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Sr Oracle Software Engineer Resume

New, YorK


Software developer focused on database and applications software development in financial services industry. Project lead experience includes international product development and deployment. Adept at full software development life - cycle (SDLC), database development, and interpersonal skills. Successfully interfaced with both technical and business clients globally on overseas assignments. Conscientious and persistent.


  • Oracle Data Ingestion Platform Foreign Exchange Suite; hedge fund databases
  • Corporate Action Reference Database and API Client - Server and N-Tier based Applications
  • Security Master Database - Canadian Fixed Income - Treasury Pricing Engine, MBS
  • Oracle Data Warehouse Platform Graphic Time Series Analytics for Equities, Futures


Databases: Oracle 12c 11g 10g RAC, 9i, Oracle Replication, Sybase ASE 12.5, Microsoft Access

Languages, IDEs: Python 2.6, Java, Visual Basic 6, C#.Net, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Pro*C, SQL, T-SQL, JDBC, HTML, Perl, XML XSL; Eclipse - Shells Bourne, C Shell, K-shell

Systems: Linux; Ubuntu; UNIX (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX), Cron Scheduler; Windows NT/2000/XP/7

SDLCs: Agile, Waterfall; Source Control Git, Subversion SVN, CVS, WinCVS

Software: Toad for Oracle; CA ERwin, Oracle Warehouse Builder-OWB, Oracle ODBC, SQL*Net

ETLs: SQL*Loader, Custom ingestion platform, IBM Ascential DataStage; Oracle ODI

Tools: Oracle SQL Developer, SQL*Plus, Toad, Migration Workbench-OMW, Oracle Enterprise Manager; Advanced Query Tool, RSA 7.0; Embarcadero DB-Artisan, Change Manager; Microsoft Office


Confidential, New York

Sr Oracle Software Engineer


  • Database development on client - server platforms with Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c on Linux, SQL, PL/SQL, and Python. Focused on Oracle database development using Agile methodology.
  • Developed customized data ingestion platform with SQL and Oracle PL/SQL packages, procedures and functions with mindful attention to performance tuning.
  • Python coding includes adding new functionality in Python jobs, test modules, an implementation of threading.
  • Refactored code for improved performance tuning for multiple parts of the work flow for data.
  • Java coding enhancements coupled with enhanced database access.

Confidential, New Jersey

Sr Software Engineer


  • Database development on client - server multi-terabyte platforms with Oracle 10g and 11g RAC, Linux, VB, C#.Net. Focused Oracle database development using Agile software development.
  • Enhanced SQL and PL/SQL code and database related scripts. Analysis and tuning of SQL using explain plans allowed SQL re-writes to perform better. Used scalar variable in memory to capture data as well as intermediate tables to avoid repeated data fetches. Analysis of GB sized tables completed for implementing partitioning.
  • Globalization effort using AL32UTF8 character set prototyping database migration.
  • Developed in Visual Basic, XML and some C#.Net software exposure as well as web services.
  • Oracle database coded PL/SQL procedures used to simulate hundreds of concurrent users. This resulted in the ability to measure response time and tune the instance working with DBAs, as well as determine how code re-writes performed with scalability.
  • Analysis and refactoring of tables, indexes, triggers, packaged procedures and some client code database access. Table partitioning analysis; Analysis of data flow, imports and ETL processing as part of a core database calculation re-architecture and re-design.

Confidential, New Jersey

Sr Database Architect / Analyst


  • Development on database platforms with Oracle 10g, Unix, Java, XML. Database modeling using ERwin. Sybase migration to Oracle with OMW, DB - Artisan. Data warehouse development; Database and ETL development.
  • Oracle Data Warehouse project: dimensional database development using OWB, database access design.
  • Reversed engineered databases using ERwin. Analysis as part of an Oracle database migration project including performance analysis of tables, indexes, triggers, procs and some java code database access.
  • Java and Oracle database architecture analysis; Database and ETL development using Ascential DataStage.

Confidential, New York, NY

Project Lead / Sr Software Analyst


  • Oracle development included analysis and prototyping of content management system. Developed strategic software with Bridge applications for global marketplace. Development on Sybase entitlement system. Technological: Oracle 8i prototyping with PL/SQL, Packages, Procs. Sybase SQL and C/UNIX. Coded in Visual C++
  • Developed new enhancements on Sybase platform for Data Access Control System application entitlement system. Development included data manipulations, cleansing and extractions, database tables and views.
  • Project lead, analysis and prototyping for Content Management System in an Oracle database using PL/SQL.
  • Programmed and debugged Reuters/BridgeStation application using Visual C++. Among financial application displays are equities, options, fixed income instruments as well as time series charts and analytics.

Confidential, New York, NY

Project Lead / Sr Database Analyst


  • Full life - cycle software development including requirements definitions, feasibility study, design, prototyping, programming, testing, documentation and maintenance. Oracle securities database development. Technological: Oracle coding tables, views, PL/SQL, Pro*C, ETL, stored procs, triggers, C/UNIX. Oracle Admin, ETL, space monitoring, backups, restores, performance tuning. Sybase coding: tables, views, data integrity, compliance.
  • Project lead efforts of team of developers on a suite of products supporting foreign exchange trading for institutional banks. Liaised between clients, developers, international counterparts for major Boston Bank.
  • Coordinated Y2K effort for foreign exchange products. Programmed SQL for data accuracy. Also, Programmed FX business rules into the GUI portion of trading application using Visual Basic.
  • Researched and architected new FX platform with application server and Oracle replication server.
  • Effectively Contributed to growth of FX platform resulting in tens of millions dollars of new business.
  • ETL using fundamental securities data for major European bank from corporate action Oracle platform using PL/SQL, Pro*C, stored procs, triggers, C/UNIX. Interfaced with marketing department at Bridgeproject sponsors and users at European bank, as well as counterparts in their respective London offices.

Confidential, New York, NY

Project Lead / Sr Database Analyst / DBA


  • International development and deployment of corporate action database products with security identification systems. Assignments in London. Full life - cycle development, coordinated with data sources, databased data, programmed, data analysis and query evaluation, extracted data, trained internal and external clients, pre-sales support. Technological: Oracle database development - coded in Oracle PL/SQL, Pro*C, SQL, SQL*Net, stored procs, triggers on C/UNIX. DBA - Data loading and extractions, tablespace monitoring, SQL tuning, backups and restores, database server builds.
  • Effectively project managed, database programmed, database administered an Confidential Corporate Actions ( Confidential ) database for the global marketplace. Lead internals and externals in New York, Zurich and London.

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