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It Manager/oracle Dba/web Developer Resume

Chicago, IL


  • I am a Software Architect with 7 plus years of experience in developing Web based enterprise applications with special interest in server side services, tools/libraries, frameworks and presentation services.
  • I have Java/J2EE experience with focus on reusable component/service development.
  • Primary technology interests Core Java, J2EE, Frameworks like Spring, Hibernate.
  • Strong experience in Hibernate, Spring MVC, SAX, DOM, JAXB, JMS, ANT, LOG4j, Spring, JUnit
  • Web service implementation using JBoss JAX - RPC and RESTEasy
  • Experience in memory profiling and performance tuning using tools like JProfiler, JConsole
  • XP methodology, Agile Development, and Design patterns
  • Presentation layer design and programming on HTML, XML, XSL, JSP, JSTL and Ajax (DWR, Dojo) and Lead large and small teams for development of Web based Enterprise Applications.
  • Worked in all stages of Software Development Lifecycle.
  • Experience in gathering requirements from the application users or functional team. Formulate the requirements and develop the system design using UML artifacts.
  • Strong communication skills, high leadership and initiative.
  • Mentored junior team members and fresh engineers.
  • 7+ years experience in Database administration/applications development (in a product delivery capacity).


Databases: Oracle Database 8.0 through 11gR2/10g, 11g

Languages: Java, EJB, PL/SQL, Pro*C,C/C++ ESQL, Perl, Unix Shell scripts, RPG 400, COBOL, C#.

Middleware: Bea Tuxedo, Confidential MQ series, MTS, Ovation, ATMI, FML,Tuxedo /Q

Real Time Operating System: RTOS pSOS, VxWorks, Intel’s iRMX iRMK1.3

Portal Software: SAP Netweaver, Plumtree

Web Technologies: Restful/SOAP Web Services, Confidential Websphere 6.0/ BEA Weblogic 8.0, Bea JOLT, XML

RDBMS: Oracle 9i, Sybase, Ingress, MS SQL Server, Informix, CICS/DB2

Java Technologies: JDBC,Java, JSF, JSP, RMI, Servlets, Applets and JFC

Methodologies: Rational Rose Visual Modelling tool withThe Unified Modeling Language (UML) for specifying, visualizing, constructing, and documenting the artifacts of software systems, USE CASES. Exposure to the UML definition led by industry leading Methodologists: Grady Booch, Ivar Jacobson, and Jim Rumbaugh.

Hardware/OS: Confidential -AIX, Sun Solaris, SUNSPARC Workstation, SUN OS Rel 4.1.1/4.1.3 , Real Time Operating Systems: pSOS,, iRMK 1.3 with Pharlap DOS-Extender, LINUX, UNIX (SUN, Digital, SCO), HP Unix, Sun Unix, AIX, AS400, VAX VMS, UNISYS, Confidential Mainframe

Systems Integration: Oracle Advanced Queues, Oracle Streams, Confidential MQ Series, EDI, Datagate, Mercator, SAP IDOC, ALE

Design and Analysis tools: Rational Rose, UML, ERWIN, S-Designer, Oracle Designer

Case Tools: TEAMWORK for SA/SD “WARD & MELLOR” Real Time extensions, Designer/2000 (CASE)

GUI tools: VB, PB, Oracle Forms, Oracle Report Writer, Crystal Reports, x Developer/2000(Forms 5.0, Reports 3.0, Graphics 2.5) TOAD 6.2, XWindows 4.1

Banking packages: BankMaster, Branch Power, Ovation NGBS, ICBS, CORE

Billing package: Arbor/BP 8.1

ERP packages: SAP R/3 4.6C - FI/CO, AM, IM, SD, MM modules

Change Management Tools: Continuus/CM, PVCS, Lotus Notes 4.5, RCS

Industries: Healthcare, ERP, Manufacturing, Banking, Finance, Telecom, Military


Confidential, Chicago, IL

IT Manager/Oracle DBA/Web Developer


  • Develop and maintain robust, scalable, secure Oracle web applications, with a focus on providing innovative solutions, delivering exceptional customer service, and creating a reliable infrastructure that demonstrates value to the students, faculty, and staff of College of Medicine.
  • Implemented SOA as a software design principle and an architectural pattern for implementing loosely coupled, reusable and coarse grained services using protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, JMS, SMTP, RMI, IIOP (i.e. EJB uses IIOP), RPC etc.
  • Used Restful/SOAP Web service as an implementation technology to implement SOA allowing interoperability between heterogeneous technologies such as J2EE and .NET.
  • Install, upgrade, design, and maintain Oracle’s Enterprise Database 11gR2,, 10. 2.0.5 and Oracle App Server 10gR2.
  • Develop and configure the Oracle Apex development environment, developed the Online Screeners Application that ensures high availability of student’s information. It allows faculty rank the applicants based on applicant’s information received from AAMC, and supplemental application filled by applicants online.
  • Develop and maintain J2EE enterprise application systems and services, information security, authentication and authorization standards. Online Supplemental Application allows applicants to submit the fee online using the university’s IPAY Credit Card processing application.
  • Develop CampusCare (Student Insurance) application in Apex for the University, automating selective processes like enrolment, eligibility runs and reporting status for claims processing.
  • Maintain Oracle Custom Forms and Oracle Reports to support the Admissions, Student Affairs, and staff within the college.
  • Designed and developed Web-SAS reports for Admissions, Student Affairs, and staff and faculty within the college.
  • Create Oracle Database Functions, Stored Procedures and Packages to support database applications.
  • Understand and present future application roadmap and strategy. Identifying gaps in packaged application functionality and assisting in feasibility analysis.
  • Build progressive relationship with end users to set expectations for end results and system capabilities.
  • Configure application servers and components. Troubleshoot application functionality, providing production support and identifying patches / configuration enhancements.
  • Clearly communicate requirements both verbally and written to business customer and IT leadership.

Confidential, Hinsdale, IL

Technical Architect/Senior Developer


  • Developed Framework services for Caching, Logging, Profile manager services, Security services.
  • Implementing Enterprise Mercury Java application in multiple LINUX/UNIX (AIX) environments, configure MQ Series and Oracle/Sybase connectivity and worked with Web Sphere team on J2EE application connectivity. Implemented scripts, coordinating and documenting throughout the entire process.
  • Working on architecture isolation, providing scalable, modular solutions for Profile manager, Mercury Cache, Mercury Logging, resource-separation, Application domain-restructure.
  • Establishing new cross-platform dataMapper for use when domain model is not required, IBATIS for Java 2.2.0, hibernate 3.2, JDK 5.0, spring framework 2.0 to facilitate ease of maintenance.
  • Integrated xFire SOAP Conatiner with mercury application, provided generic xFire services configuration for Mercury application to be utilized by web-services developer.
  • Implemented web-service broker design pattern for designing the coarse grained web services.
  • Developed web services for java, standards based: XML, SOAP, WSDL, WS-Addressing, WS-Security.
  • Working for Enterprise Application development team for developing Web Based applications using J2EE technologies (including Spring Framework, JDBC, Servlets, JSF, JSP, JMS, EJB), relational databases (SQL/Oracle, Sybase), XML, XSLT, and web services (including SOAP and WSDL), Struts, Hibernate, HTML/DHTML, Confidential Websphere 6.0/ BEA Weblogic 8.0 server, JBOSS, Eclipse/myEclipse as IDE.
  • Leveraged the performance, scalability and stability of a dedicated application server, developed calculation engine using J2EE and deployed on an application server.
  • Proficiency in Object ' Oriented Program Design & Implementation
  • Experience with Webservice tools including SOAP & AJAX
  • Experience with Confidential Websphere/ Confidential RAD, ASP.Net / C#.
  • Understanding of ecommerce application principles and concepts

Confidential, Downers Grove, IL

Senior Software Consultant


  • Developed Web Based applications using J2EE technologies (including spring framework 2.0, JDBC, Servlets, JSF, JSP, JMS, EJB), relational databases (SQL/Oracle), XML, XSLT, and web services (including SOAP and WSDL), Struts, Hibernate, HTML/DHTML, Confidential Websphere 6.0/ BEA Weblogic 8.0 server.
  • Integrated IDX online real time with CE. Eligibility/Enrolments data in CE were propagated to IDX online real time using Web services published by IDX, utilized CE’s advanced queuing architecture, built on the web service and cache object methodology to invoke standard mumps enrolment routines through enhanced Batch Enrolment Interface (BEI), for transactional updates from CE to IDX.
  • Designed, developed and implemented high profile projects like high performance Enrollment Kit/Card Batch Process to eliminate manual intervention for set up and maintenance of kits and ID, Mail Handlers 2809/2810 Processing, CE online redesign, Web application technical architecture and data-model for accessing client eligibility data, Vendor extracts, Mail confirmation Load, Mail Handlers Suspense Processing, Mail Handlers and commercial client’s Notifications etc.
  • Completed requirements analysis, Database Design, use case modeling and technical design activities in the IT department of a large healthcare company. Negotiated application enhancements with business unit application owners. Proficient in RUP, UML and OOAD
  • Created and managed use cases to capture complex system requirements. Developed enhancements for central enrollment systems Designed 3-tier applications using Use Case Analysis, RUP, UML and ERD modeling in MS Visio, smart draw, Rational Rose. Delegated work to developers and tracked progress
  • I have configured Jolt Domains, Domain Gateways, Multiple Weblogic/Tuxedo Domains, WebLogic Tuxedo connectors for the team and cross-platform requirements.
  • I have written Jolt wrappers utilizing Tuxedo Services from Tuxedo Domain, using BEA JOLT Classes and Java Beans. I have written servers/services/ Client Programs in C/C++ to call services from Remote/Local Domains i.e. Client calling server/services across multiple Domains.
  • I have defined requirements for XA interface versus Non-XA interface environments, Domain Gateways and provided documentation for the Team and Management references. I have defined requirements and documentation for WebLogic Tuxedo connectors that provides interoperability between Weblogic Server Application and Tuxedo Services. WebLogic Tuxedo connector enables Weblogic Application to call Tuxedo services using Confidential similar to Tuxedo ATMI.
  • Troubleshooted and resolved production issues and issues reported by end-users.
  • Optimized application performance, performed DBA activities, Provided Support Procedures for load-balance and fail-over between multiple Weblogic/tuxedo production machines. Provided Software Services Tuxedo Oracle Library, Created fail over capabilities, Load Balancing and replication strategies Tuxedo Servers. Worked closely with developers to adhere to the Middleware security and infrastructure standards.
  • Responsibilities included monitoring of real time applications on HP-UX 11.0 and Oracle 8.1.7. Technical duties include initiating, monitoring, diagnosing and resolving production problems of the application. Setup monitoring scripts for Tuxedo Servers/Services and Oracle databases, and created scripts for the application to run successfully.
  • Written several shell/Perl scripts to automate and schedule system related processes and Application Processes. Written key report programs for statistical analysis. Involved in coding, testing and implementation of the system.
  • Involved in automation of transfer of customer files and data from one system to another after reconciling key data. Responsible for the support, maintenance, and upgrading Tuxedo 8.0. Some of the services provided are Tuxedo Application Logging - Administration,
  • Provided Weblogic/Tuxedo Application Logging - setting log levels, Provided Address Broker functionality - The Tuxedo Service that provides address correction and geocode processing capability for parsed addresses and normal addresses,
  • As a member of the development team we created a fully functioning development, staging, and production environment for the varied Applications.
  • Documented the deployment and support procedures for several web logic/tuxedo, web (using Jolt) applications.
  • Used Winrunner test tools for test cases/test suites/test beds/defect tracking and performance analysis etc. Used Testing tool for Comprehensive load testing tool from interNetwork Inc. that creates real users and tests with real traffic across OSI layer’s 2-7 to identify device/application weaknesses, pinpoint performance bottlenecks and precisely assesses scalability limits of network equipment. Provides a comprehensive view of end-user's experience. This enabled real traffic Load testing as part of Stress test during Integration/User acceptance testing phase.
  • Developed coding standards, specifications, established Prism/Gates Methodology for reviews, approvals and promotions from Integrated Test/User Acceptance Test to production for software development, release cycles, and implementation.
  • Guided corporate IT administrator during configuration and deployment of Central Enrollment Services and Project Server into corporate infrastructure. Delivered Central Enrolllment training and presentations. Created user manuals for Administrators, Project Managers, and Team Members


Design and Development Team member


  • Responsible for defining, developing and prioritizing the top business requirements from customers and client workshops.
  • Use case modeling of those requirements into a coherent business vision document and product plan. Full use of case tools (Rational XDE, Rational RequisitePro), for requirement/Use case diagrams and software conceptualization (UML)
  • Implementation of process (RUP) to streamline project activities with the team
  • Special concentration in Web Services architecture solutions for integrating disparate technologies
  • Implementation and team mentoring in Rational Unified Process (RUP) and UML modeling for these engagements
  • Responsible for developing complex applications in PRO C*, C/C++ and UNIX Korn Shell scripts.
  • Responsible for development of Operational, Non operational data extracts, reports. Preparation of Test plans/Test cases, Installation/Operation Guidelines. Tools used for this were Developer/2000 (Reports 3.0), TOAD, SQL* Plus, PL/SQL and UNIX shell scripts.
  • Responsible for design and development (producing Allocated Functional Specifications and Internal Design Documents IDDs) for non-core Arbor utilities where Arbor/BP cannot support the requirement like BROCK, Archiving for MIU, processing of Telstra Resale Load etc.
  • Assisted in design of Interface extracts, Operational, Non-Operational reports, data extracts and the reporting environment. Development of AFS, IDD and Report Definitions was carried out as part of design team activities.
  • Responsible for coding of NonCore utilities using embedded PL/SQL in C/C++
  • Responsible for deciding strategy for System Level Testing of Non-Core utilities, producing documents like Detailed Test Plan, Test Objective Matrix, Test set Matrix and forming Test Bed for System Level Testing


System Analyst/Programmer


  • Participated in programming/testing of operational, diagnostic, and self-test firmware for gaming embedded processors in assembly, C/C++, and RTOS; programming/testing application interfaces under Windows NT; support of revision control using RCS and PVCS; and preparation of research reports and patent disclosures.
  • Designed and developed major enhancement for a real-time embedded gaming software system as a response to a major hardware design change. Developed electronic games and products like Player Registration, lotto, powerball
  • Architect and designed client-server environment and planned host system resources.
  • Successfully reverse engineered a component of a worldwide fault tolerant money transfer system. Documented Functional Specifications for C++ files, classes’ definitions, classes relationship and messages.
  • Enhanced, maintained and designed new functionality for embedded client server Gaming systems named Lotto and Powerball electronic games. Documented Functional Requirement, Software Requirement Specifications for the games and products.
  • Troubleshooted and resolved production issues and issues reported by end-users in New-Zealand and Australia, worked with application development teams to optimize performance

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