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Oracle Database Administrator Resume

Amelia, OH


  • 6+ years with profound experience in performance tuning optimization and supporting database infrastructure with high volume of transactions using next - generation high availability architecture solutions. Ability to work effectively as an individual as well as a team member.
  • Possesses an excellent verbal and written communication skills with an ability to thrive in a fast paced environment.
  • Proficient in Database Administration activities such as installation, database creation, sizing, backup and recovery, performance tuning.
  • Experience in monitoring and managing of Oracle instances using Enterprise Manager Grid Control (OEM grid)
  • Excellent experience in Performance Tuning and Monitoring of Oracle Databases on Unix/Linux platform using tool such as Tkprof, Explain plan, SQL Tuning Advisor, AWR and ADDM Reports and tuning of SQL scripts using SQL Trace, Explain Plan, and Hints.
  • Thorough understanding and excellent experience in tuning and creating proper indexes according to requirement.
  • Strong Knowledge and experience of Creating Users, Public Synonyms, materialized views, Database Links, roles, profiles, privileges, Audit Triggers and assigning roles to users.
  • Hands on experience with RMAN backup and recovery as well as tuning of backup
  • Excellent knowledge in Hot/Cold Backup, Recovery, Cloning of databases using RMAN.
  • Applied Oracle Patches (CPU/PSUs and One-off patches).
  • Implemented migration of Oracle 10g to 11g and 11g to 12c database versions.
  • Upgraded 10g and 11g Standalone databases to 11g and 12c 3-node RAC
  • Experience in Configuring Single instance to multimode, Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) using Automatic Storage Management (ASM).
  • Good experience of Installation and configuration of RAC (Real Application Cluster) on different nodes with ASM (automatic storage management).
  • Implemented ASM on RAC and stand-alone databases. Managing disks and disk groups with ASM.
  • Strong skills in SQL*PLUS, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, UNIX Shell scripts.




Confidential, Amelia, OH

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Responsible for configuring data guard physical and standby database setup for high availability and handling synchronization issues between primary and standby.
  • Configuring and maintaining Physical standby data guard for RAC and non RAC databases on 11g r2.
  • Implemented physical standby database for maximum availability using Oracle Data Guard 11g with Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 12C cloud Control.
  • Installed oracle golden gate 11g, implemented unidirectional and bidirectional replication.
  • Create extract, data pump and replicate on production servers, splitting replicates for efficient data transfer between servers and troubleshooting extract/replicate abend issues
  • Starting and stopping the agents to clear metric alerts and collecting ADDM reports in OEM.
  • Performed various tasks on ASM, creating a disk group, adding a disk to disk group, making disk online and offline and troubleshooting issues in ASM environment.
  • Done migration of non ASM database to ASM database.
  • Managing three node Oracle 11g R2 RAC with grid infrastructure and set up Data guard for them.
  • Monitoring, Troubleshooting RAC cluster using SRVCTL and TAF.
  • Performed multiple cross platform migration from regular file system to ASM
  • Performed database cloning/exp/imp to setup identical databases in the production and development environments.
  • Scheduling and maintaining level 0 and level 1 RMAN (Recovery Manager) backups.
  • Maintaining sound backup and recovery policies and procedures using RMAN. Monitoring the scheduled backup procedures for daily basis using crontab.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Oracle Database Administrator


  • Performed Installation and configuration of Oracle database on HP-UX platform.
  • Successfully performed migrations from Oracle 10g/11g to 11gR2 RAC (Real Application) Database.
  • Implemented and maintained Oracle 11g Data Guard/standby databases for switch-over and fail-over purposes.
  • Responsible for Creating Users, Groups, Roles, Profiles and assigning the users to groups and grant necessary privileges to the relevant groups.
  • Constantly monitor the performance (V$ dynamic performance views at peak load) of the Databases and viewing Alert log files & Trace files.
  • Cloned/Migrated databases using RMAN and traditional Datapump export/import utilities in Oracle 11gR2.
  • Hands-on experience for various performance tuning issues using oracle enterprise manager (OEM)
  • Scheduling the Physical backups (hot & cold) in CRON tab using RMAN utility and monitoring the scheduled jobs.
  • Applied patches and,
  • Used scripts to check the status of databases such as growing table sizes, extent allocation, free space, used space, fragmentation etc.
  • Maintained the data integrity and security using integrity constraints and database triggers.
  • Provided 24X7 support for all the production and development databases.

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