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Project Implantation Specialist Resume Profile

Hanover, MD

Technical Skills:

Help Desk

  • Ticketing
  • Troubleshooting via phone, email and internet

Microsoft Windows Pro/Server/XP, MVS via Workbench , DOS

  • Installation, configuration, troubleshooting
  • Microsoft: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Windows Server 2003 2008, administration and implementation

  • Active Directory design and maintenance, use of migration tools ADMT and Group Policy
  • Maintaining Windows 2003 2008 directory services, infrastructure, and services
  • Planning and maintaining Windows 2003 2008 network infrastructure, security, integrity, and environment
  • Internet Security and Acceleration ISA
  • Configuring DNS, DHCP, Dynamic DHCP, and Routing

Network design and administration

  • Troubleshooting network connectivity
  • Backup implementation and integrity
  • Assuring network confidentiality, integrity, and availability through physical, software, and hardware security
  • Installation and configuration of LAN/WAN, routers, switches, hubs, firewalls
  • Applying WINS and TCP/IP static and DHCP protocols to new and existing networks


  • JCL, TSO, ISPF, Quickjob, Vision: Report, Crystal Reports, Vantive, Write Now, Siebel, Apropos
  • SPFPC, MVS Workbench, Lotus, WordPerfect, FileMaker


  • COBOL II, MicroFocus COBOL, Visual Basic, C, Natural, SQR, SQL

Relevant Experience:


Project Implantation Specialist

  • Migrated Windows 2003 servers to Windows 2008.
  • Imaged Server using onsite DVD using Dell's Dell Remote Access Card DRAC
  • Performed DC Promo down as well as DC Promo up after migration.
  • Configured DFS as well as installed several applications.
  • Configured disk drives, UPS backups, user permissions.
  • Assisted onsite technicians with issues and features.


IT Manager

  • Created usernames and reset passwords using Active Directory. Reset user passwords for online system.
  • Maintained network for 650 students and 25 staff members. Wired 2 additional rooms for network connectivity.
  • Maintained computers through hands on repair. Replaced defective parts and performed troubleshooting when computer or network was not functioning. Diagnosed loop caused by a student and implemented a plan to prevent future problems.
  • Ordered computer components and networking components. Worked with vendors to obtain RMAs for defective products. School grew from using 6 classrooms to 12 in 3 months.
  • Advised students on troubleshooting their personal computers and networks. Performed troubleshooting on student machines when the student could not determine the problem.
  • Developed new file server to replace outdated machine. Created new file servers for each classroom for instructors and student use. This helped free up bandwidth from the students surfing.
  • Verified and reconnected uplink server to corporate network. Modified ISA 2004 server to prevent students from excessive downloading.
  • Created new Windows 7 builds 32 and 64 bit for 150 machines using 15 different motherboards. Builds used both Intel and AMD chipsets. Rollout was completed during times which allowed students and staff to work interrupted.
  • Added additional extension in Tribox for IP phones. Set redirection of incoming phone calls to different groups to allow the first available admission representative to receive the call.
  • Performed server updates as needed. Cleaned up disk space from old users by archiving their data.
  • Managed 4 interns in performing updates and cleanup of student machines.


Technical Support Representative

  • Handle inbound technical support calls and emails using Vantive, Write Now and Apropos.
  • Performed tier 2 duties including working with knowledge base articles and researching issues.
  • Performed manager duties including calming irate callers while explaining company policies and generating reports.
  • Worked designing and testing database solutions in both Windows and Macintosh.
  • Resolve issues, overall handle time, and precisely documented all steps taken during calls.
  • Troubleshoot including network, permission and software related issues for technical as well as non technical users.
  • Work with Windows, Novell, and Macintosh workstations and servers.
  • Analyze problems ranging from installations to database corruption and scripting errors.
  • Provide customer assistance with installing software and troubleshooting other technical issues for customers with various software solutions.


Junior Trainer

  • Educate the student body in preparation for Microsoft certification through labs, network builds, course curriculum and hands on training.
  • Assist student body with course material including installing and troubleshooting Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and ISA Internet Security Accelerator .
  • Assist MCT with material preparation and classroom network technical support.
  • Administer, test and support Microsoft practice labs prior to student participation.
  • Test, troubleshoot and repair classroom computer equipment per instructor request.


  • Promoted twice in 5 months.
  • Promoted to handle chat room tickets in less than 2 months and handle tier 2 responsibilities in less than 4 months.
  • After transferring departments was considered for tier 2 position with only 3 months of product knowledge.
  • Taught small groups a leadership class and also taught small groups basic and intermediate computer usage.



  • Created reports using Crystal Reports 5 to aide vehicle fleet managers control, track and evaluate fuel and maintenance spending.
  • Transitioned reports to run automatically using SQR.



  • Performed analysis and added a new report for an existing system. This system was written in Natural.
  • Designed and coded a new program to report the month end trade fee totals to be transmitted to another processing agent. This system was written in COBOL.



  • Performed analysis of Visual Basic 3, 4, and 5 as well as C, and Clarion code to determine Y2K date impacted areas.
  • Modified non compliant code and unit tested those applications to ensure all needed changes were made.



  • Provided support for Y2K compliance of programs running Quickjob Version 14.
  • Analyzed and coded changes from version 14 to Y2K compliant Version 15 also known as Vision: Report to enable the programs to perform as they did under the older version.



  • Performed Year 2000 remediation and testing to include: expanding date fields in existing datasets, and writing code.
  • Changed existing programs in both COBOL and Natural to write or read a date in an 8 digit format. Gained valuable experience in testing of reports and datasets to insure that all needed changes were made. Used windowing and file expansion techniques.



  • Wrote COBOL programs to assist in the transition from hand tabulating data to computer assisted reporting.
  • Added features to existing programs via MicroFocus COBOL.

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