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Enterprise Data Architect And Data Manager Resume


I am an accomplished and versatile system professional with considerable experience in information architecture, software architecture and enterprise data management. I have

  • more than two decades of delivering extremely robust and efficient Information Management Solutions, on-time and on-budget.
  • a proven ability to deliver highly comprehensive Master Data Management designs to consolidate data across a wide range of business entities.
  • a long-running record of providing exponential increases in throughput, accuracy and profitability.
  • been an Inspiring leader with an innate understanding of team dynamics and intrapersonal relationships, I build winning teams and that take pride in their accomplishments.
  • an outstanding ability to define business functions as generalized metadata, enabling systems to provide long-term stability and reliability.
  • a vast capacity for absorbing and synthesizing a wealth of detail into a unified, coherent vision and communicating that vision to a diverse audience.

Industry and functional knowledge:

  • Financial Services - Banking - Healthcare and pharmaceutical - Telecommunications -Insurance


  • Master Data Management - Data Architecture - Metadata - Database Analysis - Data Warehousing - Data Modeling - Project Management -Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Governance tools

July 08: till date As an Enterprise Data Architect and Data manager at Tokio Marine, NYC NY 10169.

  • Responsible and accountable for the enterprise data management team.
  • Managed the data management team of ETL architects, database architects, middleware architects and cognos architects by providing architectural solutions for databases, canonical models and orchestration objects for Interfaces, web parts and web charts for the presentation layer for multiple data management efforts.
  • Architected framework for MDM and datawarehouse solutions to provide datamart solutions on Policy, claim and risk analysis.
  • Architected loss/policy/coverage and customer information presentation to customers and underwriters through salesforce.com and loss runs through mytmm.com.
  • Architected and maintained Erwin logical and physical data models for MYTMM, salesforce.com and Datawarehouse projects.
  • Participant in ACORD OLTP model development for P and C insurance industry.

Tools: Erwin 7.3, Sun UNIX/Oracle 9i/10g/11g, Sqlserver 2005/2008, Informatica 8.6, Cognos8 portal, microstrategy, Sharepoint portal, IBM MQ.

As Consultant ,

Jan 07: Jun 08 as a principal Architect ,NJ 08873.

  • Lead Architect in Designing Comprehensive Data warehouse Solution, from data to presentation layer, to build and expose Activity/Productivity of Sales Forces involved in pharmaceutical drug distribution for more than 40 pharmaceutical Clients.
  • Architected dimensionally secured SSAS cubes to house CAST data along targets, Professionals, Specialties, Jobs and Calendar for all call, target, and Trx and NRx metrics from IMS data. Provided Drill through functionality, to accommodate “what if” scenarios.
  • Designed SSIS Packages to Load Data from CAST database to Data mart databases.
  • Designed the Score carding, Reporting and Dash boarding solution in Performance Point Server, and deployed in MOSS.
  • Designed custom dashboards for clients in Cognos8.
  • Architected and maintained Erwin logical and physical data models of the data warehouse and datamarts.

Tools: Sqlserver 2005/2008, oracle10G, Visio, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Performance Point, .Net framework, Cognos 8, MOSS.

Feb 06 - Dec 06: AS a lead data architect,Lyndhurst NJ.
Managed and guided a group of architects who

  • Designed the integration of business entity data to implement MDM hub architecture of GIS system with workflow and dataflow from various sources like GMF, DNB.
  • Designed Erwin data model of the Datawarehouse and implemented multiple phases of Datawarehouse with data extracted from various OLTP systems like GMS, GFIS.
  • Designed data flow and auditing processes to support reporting services and data analysis.

Tools: Erwin 4.1, Visio, Oracle 10G/9i, SqlServer 2005, SSRS, SSAS, and SSIS.

Feb 02 - Dec 05: Principal Architect,Marlton NJ.
Managed and guided a group of architects who

  • Designed and Implemented EAI solutions for interchange of data between various applications like data flow of SWIFT standards data between subsidiary banks, Mismo standards data from brokers to Mortgage approval system.
  • Designed and implemented multiple phases of Datawarehouse with data extracted from various OLTP systems like mortgage application on a C_tree structures, loan servicing data on DB2 and consumer loans from SQLserver, for a centralized pool of data to report from. Designed cubes and rollups for all reporting efforts.
  • Designed and implemented commission automation. Designed the database structures to implement the plans and rules of commission calculation. Designed soap web services for data extraction and update. Modeled processes for commission calculations. Created framework of classes and interfaces to implement the design.
  • Implemented Brio portal based solution for financial reporting of profitability and risk management.
  • Designed and implemented Informatica ETL solutions.
  • Designed Erwin logical and physical data model of the datawarehouse.

Tools: C#, Java, Biztalk2004, SqlServer 2005/2000, Oracle 9i, DB2, Analysis Server, Erwin 4.1, Brio, Rational RUP modeling, Informatica, Visio

Nov00 - Dec 01: AS an architect ,N.J.

  • Designed and implemented ETL load solutions using Informatica.
  • Designed Star Schema data Warehouse with data from OLTP databases for DSS purposes. Created MDX queries for use with cubes created using Analysis services.
  • Implemented distributed decision support systems and active backup for the PYRAMID claims and AGO policy databases, by replication to off-site server at the Connecticut location.
  • Designed and developed COM/DCOM objects for error distribution and message routing
  • Build Asp’s for provider and hospital location searches and, claim information searches for employers, generated from both Oracle and Sqlserver databases.
  • Generated crystal reports for web presentation of reports.
  • Added WEB-forms and WEB-services using C#.NET to extract data from Oracle and SqlServer.
  • Designed security using Authentix for protecting web site.
  • Was responsible as DBA for the enterprise network of oracle and SQLservers.

Tools: SqlServer 2000/7.0, Analysis Server, oracle 8i/9i, Rational RUP modeling, Informatica, C#, JAVA/VB scripts Ms-project, Visio, Crystal reports 8.0.
Nov99 - Oct 00: AS a SOLUTION/DATA architect at Dow Jones in Princeton N.J.

  • Was responsible for the resolution of problems relating to the FACTIVA intranet toolkit database. Involved in monitoring, performance tuning, building indexes and views, creating stored procedures and triggers.
  • Was responsible for the coding of SQL-DMO objects in V.B6.0 to maintain the database from the UI through COM objects.
  • Built and maintained site server/catalog server to crawl specific sites to provide for global searching from the intranet.
  • Created MDX queries for use with cubes created using Analysis services.
  • Fine-tuned the tool kit after stress testing the product using E.R.W software.
  • Developed custom replication strategies.
  • Creation of DTS packages for data transformation.
  • Generated Usage Reports in crystal for web Presentation.

Tools: SqlServer 2000/7.0, Analysis Server, site server 3.0, visual basic 6.0, Interdev 6.0, java and vbscripts, Erwin.

Mar 99 - Oct99: AS a Data Architect at NJ.

  • Architected and maintained the conceptual data models and physical data models of the CMS system using PowerDesignor 7.0.
  • Was responsible as DBA in the maintenance of the enterprise network of Sqlserver and Sybase servers with responsibilities including
  • backup and restore of data, creating DTS packages, index , stored procedures and trigger creation, job scheduling and alert management,
  • Replication of data ,
  • performance-tuning Sqlserver for better overall performance
  • Was responsible for conversion of data from Legacy systems to Sqlserver for the Customer Management system using VB6, Sqlserver 7.0 and ADO2.0.

Tools: SqlServer 7.0, Sybase 11, visual basic 6.0, sourcesafe6.0, Powerdesignor 7.0., embarcadero schema/change manager and Dbartisan, BackTrack, Visio

Aug 98 - Feb99: AS a DBA /architect at HIP health plans of NJ at North Brunswick NJ.

  • Designed Star schema data mart to convert OLTP to OLAP model using Erwin. Lead a team in the development and of the conceptual data models and physical data models of the Medicaid system.
  • Designed and developed “Claim settlement” project using Java, servlets, EJB, JSP, JavaScript, XML to retrieve information on claims and related expenses based on the CPT4 and ICD9 codes and to co-relate to provider and group information from SQLSERVER and ORACLE systems.
  • Designed and developed “Contact” system using VB6, Sqlserver 6.5/7.0,oracle8i and ADO2.0.

Tools: Oracle 7/8i, SQLserver7.0, sybase10/11, SMS, visual basic 6.0, HP UNIX, JAVA, Weblogic, peoplesoft, designer 2000, vbscript/perl, SqlBacktrack. MS-Project, Visio

Dec 92 - July 98: AS architect for Dept. of Information Systems, Frankfort KY
I was involved as an architect in the design, development and user interaction for the Kentucky Registry of Election and Finance and Kentucky housing department.

  • Developed and implemented Election Financial tracking system for the commonwealth of Kentucky. Designed entity level relationship diagrams (ERDs) and developed Logical Model and Physical Database Design using Erwin.
  • Created a number of Classes, User controls Triggers, Stored Procedures and Functions.
  • Coded legal subsystem along with initiating documents, waivers and statement of intent. Created objects for general usage in the project. Implemented Objects for OLE connectivity for the system.
  • the design and development of software for a varied number of projects like Manufactured Housing, Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning system, Hazardous material handling, Fire Protection,

Tools: visual basic 3.0/4.0(16 bit/32bit), 5.0, DB2, SQLserver 6.0/4.5, Oracle 6.0/7.3, SQLPlus 3.3, SourceSafe 4.0/5.0, crystal 5, and reports2.5, Erwin.

Mar 91 - Nov 92 as a Consultant with E.D.S. at Frankfort KY
I was a consultant DBA, involved in database and system design, coding, testing and implementation of issuance and calculator/rating modules, and in the enhancement of the eligibility determination modules of the welfare system of the state of KENTUCKY. This system was designed to determine eligibility of applicants for welfare programs such as, food stamps, Medicaid.
Tools: TELON, DB2, IMS/DB, CICS, and COBOL VS II on IBM ES9000 running MVS/ESA.

Feb1990 - Jan 1991 as a consultant with Deloitte and Touch at Columbus, OH
I was involved in system analysis, design, software development and implementation of the issuance modules for the welfare systems for the states of FLORIDA and OHIO. This system was used to determine the eligibility of applicants for welfare programs in the states of FLORIDA and OHIO.
Tools: TELON, IMS/DB, and COBOL VS II on IBM ES9000/900 running MVS/ESA.

Jan 1989 - Jan 1990 as a Consultant with E.D.S. at Plano, TX
As a consultant, Involved in design, coding, testing and implementation of subscriber modules of a large online, real time health care eligibility system, which also had batch and reporting processes for EDS at PLANO , TEXAS . BLUE CROSS/BLUE SHIELD developed this system for use across the USA, Tools: CICS, DB2, COBOL and IEW on IBM3090 running MVS/XA.

Jun 1984 - Dec 1988 at C.M.C
I was involved in the design and maintenance of the databases as a DBA and in the design and development of front office modules for a hotel reservation system, for the SHERATON group of hotels in INDIA. The system was developed for real time reservation of guests for the hotel chain using a centralized IMS/DB2 databases,
Tools: CICS/VS and COBOL on IBM 4361 running CP/CMS, DOS/VSE.

Familiar with: .NET framework, C#, VB.NET, SOAP/WSDL, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, COM/DCOM, JAVA, JSP/SERVLETS, PL/SQL, TSQL, Cubes/ROLAP/MOLAP/HOLAP, MDX , XML/XSD/XSLT/CSS, MTS/MSMQ, ADO.NET/ ADO/RDO/DAO/ODBC, HTML/DHTML/ASP/JSP, C, C++, Visual Basic, javascript/Vbscript/perl, crystal reports, CICS/VS, COBOL
DBMS/SERVERS: SQLServer 2008/2005/2000/7.0/6.5/6.0, ORACLE (10G/9i/8i/7.3/6), Sybase11/9, DB2, IMS/DB-DC, SMS, Web sphere, Weblogic 5.0, SITESERVER, EXCHANGE SERVER, UNIFY, FOCUS, TELON, PACBASE
Portals: Cognos, Hyperion, Business objects, Oracle app server, Sharepoint.
Modelers and Designers: Erwin, Visio, PowerDesignor, Rational Rose, designer2000, visual modeler, Goundworks and IEW,
Middleware: Biztalk, IBM MQ
ETL tools: Informatica, Integration server, DTS.
Governance: TOFAG framework, ITIL framework
Relevant Certifications:

  • Microsoft certification in C#.
  • Sun certified JAVA programmer.
  • Microsoft certification in designing and implementing SQL server.
  • ITIL 3.


  • Biztalk 2004/2006 Administration and development
  • Brio / Hyperion 8.3 administration and development
  • Oracle Application Design
  • Informatica
  • MQ
  • Erwin


A Mechanical Engineering graduate, specialized in systems engineering (1984).
A Masters in Business Administration graduate, with financial elective(2009).

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