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Gis/software Developer Resume

Irving, TexaS


Obtain a challenging position in GIS Software Development in a professional office environment where my resourceful experience of 8+ years in GIS, Confidential Technologies and Mapping Software Development can add value to organizational operations.


Confidential Confidential SUITE: Confidential Desktop v9.3 - 10.3; Confidential Engine v9.2; Confidential Server V9.3-10.3;

GIS TECHNOLOGIES: Idrisi Taiga, MapInfo, QGIS, Geo Server


WEB PROGRAMMING: HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Dojo 1.6, jQueryOracle Mapviewer12C HTML5-API, Confidential JS API


SCRIPTING: VB Script, Python, Bash Scripting

OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows, Mac OS X Yosemite, Linux Ubuntu

DATABASES: Oracle 12C/Spatial, MS SQL Server 2000 / 2005, MS Access, MySQL, PL/SQLPostGIS, PostgreSQL

APPLICATION SERVERS: WebSphere Application Server 8.0, Apache Tomcat 7.0, IIS V6.0/7.0


Project Tracking: PTC Integrity, Jenkins, JIRA, and Remedy 9

IDE: Visual Studio 2010, Eclipse, Eclipse LunaJDeveloper, IBM RSA 7.5

SOURCE CONTROL: Team Foundation Server (TFS), Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS), Tortoise SVN


Confidential, Irving, Texas

GIS/Software Developer


  • Have developed several new functionalities as part of the TA Mapping Application, which acts as the hub for interacting with all the components of the ISLM Oracle ADF based product. This Confidential mapping application provides the space for visualizing store evolution, competitor distribution, sister store cannibalization, trade area editing, creating sites, targets and stores.
  • Migration from Confidential Server 10.0 to 10.1, Creating map services, publishing and maintaining them.
  • Managed requirements definition, functional, technical design, development testing and deployment of GIS based analytical applications leveraging Confidential, Oracle and MapInfo technologies.
  • Developed, Deployed and Maintained Confidential Analytics applications based on ESRl's Confidential Server v9.3.1/10.3 and Business Analyst Server v9.3.1/10.3 and ESRl's Flex and JavaScript API v1.4, Oracle 11g/12c Spatial Database, Oracle Map viewer 12C and Oracle Geocoder 11gR2.
  • Worked on Confidential Desktop 10.x
  • Worked with Database Connections such as Spatial Data Views, Query Layers and etc.
  • Developing geo-demographic market analysis reports using Confidential Business Analyst Server v9.3.1
  • Interacting and working closely with Confidential /GIS programmers, product specialists and management to provide cutting edge cross-platform solutions for retail and corporate real estate customers
  • Interacting with programmers, developers and managers to design and develop software components for the management, manipulation and display of a wide variety of graphic and image data.
  • Designing and performing analysis routines on spatial data to be incorporated in web services environment.
  • Writing comprehensive technical specifications and support documentation
  • Developed from scratch, the Mapping Capability for Confidential Analytics Cloud based SaaS offering, which is an Intelligent Store Lifecycle Management solution aimed at logically connecting purpose-built GIS with predictive analytics and reporting enabling to develop smarter real estate and store development strategies in over 40 major retail brands across six continents.
  • The GIS Application was built on Oracle Map viewer HTML 5 API, JavaScript and jQuery for front end development while using Oracle 12C as the backend and developed by a team of two. Had developed several reporting functionalities, thematic mapping with statistical classifications and annotating capabilities, customer spotting, store slider amidst others. Also as part of the solution, this product has been customized for several major retail brands like Dunkin Donuts, Yum Brands and others.

Technology: Eclipse Luna, Oracle Map viewer HTML 5 V2 API, JavaScript, Oracle 12C, jQuery, HTML 5, CSS 3

Confidential, Fort Worth, Texas

GIS/Web Developer


  • Implemented identify function for all the Confidential service layers.
  • Designed Spatial queries to zoom into specific features on Map based on text input.
  • Select functionality to query a layer based on several sets of input.
  • Export to Excel functionality to export results from the Data Grid.
  • Migration from Confidential Server 10.0 to 10.1, Creating map services, publishing and maintaining them.
  • Build Route Card (Save a selected route, select contiguous features, deselect features) based on user selection and save the route card to the mainframe.
  • Worked on Confidential Desktop 10.x
  • Worked with Database Connections such as Spatial Data Views, Query Layers and etc.
  • Apply security filter for permitting select set of users based on their windows logon id, functionality to identify. Disconnect in the selected set of routes which comprises of multipart polyline geometry.
  • Queried mainframe to load routes and edit from the mainframe.

Technology: Rational Software Architect 7.5, JavaScript API 2.5, Confidential Server 10.1, Dojo 1.6, SQLJ, MKS Integrity for Software Life Cycle Management and Application Life Cycle Management


GIS/Web Developer


  • Migrate stream gauge application from Google Maps API to Dojo 1.6 and Confidential JavaScript API 2.5.
  • Worked on a batch script that downloads data from Confidential in a specific format and populates the database.
  • Worked with Dojo charting tools to create graphical charts based on data obtained from rss feeds for different kinds of gauges.
  • Worked with Database Connections such as Spatial Data Views, Query Layers and etc.
  • Created Table of Contents functionality for the work orders application.
  • Worked on a milepost module to consume a web service that would return milepost information based on the last-long coordinates obtained from user click, implemented measure tool widget

Technology: Rational Software Architect 7.5, Confidential JS API 2.5, Dojo 1.6, Google Maps API


GIS/Web Developer


  • Co-ordinate with DBA and Data Modeling team to design tables for Confidential Project.
  • Migration from Confidential Server 10.0 to 10.1, Creating map services, publishing and maintaining them.
  • Worked on Confidential Desktop 10.x.
  • Source code management through MKS, Build and Deploy in Development, Trial, Test and Production environments, Maintaining Confidential Server services

Technology: BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite, MKS for Code Management, MS Office suite, Fortify remediation API, Application packaging - RAP/SCCM

Confidential, Athol, MA

GIS/Application Developer


  • Developed and Maintained Tree works (a tree management extension to Confidential 10), an urban forestry toolset
  • Installation, Deployment, Training and Customer Support to both Tree works and Confidential issues for over 50 Clients in United States and Canada. Provided GIS Consulting services for customizing and extending the functionalities of Tree works
  • Develop and maintain company websites, intra-company business process software’s
  • Attended conferences, pre sales activities, webinars, demos and developed documentation for the project
  • As an Confidential reseller, engaged with Confidential on facilitating sale as well as maintained contact with various tech teams in Confidential over upgrades in order to keep the product up to date with latest versions while providing support to customers on older versions of Confidential
  • Interacted with sales persons, in house GIS analyst and field experts to get feedback on the product to remove bugs and design enhancements. Clients include all major municipalities, cities and private arborist, tree management, energy and vegetation management companies spread across more than 30 states in US and Canada.

Technology used: C#, Confidential Desktop 10.3, Arc Objects, ASP.NET, ArcPAD, JavaScript

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