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Help Desk/system Analyst Resume Profile

Herndon, VA


IT Specialist System Analyst


  • Experience performing tasks that support applications developers' production release projects.
  • Experience performing analysis to identify and take corrective actions for areas that affect batch production operations.
  • Experience using Job Control Language JCL , Time Sharing Option Extended TSO/E , Interactive System Productivity Facility/Program Development Facility ISPF/PDF and z/OS utilities.
  • Experience working with production applications involving mainframe and distributed systems.
  • Analyzes existing modes of data center multi-platform batch operations, develops and selects alternatives, and implements changes to enhance data center productivity.
  • Represents the component at meetings with representatives of other components within SSA regarding the planning for new/revised workloads.
  • Prepares and analyzes reports and participates in the implementation for new production workloads and/or procedures.

Help Desk/System Analyst


  • Serve as Tier 2/3 Technical Support professional in support of DCMA contract to provide management of IT assigned systems and applications. Provide cost effective technical support to maintain and improve current voice, data, and video technical operations in hazardous area of operations.
  • Troubleshoot and repair LAN issues by applying advanced IT principles, ping, traceroute, nslookup and other networking tools in assigned specialty area. Maintain, configure, troubleshoot, monitor, and repair Cisco switches using SecureCRT switch access and Riverbed CMC.
  • Confers with staff, users, and management to determine requirements for new systems or modifications.
  • Perform troubleshooting of physical layer connectivity by using Fluke Networks Toners and Testers to configure end to end computer connectivity by fault detection, isolation, and correction on network cable infrastructure.
  • Respond to telephone, electronic mail, and/or walk-in requests in support of the Tikrit ITT Service Desk and ADPE Computer Imaging Office ensure all computer imaging are performed within local policies/procedures.
  • Perform System Administrator tasks using VMware 5.0 perform computer Baselines with Ghost Cast Server.
  • Utilizes Configuration Manager Deployment Tool to ensure all systems are up-to-date with the most current and effective software patches ensure all work activities are in compliance with local policies.
  • Perform Retina Scans and Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert IAVA and install required security updates on network connected devices in compliance with AR 25-2 policies, controls and regulations.
  • Perform first line diagnostics on customer workstations and telephones elevate the problem to appropriate departments, if necessary.
  • Perform network and desktop virus detection to counter/eliminate/control detect, contain and eliminate virus infestations in compliance with IA policies and procedures.
  • Coordinate installation, test, and evaluation of computers, Cisco IP phones, printers and related peripherals on network infrastructure according to IA AR 25-2 policies, controls and regulations.
  • Create user accounts for US Military, Coalition Forces, Office of Security Cooperation Iraq, and MRAP personnel arriving in Iraq/Afghanistan/Kuwait. Maintain security of user access in Active Directory Services.
  • Maintain DHCP Scopes and setup TCP/IP addressing scheme for connected devices.
  • Configure Image Station and provide proper and accurate operational baselines for assigned computer systems in compliance with IA policies and procedures.
  • Control Service Desk functions and reports. Use Remedy 7.1 to track work load.
  • Utilize Remote Desktop Protocol RDP or other remote tools to provide technical support over telephone or in person.
  • Apply depth of knowledge while troubleshooting, installing, and repairing computer systems, IP phone systems, printers and related peripherals for telecommunications systems and infrastructure.
  • Apply depth of knowledge of system operations of telecommunications systems and infrastructure to perform repair analysis, and quality assurance techniques to meet client objectives per military and I3MP standards.
  • Able to work in high demand and rapidly changing conditions able to handle adversity and maintain effectiveness with minimal to no supervision.
  • Maintain advanced knowledge of IT principles, concepts, and methods and skill in applying them.
  • Maintain Defense Contract Management Agency equipment inventory using Advanced Procurement Suite APS .
  • LAN Administration: Manage user accounts, groups printers control access rights using Active Directory.

Senior PKI Helpdesk Engineer


  • Served as Tier 2/3 PKI Technical Support professional in support of NETCOM CAC/PKI Help Desk contract to provide management of IT assigned systems and applications. Provide cost effective technical support to maintain and improve PKI systems.
  • Assisted users and SAs with Citrix and VPN CCL in support of Army's Accelerated PKI Implementation Phase II assisted SAs with CAC enabling of servers such as Apache and IIS.
  • Led seven RA personnel Service Desk Team and documented work load into Remedy tracking system.
  • Performed Key Recovery Agent and assisted DOD System Administrators with implementing, troubleshooting, and updating of Tumbleweed, Middleware, and other items for PKI validation chain.
  • Assisted customers in answering PKI Policy related questions as it pertained to what is or is not allowed on the Army Network by quoting from HSPD-12, DOD PKI, DOD smartcard, Certificate Management, and Wireless and PDA and other IA policies. I understand DOD PKI Technologies X.509.
  • Received DISA Training for PKI Registration Authority in support of the certificate registration and revocation processes. I assisted customers with data input and processes for CCL using the Automated Name Provisioning Tool ANPT . I identified/resolved problems and/or redirected customers to other resources if necessary.
  • Performed research of knowledge bases, technical guides and/or BBPs collaborated with ActivIdentity and fellow PKI Engineers if necessary and/or escalated problem to the PKI Test Evaluation Engineers for further assistance. Provided assistance with products fielded by Army CIO/G-6 Cyber Directorate. Performed PKI Services CAC PIN Reset Silanis ApproveIt Desktop troubleshooting Blackberry troubleshooting. Assisted users and System Administrators with ActivClient Middleware installs Cryptographic CAC CCL /Alternate Token ASCL logons both locally and remotely by troubleshooting, identifying, and remediating logon and installation issues.
  • Provided PKI Certificates and Logon Tokens and assisted in the Implementation of the DOD Contractor Verification System CVS . Provided user support with Personal Identity Verification PIV Logon Policies.
  • Maintained proficient technical skills for performing tests and evaluations of new or upgraded hardware and software over Wide Area Network WAN or Local Area Network LAN to include security, system cutover, reliability and recoverability, maintenance and performance testing.

Desktop Support Analyst


  • Serve as Tier 2 Technical Support professional in support of ITA IMCEN contract to provide management of IT assigned systems and applications. Provide cost effective technical support to maintain and improve current voice, data, and video technical operations in hazardous area of operations.
  • Designed, evaluated, and tested networks and network infrastructure in accordance with IA policies, controls, and regulations.
  • Performed diagnostics and troubleshooting of system issues, documented help desk tickets/resolutions and maintained equipment inventory lists. Performed Blackberry installation and troubleshooting Performed network and desktop based detection of viruses to counter/eliminate/control detected, contained, and eliminated virus infestations in compliance with IA policies and procedures.
  • Provided general technical support for network dial in/remote access systems. Evaluated hardware, firmware, peripherals, software packages, etc., for use by staff and provided recommendations to accomplish the desired objectives.
  • Repaired computer hardware systems, individual components, and cable infrastructure by detecting faults using isolation techniques to repair.
  • Perform fault detection, isolation, and correction of hardware systems and individual components or cable infrastructure. Utilize Remote Desktop Protocol RDP or other remote tools to provide technical support over telephone or in person. Performed set-up, break-down, and transport of agency equipment on an as-needed basis.
  • Performed research to ensure technical safeguards were maintained to provide controlled user access, integrity of electronic mail, applications and user data. Provided technical support on operating system OS , network mapping, Microsoft Office and computer hardware.

Help Desk Support


  • Provided PC/Helpdesk support log events, inquiries, and requests from internal 1000 users by phone and email .
  • Provided initial troubleshooting/resolution of problems. Manage problem, solution documentation, and call escalation. Utilize strong communication and interpersonal skills assisting customers in problem resolution.
  • Utilized knowledge of a variety of PC applications software and Operating Systems such as: Microsoft Office Suite Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook , I2MS, Active Directory, Exchange Server, Remedy, and Cactis , HP Openview, Windows XP/2000/NT, in support of customers.
  • Maintained proficient technical skills for troubleshooting hardware, software, Wide Area Network WAN , and Local Area Network LAN problems including security, domain joining, installations, upgrades, user account management/creation, printer installs, and password resets.

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