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Corporate Accountant Resume

Quincy, IL


Corporate Accountant

Confidential, Quincy, IL

  • Assist in the monthly consolidation process including: entering each division’s income statements and balance sheets, helping with the determination of elimination entries that involve intercompany activity, assist with preparing on top adjusting entries for each division, and calculating the currency exchange impact by division on the cash flow statement.
  • Assist in the creation of the quarterly and annual publications of corporate required reports to the public such as the press release, ABL financials, monthly management book, quarterly board book, 10K, and 10Q in Web Filings.
  • Prepare monthly standard and adjusting journal entries for 17 divisions of Titan International, including divisions with functional currency of Russian Roubles, Euros, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars and US Dollars. Review all accounts payable and receivable journal entries for accuracy and create any adjusting entries as needed through CEA JE Upload into LX or through Smart Link into Masterpiece.
  • Generate monthly financial statements for each division in their functional currencies from F - 9 reporting software or CPM, convert functional local currencies into USD with any adjustments and determine that all balances are accurate.
  • Retrieve budget information from department managers to create each division’s budget on an annual basis and calculate other divisions’ budgets based on our estimate of future income and expenses.
  • Create monthly analysis reports for certain divisions’ income and expense items comparing actual, budgeted, forecasted, rolling twelve months average and prior year totals as well as reporting such information to the department managers.
  • Assist internal and external auditors in their quarterly and annual audits of the divisions and create annual financials for each division’s benefit plans in preparation of the external audit.
  • Verify that all bank reconciliations, intercompany loans, accounts payable aging, and accounts receivable reconciliations are prepared correctly and are in balance.
  • Input any new CIP projects into the main excel tracking sheet as well as add the completed CIP to the fixed asset system (Sage) under the correct method and asset category. Track the monthly depreciation expense and post the journal entries as needed. Dispose or transfer assets as they are no longer needed and book any appropriate gain or loss.

Property Accountant

Confidential, Quincy, IL

  • Process payables daily and prepare batches for check printing ensuring payments are done in a timely manner. Communicate with property manager and management when timelines are foreseen not to be met.
  • Prepare routine and non-routine billings for percentage rent, new tenants, annual recoveries, calendar year billings, and special situations. Ensure timely payment is made on these billings.
  • Ensure monthly rent is collected from all tenants by the due date, communicate with tenants when rent is not presented and communicate with property manager when rent is not paid within guidelines.
  • Prepare annual budget with the property manager and communicate with the property manager when specific budget items are showing an overage.
  • Ensure monthly tenant sales numbers are collected and documented.
  • Prepare latest estimate/forecast reports for the property manager and create the properties’ end of month reports such as monthly fee income reports, summary sales report, and contract/cost analysis.
  • Coordinate regular and timely tenant/landlord audits.
  • Re-classify any errors on the general ledger and post any adjusting entries as needed.
  • Maintain the current master tenant listing and ensure that all tenant files and corporate records are kept up to date.
  • Ensure bank account reconciliations for newly assigned properties are performed monthly.
  • Perform annual reconciliation of common area maintenance, insurance, and real estate tax expenses on each relevant tenant and bill accordingly.


Confidential, Quincy, IL

  • Perform numerous annual audits of not-for-profit and corporate clients. Tasks include the preparation of checklists, audit testing of all trial balance accounts, requesting or creating workpapers and confirmations to support the account balances, create any audit adjustments needed to balance accounts, prepare audited financial statements through CPAS, QuickBooks, Word or Excel, report findings to management, and prepare the tax return if needed.
  • Complete several clients’ annual and interim accounting for compilations. Activities include expensing checks to appropriate accounts, entering assets, liabilities, receipts and expenses into our CPA Software or Quickbooks, preparing the appropriate bank reconciliations to balance cash, inputting new and deleting old assets to calculate the appropriate depreciation, verifying that account balances are accurate and complete, creating adjusting journal entries in order to balance all trial balance accounts, preparing the client’s compiled financial statements via QuickBooks, CPAS, Word, or Excel, and finally completing the tax return if required.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll tax returns and annual property tax returns.
  • Complete annual income tax returns for several individuals, trusts, estates, corporations, s-corporations, partnerships, and not-for-profits. Returns regularly include: 1120, 1120S, 1040, 1041, 1065, & 990’s.


Confidential, Macomb, MI

  • Complete various clients’ annual and interim accounting for both compilations and reviews. Activities may include transferring client transactions from disk or email to update their file in Creative Solutions, QuickBooks, or Peachtree, expensing checks to appropriate accounts, recording all transactions from a client spreadsheet or trial balance to Confidential & Confidential ’s version of the client’s software, completing bank reconciliations, creating or retrieving supporting workpapers to back up the client’s trial balance figures, verifying that account balances are accurate and complete, and creating any adjusting journal entries to balance to all of the general ledger accounts. Work was completed at Confidential & Confidential or at client’s office.
  • Prepare and format interim and annual financial statements of various clients for compilations, reviews and audits. Financial statements are created from QuickBooks, Creative Solutions, Word, and Excel.
  • Prepare annual income tax returns for various individuals, trusts, estates, corporations, S-corporations, partnerships, and non-profits. Returns completed on a regular basis include: 1120, 1120S, 1040, 1041, 1065, and 990’s.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll, sales, and property tax returns. This includes federal and state unemployment returns, federal and state withholding returns, W-3’s, W-2’s, 1096’s, and 1099’s.
  • Conduct annual audits of not-for-profit clients as well as 401k plans. Includes completion of audit checklists, performing various audit testing for all trial balance accounts and delegating some of the work to employees, creating and retrieving the appropriate workpapers and confirmations needed to verify account balances, creating audit adjustments if needed, preparing audited financial statements, and reporting findings to management,
  • Respond to Internal Revenue Service and state notices issued to our clients regarding payroll, sales, personal property, and income tax return problems for businesses and individuals.
  • Enter all receipts and submit all invoices for Confidential & Confidential ’s clients every month as well as send billing statements to clients who have outstanding balances.
  • Close out Confidential & Confidential ’s work in process and accounts receivable balances at year-end.
  • Train all new employees on all of the operations involved in our day to day routines as well as annual audits, compilations, reviews, and returns.

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