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Help Desk Shift Leader Resume

North Charleston, SC


Confidential, North Charleston, SC

Help Desk Shift Leader

Shift leader for new Epic Software rollout at MUSC in Charleston, SC.

Confidential, Wooster, OH

GIS Mapping Analyst

Extraction and attribution of geospatial government provided information alongside commercial imagery, and panchromatic data. Map creation using polygons, lines, and points to represent visual data. Creation of feature databases per contract specifications. Met and conformed to security protocols. Worked on various special projects. Due to government budget constraints this location was closed.


HSIP - (Homeland Security Infrastructure Program) Quality Control Technician

Verified technical attribute information and plot location through research, phone contact, directions and imagery. Corrected information and location as needed along with updating the technician on information gathering and time saving skills and techniques. Ran methodical dataset information verification reports. Met accuracy and quota responsibilities.


Front Office Clerk - Fort Campbell, KY

Reviewed and edited correspondence prior to release and submissions for signature. Logged, organized, and filed classified documents. Aided in the daily operations post including personnel, weapons, and equipment. Developed and maintained an automated accountability report. Expedited awards acquisition for company personnel.

Production Control Clerk - Confidential, Central America

Maintained complete accountability of all sensitive items, data, and repair history of all aircraft. Uploaded and cross checked repair information from Helicopter Crew Chiefs laptop to central data hub. Repaired and corrected data in central data hub with job specific software. Processed and compiled data for monthly Pentagon report. Provided support aid due to knowledge of Spanish language with post personnel. Completed Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical warfare training. Completed Non-Destructive quality assurance training. Coordinated operations for air support units.

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