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Oracle Pl/sql Developer And Data Analyst Resume

Park Ridge, NJ


Senior Oracle PL/SQL Developer


  • 15+ years experiences working on applications with data warehouse and communication with internal/external users or managers in finance industry
  • 15+ years experiences using Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Toad, SQL Developer, SQL*Loader and Oracle DBMS packages for data warehouse under Windows and Unix/Linux environments
  • 7 years experiences using Oracle/Cognos BI tools on design and create financial reports to finance manager, trader leaders, individual traders, sales, marketing and compliance groups with information about daily stock trading revenue, profitability and business ad - hoc requirements.
  • Hands on built connections between Cognos server and Oracle, SQL server, Sybase databases Confidential.


Data normalization, Relational database, Star and Snowflake dimension models, Data analysis, SQL debugging, Data reporting, Trouble-shooting in complex Oracle scripts, Working with Oracle DBA for performance issues. Oracle 8i-11g, 12c, Using SQL, Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Developer, SQL*Loader, Toad/Navigator for Oracle, Filezilla, UNIX/Linux K shell, AWK and SED, Perl, Microsoft Windows 98/XP/7/10, Microsoft Office, PDF, IBM Cognos 8.2-10.1.1, Framework Manager, Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Query Studio, SQL Server, Sybase, basic knowledge of Java and JavaScript


Confidential, Park Ridge, NJ

Oracle PL/SQL Developer and Data Analyst


  • Coordinated with database manager and Oracle DBA for new project which requested to split one large Oracle database ( 7 TB) into small databases.
  • Joined design and implementation on new data model to collect Oracle audit trail data for a project which requested to split a large database into couple small databases
  • Created and modified new packages to collect Oracle audit trail data within specified auditing periods. Loaded audit data into various designed tables
  • Implemented Unix/Linux commends and Perl scripts to collect and filter out all production batch jobs, shell scripts, SQL statements and Oracle control files related to the large Oracle database, loaded all those records into tables for data analysis
  • Did data analysis to configure out obsolete user accounts, last access time on group tables, identified useless records in large tables, identified scripts that were not using anymore and made purging recommendations to developer terms in Confidential and India

Confidential, Port Washington, NY

Oracle PL/SQL Developer and Data Analyst


  • Created and optimized Oracle SQL queries, procedures for data migration and integration based on existing data model the company used, worked for huge historical data from three new merged companies by using table constraints, indexes, views, merge statements, bulk collections and explain plans
  • Created complex procedures, functions in Oracle packages to collect historical records of incomplete accounts payable data in three large Oracle databases and generated reports with result and different reporting layout to internal/external user, coordinated with finance group to get and understand its complex business selecting rules and translated them into Oracle scripts
  • Debugged, fixed issues in Oracle packages or in unfamiliar complex scripts when error reported in front end production Java application or QA testing objects
  • Loaded huge data downloaded from websites, Excel, Text or PDF data files into Oracle staging tables, communicated with IT or business side within three merged companies for those data and formats, using Oracle SQL*Loader, software filezilla or Oracle external tables
  • Added new complex functions, procedures in existing Oracle packages for new Confidential price calculation on any ordered item which has weight under one pound, worked with Java team to show the new price in intranet for internal sales
  • Built new Oracle package to auto-calculate price three times per day on each available product the company selling online in European market, using PL/SQL
  • Completed many ad-hoc reports using temperate SQL queries and PL/SQL to create procedures, functions at Oracle production environment.

Confidential, New York City, NY

Sr. Oracle PL/SQL Developer (AVP)


  • Provided Oracle data to Cognos BI engine for daily finance reports, maintaining nightly data transaction processes with DBA and night time process monitoring group, coordinating with finance, compliance, trading, customer support and sales group for business requirements, communicating with external users when questions raised in output data files
  • Developed a new reporting system in the company, using Oracle PL/SQL to build all related package, procedures, functions and IBM Cognos BI tool, version 8 to 10.1.1
  • Reduced running time from 7 hours to 2 hours on daily trading revenue process
  • Created many new functions, procedures in Oracle packages and converted into Cognos FrameWork Manager packages for daily finance reports
  • Worked with DBA, UNIX SA for Oracle database performance issues on table partitioning, server CPU and sizes of Oracle tablespaces
  • Guided new interns and consultants on Oracle and Cognos environment for financial reports.
  • Communicated with finance manager for changes in daily profitability reports and modified relative scripts in Oracle packages.
  • Coordinated with Compliance manager for business rule changes in existing reports or created new daily compliance reports
  • Completed many ad-hoc reports and delivered them on time by managing project prioritization and requests from managers.
  • Created specified data files or records requested by Confidential for auditing.
  • Used aggregate methodology to create compliance reports
  • Loaded new data from third parties into Oracle staging schema for data migrations, using SQL*Loader
  • Converted complex SQL-Server stored procedures into Oracle by figured out business rules first from the old procedure without document

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Oracle PL/SQL Developer


  • Created new monthly processes for profitability calculation at account and customer levels based on business rules finance group, u tilized Oracle PL/SQL for stored procedures
  • Designed and built new monthly processes to identify Highest Valuable Customers records and created auto-delivering system to customer services, u tilized Oracle procedures
  • Created useful scripts and SQL queries to speed up completion of auto-general ad-hoc mailing or campaign requests from customer services, utilized Oracle procedures and UNIX K-shell scripts.
  • Designed and built annual process to update Requested Minimum Distribution Information at each Confidential account for internal intranet users, u tilized Oracle procedures

Confidential, New York City, NY

Sybase Developer


  • Finished implementation of calculating historical prepayment speeds for Confidential whole load deals issuing from Confidential of fixed Income.
  • Utilized Sybase stored procedures.
  • Created new pricing process for tranches of airline and railroad issuing from Confidential of fixed Income.
  • Utilized Sybase stored procedures .
  • Modified some UNIX K shells for data delivery to clients.
  • Created or modified graphic screens for internal users to view data directly from the pricing system.
  • Utilized internal Jam7 software applications.

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