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Hyperion Essbase-planning/ /analyst/support Resume



  • Over 8 plus years of diversified experience in software development, design, implementations and testing using Hyperion Essbase (System 9,V11), and Hyperion Planning(System 9) including Workforce, CapEx and DRM (System 9 and 11.1.2)
  • Used various ERP tools to manage monthly financial consolidation process.
  • Extensive experience with automation and batch scripting using Hyperion scripting languages such as MaxL, Esscmd and Visual Basic API
  • Extensive experience in Excel based custom reporting solutions over diversified data sources.
  • Extensive experience on the installation, configuration, server settings, backups, client installations of Hyperion products on both Windows and UNIX environments.
  • Extensive experience in Business Rules, Web Forms, Calculation Scripts, Load Rules and Report scripts.
  • Experience and expertise in managing and administering numerous Essbase applications and cubes (Block Storage and Aggregate Storage), forms, reports, and books.
  • Applied in - depth understanding of STAR and SNOWFLAKE SCHEMA modeling techniques to develop optimized OLAP models and meta-outlines using relational and other database sources.
  • Expert technical/developer knowledge of Hyperion Planning
  • Substantial experience in creating, maintaining, and supporting all application objects including outlines, calculation scripts, rules files for dimension building and data loading, creation and optimization of transparent partitions, and security objects through Essbase Administrative Services (EAS), MaxL, MDX queries, and ESSCMDs.
  • Thorough understanding of multidimensional and relational database architecture and their applications for effective planning, budgeting, strategizing and forecasting procedures.
  • Experience in creation and maintenance of finance, ledger, planning, and reporting cubes across BSO and ASO Essbase kernels along with strong database development and business intelligence modeling capabilities.
  • Extensive experience with migrations of Essbase version 6.x, 7.x and 9.x.
  • Excellent communication skills and better understanding of business requirements and software development cycle in the Hyperion Essbase environment.
  • Highly dedicated towards work goals and creative in new development as well as solutions to critical issues.
  • Experience developing and implementing Hyperion Planning applications


Database: Oracle 7.x/8.x/9.x/10g, IBM DB2, SQL Server

BI Tool: Hyperion Essbase system 11 and 9, EPM 11, Hyperion Planning, Workforce Planning, Hyperion Shared Services, Hyperion Work Space, Hyperion Financial reporting, Life Cycle Management Smart view, Excel AddIn

DW/ETL: Hyperion Data integration Management(DIM), Informatica 8.2,ODI 11.x

Server side: Calc script, ESSCMD, MaxL script, Batch scripts, JDBC

ERP: Oracle apps 11i (MM, AP and AR)

Internet scripts: HTML, XML, Java script, VB script

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL

Other Software / tools: Quality Center, Test Director, MS Visio, MS Access, Citrix, Toad, Rapid SQL.,WINSCP, PUTTY, DAC

Operating System: Windows NT4.0/2000/XP/2003


Confidential, NY

Hyperion Essbase-Planning/ /Analyst/Support


  • Support Hyperion Planning, Essbase, Hyperion Report, for FP&A and Accounting Groups,
  • Perform Hyperion system maintenance and upgrades, coordinate user security
  • Essbase\Planning\and Hyperion Report, create/ monitor/execute batch jobs.
  • Complete Metadata changes and maintain companywide metadata chart
  • Update Hyperion with Workforce information from ADP systems and distribute organization
  • Workforce report to corporate executives(CEO,CFO,CIO etc)
  • Monitor GL data load process into Essbase and evaluate data Integrity on a daily bases
  • Work closely with CFO and Controller to complete External and Internal Hyperion Reports
  • Complete Adhoc Hyperion Excel Report for VP of Finance, CFO, Tax Manager, Controller etc
  • Manage Month-end Close Process
  • Changing/Updating Subvars each month
  • Performed DRM Import/Export processes to various applications for Hyperion Planning and Essbase applications.
  • Total experience with in building automate scripts to upload different hierarchies in DRM.
  • Discussion with Users on Functional requirement and created ODI interfaces to load data into
  • OMM each time, changes done in Planning
  • Update and run various Macros, Automatic Essbase Batch Process, and Calc Scripts to
  • Initialize Hyperion for Month-end Close Process.
  • Discuss related variances with Planning group
  • Create users and manage security in DRM
  • Transfer Employees between cost centers in Planning

Environment: Hyperion Essbase, Planning, EIS-Integration services, Hyperion Financial reporting,, Hyperion Interactive Reporting., Hyperion), Hyperion Web analyzer, HAL Hyperion Application Link, Hyperion Planning desktop, Oracle 9i/10g

Confidential, Mclean, VA

Hyperion Essbase-Planning/DRM/ODI Developer/Analyst


  • Performed DRM Import/Export processes to various applications for Hyperion Planning and Essbase applications.
  • Total experience with in building automate scripts to upload different hierarchies in DRM.
  • Discussion with Users on Functional requirement and created ODI interfaces to load data into Hyperion planning systems and configured ODI agent.
  • Build Hyperion DRM application components per track lead guidance and specifications
  • Defining properties into the system. Worked with blender.
  • Installed and Configured Oracle EPM system 11.
  • Developed Business rules and assigned it to data forms to run on save.
  • Designed and developed various web forms for the business users to input budget and forecast data in planning.
  • Data load rules from SQL View
  • Extensively involved in clubbing dimensions to avoid excess dimensions in key design issues
  • Provided exports of hierarchies/attributes to client in time to time based on their requirements
  • Manage DRM batch client jobs scheduled in Control-M
  • User provisioning and security access rights
  • Maxl and batch scripting.
  • Used Life Cycle Management (LCM)
  • Performed Validation and cleansing techniques of data to be imported in DRM.
  • Experience with System Administration setup and activities.
  • Configure and Create Hyperion DRM application components (Hierarchies, Properties, Node types, Validations etc) within DRM.
  • Prepared design document for Interfacing DRM with transactional and analytics system through inbound and outbound web services API
  • Understanding of source data files and configures Meta data and master data in DRM.
  • Prepare key deliverables such as requirement documents, design documents, development inventory, test documentation, materials and administration/procedural guides
  • Defining batch scripts to automate the imports and export processes.

Environment: Hyperion Essbase 11,ODI 11.x, DRM 11, EIS-Integration services, Hyperion Financial reporting, Hyperion Interactive Reporting 8.x/6.x+(BRIO).,Hyperion data integration management(DIM), Hyperion Web analyzer, HAL Hyperion Application Link, Hyperion Planning desktop, Oracle 9i/10g, SQL Plus, SQL, SAP, People Soft, PL/SQL

Confidential, IL

DRM/Planning/ODI Onsite Support and Admin/Developer


  • Create SQL’s to query the DRM database, to create reports
  • Create automate to make changes to DRM data
  • Loaded the Metadata using Hyperion Application Link tool into Hyperion Planning.
  • Designed and developed various web forms.
  • Managed planning applications in Hyperion Workspace.
  • Extensively used EPMA to maintain metadata for various planning applications.
  • Validate calculated data with the help of Excel add in.
  • Developed ad-hoc reports in smart view.
  • Developed Maxl scripts write back Process to Automate the Whole Hyperion Essbase tasks.
  • Responsible to migrate reports into latest version.
  • Developed the Corporate financial reports using Hyperion Analyzer, Reports and Excel-Add in.
  • Developed reports for the regulatory purpose in Essbase ExcelVAdd in and Standard Reports in Hyperion Financial Reporting.
  • Worked on consolidated reports where I was involved in clubbing a group of reports into one consolidated view using Hyperion Web Analysis.
  • Build Node types and data validations in DRM to support data integrity
  • Create users and manage security in DRM
  • Involved with the full life cycle implementation of the project.
  • Discussed with business users in requirement gathering meetings.
  • Installed and configured Oracle EPM system 11.
  • Responsible for migration of Essbase cubes from 9.3.1 to System 11.
  • Applied update patches for the applications.
  • Experience with Oracle Data Integrator
  • Substantial ETL architecture design experience within data warehousing environments governed by applying appropriate methodologies and ETL standards
  • Ability to design ETL technical/functional specifications.
  • Discussed with users to in corporate new dimension requirements into the existing cubes.
  • Created scripts for automating the dimension build process.
  • Involved in stream-lining the data load process to Essbase from other data sources.
  • Created Batch scripts and MaxL scripts required to automate the data load process.
  • Designed and developed the metadata and data validation process.
  • Create backup versions to store historical data
  • Manage DRM batch client jobs scheduled in Control-M
  • Create and provide optimal DRM solutions to support the downstream EPM systems
  • Work with Business Analyst to collect requirement and design changes to DRM
  • Created DRM solution to support the approval process of Confidential using Oracle Business Process Management
  • Create DRM imports and blenders
  • Migrate DRM metadata object using the DRM migration utility

Environment: Hyperion DRM, Essbase,, Hyperion DRM, Excel Add­In, MS- Excel, MS Access.

Confidential, Groton, CT



  • Involved in creating new Essbase cubes and restructure and redesigning of existing cubes.
  • Extensively used MaxL, ESSCMDS for creating automation scripts and batch files. Scheduled these batch files for complete automation process for nights and weekends cube refresh and backups.
  • Developed various load rules for dimension build and data load to the cubes.
  • Involved in the performance tuning and optimization of data files, dimensions and calc scripts for ASO and BSO cubes.
  • Created HAL integrations to build and load metadata for planning applications.
  • Prepared quarterly forecasts, annual budget, ad-hoc reporting and management reporting using Hyperion Reports and Hyperion Analyzer.
  • Involved in maintaining the security for Hyperion Analyzer by assigning the users/groups, creating user profiles and granting the report access to these users and groups. Involved in Performance Tuning to minimize data load time.
  • As the Hyperion Planning Systems Analyst responsibilities include partnering with Finance and various operating groups in the organization to support the budgeting, forecasting and reporting process.
  • Responsible for Performance Monitoring, Backup and Recovery of the cube.
  • Implemented various troubleshooting procedures to recover databases.
  • Develop calculations scripts and business rules
  • Investigated and resolved consolidation and metadata design issues.

Environment: Environment: Hyperion Essbase 9.3,EPMA,Hyperion planning 9, Hyperion Reporting, Shared Services, Work Space, Hyperion Smart View, Excel Add-In Oracle 10g, Windows 2003

Confidential, Pennington, NJ

Hyperion Essbase /Planning/HFM Developer


  • Created Users and Groups in Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Reports and Hyperion Analyzer and assigned privileges to them. Applied security on different applications by creating Filters on its dimension members.
  • Created Meta outlines to build Essbase cubes.
  • Developed automation scripts for back up and Refresh of all Production Cubes during recovery.
  • Involved in reviewing the cube design, Performance Monitoring and Tuning of the Essbase server.
  • Developed EIS Meta-outline for the cube and created various filters as per user requirement.
  • Designed Transparent Partitioning on databases using MaxL scripts.
  • Developed and made changes to the existing MaxL Scripts and scheduled the batch script to automate the running of the new Calc Scripts with development of outlines and load rules. Created easy-to-share customized views that represent sales performance using Hyperion Analyzer as well as performance analysis charts
  • Designed, developed and tested cubes and deployed them in to production.
  • Responsible to understand key business processes and then communicated and translated those needs into technical solutions.
  • Reduced calc time by optimizing the cube and using other appropriate Performance tuning methods.
  • Required to apply understanding of advanced application programming principles throughout the project.

Environment: Hyperion System 9, Essbase 9.x, SQL Server 7.0 MS-Access, Load rules, MS-Excel VBA, and Windows NT.

Confidential, NY

Hyperion Developer


  • Responsible for creating Dimensional security for Hyperion Planning and loading metadata using Outline load utility.
  • Designed and developed web forms for data inputs as per the business requirements using Hyperion Planning. Developed numerous simple to complex Business Rules and attached them to the web forms.
  • Created various data load rule files, including SQL load.
  • Created and maintained Essbase application objects including database outline, Calc scripts, and data load scripts security objects, etc.
  • Provided Database Optimization with Dimension Building, Data Loading, Calculations and Partition Management.
  • Developed MaxL scripts to automate the daily GL transaction data to upload into the cube
  • Created new batch jobs and scheduled these batch files for complete automation process for refresh, calculations and backups.
  • Developed & Scheduled batch scripts to automate dimension build, data load and backup.
  • Worked on various forms, Menus, Smart list using Hyperion Planning. Created and maintained Essbase databases using planning application.
  • Used Business rules for allocation and budgeting in Hyperion Planning
  • Involved in designing and implementing new application in Hyperion Essbase. Worked with existing cubes for budget allocation. Executed performance tuning and optimization in both the data retrieval and data loading scenarios.
  • Developed a comprehensive reporting system using Hyperion Reports and Hyperion Analyzer using the approach of Financial Dashboard.
  • Administered users and user groups
  • Prepare and present project briefings
  • Lead for the QA and Performance enhancement to ensure delivery of high quality and high soln Enhanced outline, forms, rules and reports to ensure quick response times for all concurrent users

Environment: Hyperion Essbase 6.5.4, Hyperion Analyzer 6.5, Essbase Integration Services 6.5.4, Microsoft Excel 2000, Oracle 9i, WindowsNT4.0, ESSCMD, Maxl, Excel Add-In.

Confidential, Boston

Essbase/Planning Developer

  • Analyzed user requirements and performed the process of finalizing dimensions for Cubes.
  • Extensively involved in designing and modifying the outlines for Essbase Cubes.
  • Developed outlines, calc scripts, report scripts and dimension build and data load rules for the cube.
  • Automated the weekly calculation process using batch script file.
  • Supported users with excel add-in, Essbase databases and data issues.
  • Involved in performing Administrative tasks like user authentication, creating new users for the Essbase cube using EAS options.
  • Used Hyperion Analyzer to generate reports for the users.
  • Translated end user requirements into application design specifications.
  • Involved in the Development of four cubes - one for Industrial Sales, one for Production Planning and Budgeting, one for Market Research and one for Customer Analysis.
  • Automated the data loads using ESSCMD in both interactive and batch modes Implemented Dos, MaxL, Esscmd, Report and Calc Scripts.
  • Managed system upgrades and client installations based on users’ requirements
  • Prepared Profitability Reports, which detail Unit Cost, Price and Volume Trends, and Expense Variances over prior periods using Hyperion Reports/Analyzer.
  • Prepared quarterly forecasts, annual budget, ad-hoc reporting and management reporting by working with the business managers.
  • Handled performance tuning, weekly back-ups and monthly consolidations of data and automated monthly/quarterly/annual report generation
  • Developed Analyzer OLAP views and sophisticated what-if scenarios for the end users
  • Hyperion Planning 9.3.1 Create and Manage Applications

Environment: Hyperion Essbase 9.3.1, Hyperion planning 9, Hyperion Financial Report, Shared Services, Work Space, Hyperion Smart View, excel Addin, oracle 10g, Unix, DAC, Informatica 8.1.1, OBIEE


Essbase Developer


  • Played an active role in all phases of the development lifecycle including requirements gathering and analysis, application design and development, testing - user acceptance and quality assurance, Implementation, and maintenance
  • Designed and developed new aggregate storage and block storage cubes; Implemented partitions to link databases and enable limited calculations
  • Modified Essbase configuration files and developed customized ESSCMD scripts to work with all related application objects, aggregations, partitions, caches, and disk volume allocations
  • Participated in the creation and migration of numerous planning applications to newer versions of Essbase.
  • Gained valuable experience in using Essbase Integration Services to connect to Oracle, use source relational data to tie into multidimensional databases, and develop OLAP models and meta-outlines.
  • Performed client/server installations, setup, configuration, and upgrades of Hyperion Essbase as well as other Hyperion products including Excel spreadsheet add-in and Reports.
  • Regularly monitored performance and carried out optimization and fine-tuning tasks, provided troubleshooting services and assistance to end-users in resolving errors.

Environment: MS Windows NT 4.0, Hyperion Essbase 6.1 / 6.5, Essbase Integration Services 6.5, Excel Spreadsheet Add-In, Hyperion Reports 2.3, Hyperion Analyzer 6.1, Oracle 9i


Oracle Developer/Software Engineer


  • Designed and developed Graphical User Interface using Forms.
  • Developed the PL/SQL stored procedures for implementing the business logic.
  • Developed the on-line context-sensitive user help.
  • Development of reports (stores ledger, invoice preparation) using reports 3.0
  • Developed test plans for invoice, order entries, billing, shipping, and Stock maintenance.
  • Conducting Functional testing, System testing and GUI testing.
  • Tested the functionality by creating dummy transactions.
  • Manually tested different reports generation.
  • Created Packages, Procedures and Functions.
  • Configure Oracle Clients on Win NT Workstations.
  • Creating Complex Stored Procedures, Functions and Packages.
  • Developing Oracle Schema Design and Table Structures.
  • Constructing Oracle Database Triggers and Indexes.
  • Code Reviews, PL/SQL Code Tuning and Plan SQL
  • User Management; Create, Modify and Delete user accounts.
  • Grant Roles and Privileges to Users.

Environment: Developer 2000, Windows NT, UNIX, HTML, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, ORACLE Forms 6.i, ORACLE Reports 6.i.

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