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Help Desk Tier 2/ Tier 3  Resume

Edgewood, MD


  • A highly motivated IT Professional and veteran capable of effectively and efficiently multitasking in fast paced technically advanced environments. Demonstrates leadership and decision - making acumen; working in teams to achieve objectives. Enjoys working with clients and troubleshooting technology problems. Is agile, adaptable, and self-motivated with a passion for teaching others. Enjoys learning new skills and taking on challenges. Has demonstrated expertise writing technical reports and documents for military and civilian audiences.
  • As the operator of an advanced computer based weapons system Confidential was responsible for proper setup and configuration of the system, understanding its operation, and troubleshooting malfunctions to a successful resolution. Following established troubleshooting procedures; Confidential utilizes a tracking system that documents the malfunctioning systems event as well as determining the approach for resolution, and recording the resolution and closeout. Confidential has responsibility for coaching and mentoring his team on the proper operation of a windows-based situational awareness simulator system. Through his experience with the Virginia National Guard Confidential has developed the skills to operate in fast paced, dynamic, mission driven environments. Confidential has experience developing and writing standard operating procedures using military and government technical publications as a baseline. Confidential also has experience in writing maintenance reports on equipment that is not operating properly using the technical and maintenance manual for the equipment as a reference. Using military technical and field manuals Confidential is responsible for writing and implementing training plans for new soldiers.


  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Active Directory
  • Windows 7/8 Operating System
  • Solar Winds DameWare
  • Cisco webex
  • Canon uniFLOW
  • Netaphor Site Audit
  • BMC Remedy


Help Desk Tier 2/ Tier 3

Confidential, Edgewood, MD


  • Confidential is a member of a small help desk team supporting more than 1000 user’s across the campus of at the Confidential . Mr Engel has expereince resolving a variety of technical issues ranging from basic PC troubleshooting, including PC boot issues and hardware malfunctions, to more advanced troubleshooting including VPN connection issues and network connectivity issue.
  • Resolving these types of issues requires the interaction with end-users to gather data, perform analysis, and implement steps for resolution.
  • During a typical day, Confidential will work 15-30 user tickets and successfully resolves 90% of issues he analyzes on the same day.
  • Confidential coordinates with both the networking and systems administrators to resolve more complex issues. Confidential regularly interacts with the Cyber Security team to resolve issues involving potential malware/virus infection on a user’s PC or to facilitate the installation of an application that has not yet been approved
  • Not sure what this satement means. When I read it, it sounds like you help install applications that are not supposed to be installed (ie. not approved). -->. Confidential regularly assists the System Administration team with individual machine software patching and validating equipment patch levels using SCCM.

Help Desk Tier 2

Confidential, Edgewood, MD


  • Responsible for the Life Cycle Management of all Confidential user PCs. This includes imaging/ reimaging PCs, installing software the user needs on the new machine as well as deploying and setting up the new PC, installing drivers for personal printers, adding network printers, and setting up the user’s monitors.
  • T2 helpdesk and T3 helpdesk teams in troubleshooting and resolving issues ranging from simple hardware problems such as a monitor that is not working to complicated software/ PC related issues that may require reinstallation of software or a full reimage of the PC also been responsible for the setup of new scientific Lab computers which require very specific configurations and specialty software installed.
  • Assisted the communications team with basic network troubleshooting on the layer 1 level as well basic re-cabling. R
  • Responsible for maintaining accountability of the PC inventory and relaying the status of the inventory to both immediate management as well as the client.
  • tasked by the client on several occasions to use his technical knowledge to provide specifications for specific printers and PCs for certain users that had specialized needs.

Technology Operations Representative

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Confidential as a member of the Technology Solutions and Support team, provides hands-on Level 2 (T2) and Level 3 (T3) network support for a fleet of over 1000 Multi-Function Devices (MFD) and networked printing deviesdevices. Confidential is responsible for delivering end-user training and mentoring/coaching Canon staff members on new Canon MFD technologies and solutions.
  • Confidential has experience installing, configuring, and supporting the Canon uniFLOWUniflow print management and Netaphor Site Audit suite of tools for monitoring the operational status of the MFD/Printer fleet. Confidential is responsible for rapid response to reported operational and performance issues.
  • He is responsible for managing the resources required to successfully resolve reported issues within the bounds of the operational Service Level Agreements (SLA). Confidential interacts on a daily basisdaily with the client, communicating status of trouble tickets, responding to general questions, and providing group and one-on-one training to ensure there complete understanding of the Canon systems. On a monthly basisMonthly, Confidential personally responds to 30 trouble tickets daily,xx hours.
  • Confidential is responsible for deploying new printers and Confidential to the dedicated print servers and ensuring their proper configuration in the uniFLOW print management system. Confidential was also responsible for configuring new Confidential /Printers and adding the appropriate 802.1x certificate prior to deploying the MFD/printer.
  • Confidential is responsible for coordinating with the client IT staff on schedule and risks prior to deploying new Confidential /Printers to ensure the network configurations (e.g. Ethernet ports) for the deployment locations are active and on the correct VLAN.
  • Recently, Confidential played the role of project team lead for a project to upgrade the firmware on 1000 MFD/Printers installed across the Confidential Fleet.

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