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Help Desk Resume Profile

  • Technology Summary: SSH, SSL, Digital Certificates, Anti-Virus Tools Norton, Symantec, Ghost, etc. , VMWare, Unix-Based Systems Solaris, Linux, BSD , Windows all , LANs, WANs, VPNs, Routers, Firewalls, TCP/IP, Exchange, Sendmail, MS Office Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, Bash Scripting, Batch Scripting, some Python, Visual Basic, Basic
  • Key Skills: Network System Security, Risk Management, Network Topologies, System Monitoring, Regulatory Compliance, System Integration Planning, Multitier Network Architectures, Computer Diagnostics Repair, Computer Diagnostics, Web Design and Development, Virus Removal manual and software based



Technical Support and Help Desk

Helped clients and consumers answer questions and configure computers, laptops, desktops, network issues.



  • Hardware or Software Testing: On a number of projects, setup a VM t test the beta build and report back any bugs. That was with Mageia 4 Alpha and Beta 1, Chome OS Development t utilizes a Linux install that coexists with Chrome OS and uses the Chrome OS kernel for hardware compatibility.
  • Many of these projects involved testing the install in different settings. For example, as a day t day basic use and report any bugs. Then as a server, and report any bugs. One bug that comes t mind was one of the kernel updates pointed t a x86 dependency that was not compatible with the x64 based kernel and proprietary modules installed. The work around for this was t manually install the needed rpms and force install the rpm that was requesting the dependency in question. Another issue that was not limited t the alpha builds or beta builds, was that from 12am-1am in the morning, the ibibli repository would become unavailable. The issue is caused by the server side maintenance resulting in the directory storing the rpms being taken offline for a few hours at night.
  • Performed extensive work in keeping compatibility with older applications that use OSS or ALSA instead of working with PulseAudi in Linux. This has helped me t come up with some unique script modifications or aoss and padsp t support 64bit and 32bit applications.
  • Linux Kernal Development: Development from kernel version 2.6.0 t 2.6.9, pre kernel modules.compiled the mb525 kernel for mb520 resulting in a 200 MHz overclock from 800MHz t 1 GHz. Currently in active development of the Nexus 7 with customer kernel development for Android 4.4 where the user is able t adjust the frequency of the CPU t either overclock for performance, or underclock for battery life.
  • Bash Development: Assisted in the development and launch of a multi-tier script for automated, cron, and rsync backup maintenance. Als created a multi-tier script for a project where users could implement their own script in a subset of menus using dialog in zenity.
  • Server Setup: Setup and maintained a number of file servers, web servers, and email servers for personal and small business use. The servers where wuftp, apache, sendmail, and nfs based. On the
  • NT side, using Exchange and Active Directory.
  • The Linux Corner: Creator of The Linux Corner, a site for novices and experts alike t learn from and find new ways t utilize their Linux system.
  • Infrastructure: Knowledgeable in comprehensive security infrastructure upgrades e.g., firewall/VPN upgrades intrusion detection, topologies and remote management .
  • Risk Management: Evaluation in risk assessments. And implementation of networked communications across wide area networks.

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