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Software Developer Resume

Sacaton, Az



Software Developer

Contracted to Hewlett Packard to support a Veteran's Administration (VA) VistA File Maintenance contract. Using Windows 7 Professional and connecting via VA Virtual Private Network (VPN);

  • (experience and working knowledge of Remedy Ticket Application) - assessed tickets assigned to myself or the Team by Second Tier VA Help Desk personnel.
  • called/eMailed Tier two/Primary users with questions related to procedures used during application failure
  • (expert knowledge and working experience with Secure SHell (SSH) ) - made network connections to Test environment to view program code in question. Read through the code to evaluate the logic of the process and understand how it might fail
  • when possible, executed the Menu Options which lead to the questionable application code in a test environment following the same procedures as used by VA staff user in an attempt to recreate the failure
  • (knowledge and working experience using Sharepoint) - referred to sharepoint Team folder and VA FORUM for latest Lab 5-2 Patch release to ensure site computer system is up to date with Patch installs
  • (knowledge and working experience with CPRS) - installed CPRS desktop/client onto Windows 7, GFE - (extensive knowledge and experience with InterSystems Cache) - for access to InterSystem Cache Namespaces through predefined IP ports


Senior Developer

Contracted to 7Delta to modify The Veteran's Administration (VA), Fee Basis billing application.

  • applied InterSystems Cache, MUMPs and - (extensive experience and working knowledge with FileMan) - VA FileMan to the Fee Basis application patch
  • reviewed the procedural documents and translated requirements to actual code requirements
  • although not part of my job description, helped Team with documenting Test Phases, Expected Results, elements of the application impacted by proposed changes and installation/testing instructions for Site Administrator


Cache/MUMPs Software Developer

As an HP employee, worked with The Team on Department of Defense (DoD) clinical application contract;

  • investigated strategies for fixing/updating - (working experience with AHLTA and extensive working experience and knowledge with CHCS) - the AHLTA/CHCS clinical application
  • Mumps programming routines enumerated for documenting changes and noting which routines would be affected
  • team SME maintained control of all aspects of project and involved remaining Team members as needed
  • the number of meetings and the number of “players” involved eventually put the project on perpetual “HOLD” and on 24-Dec (of the same year), the DoD POC informed the HP POC of the immediate cancellation of the contract

Confidential, Sacaton, Az.

Database Administrator

Maintain and Administer the RPMS databases on the AIX/InterSystems Cache platform;

  • (extensive knowledge and working experience with IBM AIX P-Series Servers) - helped staff increase productivity from the AIX Servers which support the RPMS clinical application
  • (knowledge and working experience with InterSystems Cache System Portal) - Administration of InterSystem Cache System, investigated Mumps error trap messages for cause and solutions
  • analyze/assess AIX systems for:
  • security issues
  • redundant files
  • improper ownership settings
  • "dead" authorization accounts
  • unnecessary applications
  • effective setup of system auditing tools
  • set up seamless log in process to initiate secure/authenticated access;
  • user logs into AIX individual account
  • (experience and working knowledge of Bourne Again Shell (BaSH) scripting) - BaSH script initiates secure access to InterSystems Cache account
  • (experience and working knowledge of Cache User Accounts) - user's Cache account executes routine to “silently” give access to the RPMS application; thus ensuring accountability for each user accessing the application
  • set up auditing of InterSystem Cache System/User environment
  • resolved slow process and dropped process complaints due to insufficient Process Stack size; during Cache application downtime, increased Process Stack memory
  • took advantage of InterSystems Ensemble and InterSystems Deep See development environments installed on AIX Server to study and learn how to use and quantify the applications
  • performed extensive analysis and research on user request for HL7 interface between Lab and Dialysis departments; the findings indicated the interface was not necessary

Landstuhl, Germany

Software Specialists

Support of and modifications to The US Military, Composite Health Care System (CHCS); an InterSystems Cache/Digital Standard MUMPs (DSM) based clinical application;

  • rewrote the existing Out Patient Billing Claim UB92 application to meet the new, UB04 requirements;
  • created a pseudo XML template to plug patient data into appropriately defined fields
  • multiple templates had to be used should the report run longer than a single page
  • stored collected patient data into a temporary global until ready to “write” the data into the templates
  • the templates (as a series of global nodes) was then “printed” into the SPOOL file
  • the SPOOL file would simply become the physically printed document when completed
  • Software Specialist responsibilities involved software;
  • migration
  • updating
  • downloading upgrades
  • documenting installs
  • installing during “downtime” and whenever determined by Confidential Army Supervisors
  • identified and fixed “bugs” in the ETU network interface application
  • resolved trouble tickets for CHCS issues
  • (expert experience and working knowledge of Visio) - developed Visio diagrams to meet the Customer’s need for visual documentation

Confidential, Rockville, MD

Senior Programmer (Sub-contractor)

Sub-contractor assisting SAIC staff in the Department of Defense (DoD), CHCS platform conversion of all national and international MTF sites. Intersystems Cache was replacing Digital Standard MUMPs (DSM). The conversion involved modifications, installation, and removal of MUMPs routines, MUMPs Globals (databases), application menu structures, and device files. Successful HIPAA regulation test were necessary to receive the contract.

Confidential, Durham, NC

Programmer (Independent Contractor)

Worked with site's senior programmer on a project to integrate a newly acquired medical laboratory system into The LabCorp laboratory system. The accessioning schema was the major hurdle, requiring code research and modification for multiple programs to properly handle the different accessioning structures.

A proposed solution was initially dismissed by the site's senior programmer, however, it gained his acceptance when realizing the overwhelming challenge of modifying/testing dozens of routines. The accessioning issue could be resolved by using a “dual-indexed” Global which provided a pointer from a new accession number to the foreign accession number and a reverse pointer from the foreign accession number to the newly generated accession number used in the current laboratory system. This made it possible to enter either system's accessioning number (from either system) and retrieve the corresponding accessioning number to the other accessioning system. This provided an elegant solution as only the initial accessioning program would need modification to look up the correct accession number and pass that to all existing laboratory programs. These programs would not then need to be modified since they already worked within a well organized accessioning system.

Confidential, Winslow, AZ Programmer/System Analyst

Analyzed, developed, and debugged, MUMPs routines in the Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS) utilizing The InterSystems Cache Integrated Development Environment (IDE) on the client side (or “Cache Cube) of InterSystems Cache.

  • Rewrote the RPMS MUMPs Contract Health System (CHS) financial interface application to;
  • improve reliability
  • generate an error report for unknown debits and/or credits
  • designed to address generally accepted bookkeeping standards
  • Analyzed problems with the 835/837 claim interfaces between IHS, the banks, and The State of Arizona
  • installed RPMS patches into the live system
  • assisted RPMS programmers in Albuquerque, NM in debugging their RPMS programs.

Researched and developed services related to security policies for the Management Information System (MIS) department. Implemented and configured the Open Secure Shell (OpenSSH) service on The IBM AIX mainframe to assure secure communications with the client side PuTTY SSH on MS XP Pro workstations. Built a subnet network utilizing iptables to configure the gateway and firewall that would isolate the Test node and Development node on the subnet from the live, main network. A two-homed server running Red Hat Linux 8.0 acted as the gateway between the live network, two AIX test servers running Unix 5.2 (for server/client testing) and Windows XP workstations. Including the PuTTYAgent daemon in this configuration made it possible to eliminate the need for user passwords, telnet, ftp, rsh, rlogin, and rcp.

Handled administrative lead on the hardware and OS resources for the IBM AIX Unix servers: a two-node cluster utilizing HACMP for system fail over. Additionally, installed the AIX OS for an IBM pSeries model 620 (software application test machine), as well as an IBM pSeries model 520 (software development machine.)

Researched, implemented and configured ‘sudo’ on the IBM AIX live system to give users, vendors, and support staff secure, controlled access to certain ‘root’ Unix utilities/tools.

Confidential, Albuquerque, NM Progr ammer/System Analyst

Time spent analyzing and debugging DHCP/RPMS, Micronetics STANDARD Mumps (MSM) programs for DHCP/RPMS applications. Performed system administrative tasks in the environment running under the DEC Operating System. Automated MSM backup operations using DOS scripting and WinZip v8.0 for compressing the backup to disk. Assisted in the analysis and conversion of existing MSM routines to The InterSystems Cache IDE. Helped customers with their problem calls (Technical Help Desk) on a daily basis. Implemented and tested the S.A.I.C. Generic Interface System (GIS) written in MUMPs; used for setting up and maintaining input/output interfaces to the OS. Also developed MUMPs patch kits for DHCP/RPMS, Admit, Discharge, Transfer package (ADT)

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