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, McAfee, Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG, Symantec, Malwarebytes, and various other malware programs). Modify advanced configurations in the BIOS settings. Ability to learn fast and troubleshoot new software.

Programming Skills: Cisco Switches, firewalls, and Routers, some moderate (beginner) experience with Android app programming and Visual Basic, PowerShell, moderate database experience.

People Skills: Leader of group class projects; team member motivator, disciplined; dedicated; on - time; quick learner, passion for technology and computers, can lead projects in an organized manner and give great customer service to our clients. Communicate with the group the goals for projects as well as how to accomplish the tasks to achieve those goals, advised colleagues on solutions to problematic network situations or undesirable setups, helped others better understand concepts. Worked with diverse colleagues (different ethnicities, religious and sexual preference backgrounds, etc.). Strive to understand a client’s situation to address the issue(s), ask questions to get a better understanding as well as calm an angry client, and determine whether the problem requires escalation to a higher support tier. Ability to listen to others and collaborate, as well as outline the pieces a project requires. Ability to give advice when requested; assist with proofreading, writing, and drafting documents, fliers, advertisements, etc.

Technical skills: Setting up networks using Cisco including access lists, frame relay, GRE tunnels, and inter-VLAN routing, Troubleshooting network issues, Experience with Windows PowerShell, spreadsheets, and databases, Active Directory, experience with Windows Firewall to allow or deny certain ports to utilize a particular protocol (such as Telnet, DHCP, NTP), setting up printers and printing services, desktop computer repair (such as replacing RAM, Processors, DVD drive, fans, cooling systems, PCIe cards, motherboards, HDDs, and non-functioning power supply units).


Support Tech



  • Computer troubleshooting/repair/image/disposal, phone repair/troubleshooting, printers repair/troubleshooting, projectors troubleshooting/repair, classrooms repair/troubleshooting, network troubleshooting/repair, virus troubleshooting, prioritization of tickets if applicable, projects with co-workers, customer service experience, answering phone experience, creating tickets, creating documentation, heating up/ activating/ turning on network ports, punch cable, imaging computers, and installing new equipment)

Helpdesk Assistant



  • Turning on classroom computers, cleaning and disinfecting high traffic items (keyboards, mouse, screen), assisting students with questions and issues they might incur while using services (computer, internet, programs, printers), scanning computers for viruses, installing updates when necessary, assisting students with signing in.

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