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Materials Specialist Resume

York, PA


  • Diverse experience in multiple fields; administrative, customer care/service, warehouse, forklift, home care aide, and employee training.


Confidential, York, PA

Materials Specialist

  • Worked in the Inbound Department; cross trained to also work in floor sort, crane storage, and IPC trucking.
  • Operated safely a stand - up reach & regular stand-up forklift, sit down forklift, and high rise crane.
  • Maintained a clean work area, recorded daily actions done and areas assigned to work in throughout the shift.
  • Documented and reported damaged material.
  • Operated computer terminal to search and verify material area of storage or destination.
  • Used a RF hand held to store material in crane area and to identify material in floor sort area for consolidation to storage.
  • Unloaded trucks for inbound IPC area sorted and marked the material for distribution down processing lanes, moved the material to appropriate staging areas for storage.

Confidential, New Cumberland, PA

Supply Technician

  • Handled and resolved discrepancies with inbound material.
  • Obtained workload via Microsoft Office, incoming faxes, incoming telephone requests, and warehouse discrepancies.
  • Made systemic adjustments in DSS (Distribution Supply System) when errors were found.
  • Physically and visually verified contractual data, markings, and inspected material received, identifying any damage found, submitting reports of findings, and correcting if any issues.
  • Determined the appropriate actions to resolve and/or correct the outstanding balance, systemic error, or material damage.
  • Compiled all information for inclusion in research reports and communicate to appropriate departments of the process taken to resolve the error.
  • Gathered data, maintained proper records of my findings.
  • Operated MHE (Material Handling Equipment) to move material. (Included all scooters, CELCO & MASTRO cranes, stand-up, electric/gas powered sit down, stock selector/cherry picker, swing mast, and stand-up reach forklifts).
  • Followed all established policies and procedures in order to provide logistical support throughout the company.
  • Trained and assisted with establishing procedures in processing inbound material and special handling of critical material.
  • Accessed multiple websites to verify orders, shipments, and handling of incoming material.

Confidential, New Cumberland, PA

Materials Examiner & Identifier

  • Examined incoming material from various vendors, redistributed material from other depots, and returns from our customers.
  • Visually and physically inspected and researched the material and paperwork received to ensure condition, packing condition, quantity, and item(s) received.
  • Clarified discrepancies upon receipt and processed system generated notes of damage or issues found in DSS.
  • Sorted and processed the material within DSS assigning appropriate location for storage.
  • Prepared all prescribed standard forms for processing, marking material accordingly, and applied prescribed documents.
  • Operated all MHE to stage material in lanes for consolidation to assigned destinations.
  • Systemic use of multiple automated websites to assist with verification of material received.

Confidential, New Cumberland, PA

Distribution Process Worker

  • Used RF hand held to pick, pack, and sort material.
  • Processed material systemically in DSS and properly labeled material for shipment.
  • Identified material for picking and packing per the MRO (Material Request Orders).
  • Sorted processed packages, verified the shipment address, and staged in proper lane for consolidation for delivery.
  • Operated multiple MHE (Stand-up, sit down, reach, stock selector, and swing mast forklifts).
  • Loaded and unloaded, transported, and re-warehoused material to established locations or storage areas.
  • Stored material into processed storage locations or assigned alternate area for proper storage or material.

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