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Technical Support Engineer Resume

Atlantic City, Nj


Computer/Software Engineer with over 16 years of experience in an industry and government working on electronic and software systems as a technician, programmer, and an engineer. I have worked in Unix/Linux environment that include the design, installation, and operations of a new network system, and development of new software applications for corporate report generation.


Confidential- Atlantic City, NJ

Computer Engineer

Joined Confidential Corporation to support software design, development and modifications for the TCAS project at WJHTC. My support at FAA has included gaining familiarity with the TCAS Monitoring and Airborne Surveillance Systems Certification Support, TCAS Resolution Advisory Monitoring System project (TRAMS), the Fast Track Encounter Generator project (FTEG), and UAS-related projects that involve Sense and Avoid (SAA) Multiple Logic/Algorithm Integration, Method Design, and National Airspace (NAS) Feasibility Studies. Developed a MATLAB GUI application used in data analysis, verification and research of TRAMS data on Linux Fedora platform. Also created software used to analyze different CAS logic results using MATLAB, C/C++, and Awk/Gawk on a Windows platform. Developed a Linux based application used for viewing/editing of the 300 plus cases of the FTEG input parameters. Created and maintains the trams mySQL database, and wrote several scripts and C/C++ programs used for data analysis of the TRAMS data. Wrote multiple manual/procedure documents for the group: Daily Download procedures and Analysis of TRAMS data, Eclipse Software Development Kit’s (SDK) Concurrent Version Software (CVS) manual, Bugzilla bug tracking procedures, directions for Decoding & Sending MITLL TRAMS data, and Eclipse SDK’s user guide to name a3) few. Currently maintains and updates the group’s CVS uploads and in charge of creating the software build reports and bug tracking application. Currently manages the TRAMS website on the AJW-175 server which hosts the CVS, the bug tracking application, and the build reports. Recently developed the Fast-Time Console Application used in the UAS lab - a front-end GUI used to study and research different CAS logics developed by different companies (MIT, Bihrle Applied Research, and FAA), which incorporates different programs and applications like the Active MQ queuing and messaging by Apache, the Target Generation Facility application, several JAVA-based applications, C/C++ programs and bash scripts.

Confidential, Lawrenceville, N J

Technical Support Engineer

Completed specialized training as a Confidential Certified Technical Support Engineer. Supported the commissioning, servicing, and validation of Confidential ’s particle size analyzers - an industry leader in the cutting edge micro & nano particle size & shape laser diffraction technology. Provided product on-site field support for customers all throughout the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Handled software and hardware installation, configuration, software servicing and validation of Confidential ’s particle size analyzers to ensure optimal performance. Performed site installation acceptance qualification testing, and operational testing (e.g., operational qualifications). Also supported product qualifications and familiarization training for customers using Confidential ’s equipments. Provided trouble-ticket and phone support to customers on minor software and hardware malfunctions. Configured Confidential ’s Application software (Windox 5) at customers’ sites; installed required databases, patches, drivers, and configuration files. Also installed and configured Confidential ’s Fiber Optic Ethernet card for maximum performance and functionality.

Confidential - Burlington, NJ

Senior Technical Support Operator

Worked in a Linux/UNIX environment managing the company’s corporate sales, inventory and financial reporting systems software. Managed report generation by developing and running software programs and scripts that retrieved and generated the required daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports. These reports include basic statistics including trends, averages and cumulative to date. With promotion to senior technical staff, new job requirement involved supervision of entry level operators.

Confidential, newark, NJ

MIS Computer Consultant /MIS Coordinator Employee

Became an independent computer consultant after working as the company’s Management Information Systems Coordinator. In-charge of the company’s overall computer operations; generated monthly statistical reports, performed software/hardware installations, administration for LAN with 50 workstations in a Windows NT network. Promoted to a supervisory role and oversaw computer training of new employee, supervision of new case managers and interns. Working with another software developer, implemented a new database program for the company’s client in-take software; wrote the queries and reports for the new database to obtain and generate the company’s monthly reports. Changed, configured, and developed the company’s LAN from LANtastic 6.0 to Windows NT; handled the Ethernet and HUB installations, oversaw the wirings and patch panel installations, and installed the cable modem and router for internet access. Maintained and updated the company’s Data Resource database; handled the installation, configuration and testing of software updates of report generation applications to various sites in the Essex and West Hudson Region. Initial work included managing an instructional computer lab for the children.

Confidential, Newark, NJ

Computer Systems Technician

Maintained the company’s LANtastic 6.0 network. Revised and created new program applications to generate monthly statistical reports for the company’s ALPHA4 database. Installed, configured, and helped maintain the company’s classroom facility and children’s computer lab. Developed the company’s homepage; scanned and designed the layout structures and buttons. Worked directly with the MIS Coordinator in installing the company’s Data Resource program application to various remote sites. Supported software and hardware installations and repairs.


Applications: JAVA, C, C++, Matlab, Matlab GUIDE, Matlab Compiler/Simulink Toolbox, CVS (Concurrent Version System), Eclipse SDK, Assembly Language, MySQL, Alpha4, Windox 5 ( Confidential ’s software), GIMP (GNU’s Image Manipulation Program), Dia (Diagram Editor), KDevelop, QT Designer, Octave,, Stella, Kompozer, MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), Bugzilla, Trac, Tcl/TK, Geany, Emacs, UltraEdit, TrueCypyt, awk/gawk, tkCVS, Cervisia, activeMQ, Pascal, Fortran, Basic, Visual Basic, HTML, and OpenSource Office Applications.

Internet/Networking : TCP/IP, ftp, Apache HTTPD, Putty (ssh, Telnet), Samba, Virtual Machines, UDP, Sockets, Lotus Notes, Outlook, pine, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Konqueror, PC Anywhere, and dial-up networking.

Operating Systems : Windows Vista, NT, 7/8/XP/2000/98/95, Windows 3.1/3.11, Unix/Linux (Fedora 7-19, RedHat Enterprise 5, Ubuntu 8, Knoppix, OpenSUSE), and Citrix

Hobbies: Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Table Tennis, Bowling, Volleyball

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