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Helpdesk Support Resume


Independent self motivated providing thorough skillful computer support Motivated with Efficient work habits, Excellent diagnosis & repair skills Wide range IT experience acquired in 15 years Strong desire to acquire new technical skills


Customer Service, Support, Helpdesk Phone Support, Breakfix,

Wipe Legacy drives, Duplicate drives from image, Windows 7 upgrade deployment, Test & Compare 3 scanners for the court users, Fixed Sysprep Issue due to a temporary profile, deleted temporary profile From Reg profile list, created bat to auto remove a folder that contained malware & Trojan, Created a procedure How to create a MS windows system manager AIK answer file to create a unattended Sysprep & image, flash PC s To current Bios, remove drives from laptop to prep for imaging, light help desk, map & routing Win 7 upgrades into County clusters, Light Help Desk. Wipe & clone drives. Tested and created a procedure to update the bios removing a RAID 1 dual 160gb to a single 500gb drive on Dell 755 due to Raid detection error on drives lager then 160gb

Tek Systems

Wipe Legacy drives, install Windows 7, Office 2010, update and install Windows, McAfee agents, Proxy, IBM Services & other necessary software update Windows, create & restore PC, Laptops via Clonezilla, Run SYS Prep, Rename, join domain, Add user as admin. Add printers, install extra software. Help desk.


Position: Support Level II

Admin support, Computer, Domain user management, Active directory Create & Restore Ghost images, System Center Management, McAfee EPO Management, PgP encryption Management, Windows & software Management SLA Customer Support center level 2, GIS mapping resolution Configured, managed, local, network printers, Configure Outlook 03 10. Restore, Import, export .PST Inventoried & asset ID Equipment, destroy Legacy drives, Monitor Websense activity


Position: Support Level II

Lenovo, Eclaim Warranty Repair. Desktop, Laptop. Break fix, HP, DELL, Gateway PC s & Install, Configure outlook, 03 07. Windows server 2003 Computer, Domain user management, Active directory, configure DHCP & SQL. Production Ghost cast server Desktop, Laptop. Create, restore Ghost image. Build, update, configure, repair, NYS IBM servers. Data retrieval. Whacovia, Golub Configure, repair Cisco routers, switches. Via CRT Replace IOS via USB, FTP, TFTP PC Production Configure, Join, Hand held devices, wireless routers & access points Create, edit multi boot disks USB, CD, DVD, Create, ISO. Helpdesk support Counter terrorist alert equipment 4 hour SLA time, Breakfix, image, configure, diagnose, helpdesk support, Adidas, Reebok, Rockport POS equipment

IT Remedies

Position: Engineer Support

Admin support, Computer management, active directory, Novell Group wise, TCP/IP, DHCP protocol. Repair Win soc, Configure, Join Hand held devices, routers, switches, wireless routers & access points Install, Configure outlook 03 07. Restore, import, export .PST Data migration, Backup PC s, Server

Consulting Projects

GE Health care Osmosis data migration Social Security PC data migration JcPenny POS install Regal Cinema install easy pass debit / credit card readers Mikasa PC DSL installation ADT PC install data migration Key bank install and configure new server upgrade remove Legacy server WalMart software upgrade signature pad / debit reader Citi Financial router DSL install Home Mortgage DSL router Citizens Bank PC branch Server conversion



PC, Server, Printers, mobile, pager & phone Support. Windows 98 XP receive or create help Call ticket support, diagnose ticket. Remote Desktop, hyena, VPN Managed Symantec 10.01 and live updates. Quarantined, removed /manually removed virus & Mal ware Installed & Monitor users Access via surf control. Upgrade PC s, diagnosed, replaced hardware. Windows management, Managed application, programs. Configured exchange server, Import .pst, Configure proxy to host web access. Directed web mail path for VPN users, Configured, reset Linksys router, Active directory. Users, accounts, groups, Management, Inventoried & asset ID Equipment, Managed, upgraded. mobile & pagers.Voice mail, Phone system. management. Created, clients. Business cards. Configured, managed, local, network printers




PC, Server, Printer & phone Support. Windows 3.1 98 NT 2000 2003 server XP configured. Cleared Novell client 4.91login errors. GroupWise 6.5 mail. Diagnosed, replaced PC components. Submitted. RMA. Warranty. Replaced corrupted windows 98 boot INI files. Removed spyware, virus, corrupted files clean registry. Reinstalled, configured servers & Windows patches, updates, client applications. Citrix, oracle, VPN, impact. Managed users, active directory. Configure networks, domain & administrator accounts, local & network printers. Replaced printer consumables. Placed call ticket for non consumable parts. Backed up PCs on ghost server. Ran Veritas tape back up on downtime server. Stored applications and files on server Scanned photos and converted to .doc file Participated in lean program re organize workspace appearance and function. Team Lead, surveyed Temporary server location. Connected Boxhill tape drive to Nextgen 4.0 server. Installed UPS, KVM, Patched connections. Verified Assets, Set aside 5% overage PC s Updated IC with Comm. Room measurements. Inspected legacy server. Server survey matched with BIP. Reviewed deployment responsibilities of correct Assets & user Worksheet. 1st shift arrival New PCs distributed with floor seating plan. Branch turned over to TP & HP. 2nd shift arrival. Deployed new workstations. Verified PCs not powered up. Labeled server patch connections. Removed legacy UPS tape drive FDS KVM, switch NC/NT servers. Installed Nextgen server Reinstalled network connections. Server validation. Released 1st shift after workstation completion returned 5% spare PC s Attached RMA Labels. Performed final system check. Confirmed branch server & workstations status. Assisted with issues. Prepared legacy equipment for pick up. Survey of Comm room after upgrade completion. Completed RI Worksheet. Advised SA. Branch operation is complete. completed Site acceptance form Verified branch upgrade closure. Forwarded docs & photos site, flat file. Containing deployed legacy equipment & Assets. Recorded Operating system, IPconfig DNS domain names, mapped drives. Printers share and printer names configuration information from legacy PC Created a backup folder on the network drive. Copied user s existing Files desktop my Doc s favorites bookmarks lmhost. Removed old PCs. Installed new PCs. Setup. Configured Windows XP Pro DNS settings. Copied and installed lmhost rename computer. Configured. Domain, Administrator accounts. Add users and groups, re mapped network drives. Installed local and network printers with share option. Configured Outlook 2004. Created Microsoft exchange server mail account Configured domain name user account. Redirected MS office & .PST files Restored bookmarks favorites Doc s. Installed Windows Critical updates. Tested all apps printers network E mail.



hardware, software. Contract warranty HP Dell Gateway IBM PCs Laptop HP Lexmark Xerox and passbook printes. Repaired to OEM condition. Managed Windows, applications. Managed. domain, administrator accounts. Removed spy ware. Flashed bios. Contacted customers to diagnose & verify Issues. Made appointments to meet 4 hour SLA time for State & Nimo contracts. Loaner PC s / Printers issued to fulfill obligation. Supported Professional offices. Diagnosed, ordered or researched vender serial / part numbers Contacted customers upon Parts arrival. Estimated repair time. Installed, repaired onsite, in shop Desktop, Laptop components. Repaired, replaced printer components, kits to obtain OEM condition. Cleared, reset codes. Configured, DHCP, TCP/IP and printer settings. Maintained inventory parts list and replenished parts used. Received, returned defective parts for RMA warranties. Managed time, mileage, work request, call tickets.

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