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Sr. Oracle Dba Resume

Atlantic City, NJ


Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) and Sr. Oracle Database Administrator. Possesses excellent knowledge of Oracle RAC/GRID, Database, E - business Suite, related utilities and tools, physical design, performance tuning, security management, and so on. Offers the technical expertise of an experienced DBA on a multitude of OS platforms. Proficiencies include Oracle v.6 9i (RAC), 10g (Grid), 11g(Grid), 12c on Unix / Linux / Solaris and Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Win10 Client/Server, intranet server. Solid knowledge of Relational Database Management Systems(RDBMS), DB tier, middle tier/application tier, network, shell scripting, database Connectivity, SQL/PLSQL, and reporting tools. I am self starter and will be able to work on flexible schedule.


Languages: Unix shell, Perl, SQL, PL/SQL, Visual Basic5.0, C, PASCAL, COBOL, RPG II-III, BASIC, Fortran, C++, Java, J2EE, XML, Unix/Linus/Solaris, Shell Scripting.

Databases: Oracle Database Version 6.x/7.x/8.x/8ix/9i.x/10g.x, 10g R2 RAC, 11g RAC, 12c, OLTP, DSS, Oracle Web Server, Oracle Application Server v.4. - 12c, Oracle Server Manager, Oracle Financial Server, Oracle Express Server, Encrypted Database Security, Paradox, FileMaker Pro, SQL Server2010.

Case Tools: SQL*Loader, SQLNet, Oracle IMP/EXP, Datapump, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Quest Central for Oracle, Toad, Spotlight, Embarcadero, Confio Ignite, Oracle Application E-Business Suite R12(GL, AP, HR, Rapid Clone technology ), Oracle Financial Analyzer 11i, Discoverer, Statspack viewer, Oracle Express Instance Manager, DBFlush, Apache Portal, SQL Developer, Oracle DBMS, AWR, ADDM, ASH, Data Guard, RMAN, Oracle Stream, Replication, Data Warehouse Builder, Data Model, Oracle OSWatcher. ORA Debug.

Systems: Unix, Linux and Windows which include IBM AIX - P570 P690 / Linux, DG Aviion 1000 25000, Sun Ultraspac, Solaris v.2.6 - 10, HP Tru64 server, VMS, Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003/xp/2010, client/ server, EMC Storage, Veritas clusterware, Data Warehouse, VERITAS VxVM/ VxFS/ VCS in AIX or Solaris, NFS, ASM, SAN, and so on.

Network: TCP/IP, Novell Netware, MS Network, and network topologies / utilities (e.g. FTP, telnet, SSL, etc).

Other: MS Office 2007-2010, MS Project, Visual Studio, Wordperfect, Hummingbird, Smaterm, Jdeveloper, PVCS, MKS, WinRunner, LoadRunner, QTP, VPN, Aventail, Informatics, some 3rd party software, Putty, etc.


Confidential, Atlantic City, NJ

Sr. Oracle DBA


  • Planning and assisting the Database creating, implementation, migration and upgration. It includes Oracle Core Database, Java based application, servers, storages, network connectivity, and so on.
  • Design infrastructure and setup Oracle cloud, RAC environment, database and Data Guard. Determine the strategy of backup and recovery policy, create and update all databases to version and, build Grid control and EM control, install and configure new EM v. console, execute performance tuning and troubleshooting. Server OS are running on the architecture of Linux Redhat x86, 64bit and AIX 5L. Using ASM to manage the disks for Oracle Grid databases.
  • Discuss the steps or project issue with end user or developer’s team, collect, identify and analyze Business requirements for execution plan of IT application functionalities.
  • Daily maintain the production databases (80), dev Databases (150) and QA Databases (70) daily which include to upgrade binary code files, apply patch, make changes for application codes, modify SQL statements, tune the application query, control security requests, check the backup completion, troubleshoot the appeared errors, monitor the status of RAC and database instance, move data between production, QA and DEV,
  • Install Oracle Software products like EM Agent, repository, Clusterware, ASM, RMAN, database, and so on.
  • Technical support to create all objects covering tablespaces, tables, index, synonyms, materialized views, DBlinks, stored procedure, and so on in all production, QA, DEV environments with excellent analytical skills, flexibility, implementation and lead ability.

Confidential, New York, NY

Sr. Oracle DBA


  • Planning and designing Oracle infrastructure and setup RAC environment with standby on different OS platform. Check and modify the strategy of backup and recovery, execute performance tuning and troubleshooting. Server OS are running on the architecture of Linux Redhat x86, 64bit and Solaris 9 - 10. Using ASM to manage the disks for Oracle Grid databases. EMCPower Disks are in LUN or NFS. OCR and Voting Disk are set on raw device.
  • Daily Technical support in Global Data service center. Maintain the OLTP and OLAP databases daily which include to upgrade binary code files, apply patch, make changes for application codes, modify SQL statement written by developers, tune the application query, control security requests, check the backup completion, troubleshoot the appeared errors, monitor the status of RAC and database instance, move data between production, QA and DEV, Handle the procedure and maintenance of databases building which including primary and standby, Data Guard setting, RMAN usage and RAC Grid control configuration..
  • Install Oracle Software products like EM Agent, repository, Clusterware, ASM, database, and so on. Technical support to create all objects covering tablespace, table, index, synonym, materialized view, DBlink, stored procedure, and so on in all production, QA, DEV environments with excellent analytical skills, flexibility, ability to plan, improve and lead.
  • Setup, configure, implement and maintain 2 Nodes RAC on for production, QA and for dev. They are built with ASM, Data Guard, OEM Grid control, RMAN. Data Warehouse is running on and supporting the INFORMATICA. All production databases have the same environments of standby. Hand on working on the procedure and maintenance of databases including primary and standby. Have strong troubleshooting and root cause problem solution.
  • Maintain Data warehouse and Datamart including objects like Streams, Parallel Query, Partitioning, MViews etc
  • Execute the performance tuning, technical analysis on any issue or bugs with AWR, ADDM, ASH, SQLTuning Advisor, Ignite Tuning Set, or Toad etc..

Confidential, Shelton, CT

Oracle DBA Consultant


  • Lead/participate in database projects and work with partners to bring projects to successful and timely completion for Air Force project related to setup a New Computer Data Center oversea. Handle the procedure of databases building, Data Guard setting, RMAN usage and RAC Grid control configuration..
  • Planning and designing the infrastructure of Oracle system which include DB Tier, Apps Tier and Front Tier. DB tier has the architecture with IBM AIX 5L in 3 nodes and 4 nodes separately. Total storage size is over 8 TB. Apps tier has 3 nodes, and one of them is used as Web server. .
  • Execute the project to install oracle 10g R2 RAC and Oracle 11g Grid in DB tier with ASM separately, and create Oracle databases to support separate applications. Install and configure Oracle E-Business Suite R12 in Apps Tier and setup the process to Improvement of Oracle ERP. It has modules on HR, Financial( GL, AP, AR, Cash Management, Payroll), Oracle Asset Management, Oracle cMRO and so on. Schedule and perform the delivery of the project items. Monitor the Oracle RAC environment and DBs with OEM - Oracle Enterprise Manager.
  • Configure the structure of Oracle DB 10g/11g and Oracle App R12 with business specifics, apply patchset, upgrade release, migrate data and support the developer’s team to improve the applications including Oracle products and third party’s applications. Tune performance and optimize SQL with admin utilities like ADDM, AWR, ASH and DBMS.
  • Support 24x7 environments and ensure their availability, performance, security, operational efficiency and external/internal users providing guidance on database related inquiries and troubleshoot connectivity, query /job tuning and other issues.

Confidential, Parsippany, NJ

Sr. Oracle DBA Consultant


  • Execute the project to upgrade database from 10g to 11g, migrate and transit the databases from Sun Solaris platform to AIX 5L platform, install Oracle App server and E-Business Suite 11i in AIX server and upgrade Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.0.4, clone the Application Database from Production to development server, data transfer between the databases, and work with Application Functional developer’s team to troubleshooting the issues, apply patches. Largest prod db has more than 2 TB size.
  • Install, create and configure Oracle 11g RAC (v., ASM, Databases in AIX 5.3L pair server for development. Test performance, configure the OS setting and database design. Build the physical standby for failover. Transfer data from a 10g database. It has around 250GB size.
  • Create the 10G RAC, ASM, Database in AIX 5L platform for migrating the databases from all Solaris servers to new IBM AIX p570 servers with EMC storage. Responsibilities include to support 3 production Databases, 4 QA and 6 development databases,
  • Perform core database management tasks including software installation, database creation and configuration, database upgrades, backup and recovery, space management, partition maintenance, and object reorganization.
  • Supported application team in design, and handled database analysis, database management system, database object management, performance tuning with AWR, ADDM.
  • Execute the short project to install Veritas Storage Foundation For Oracle RAC product and create Oracle 10g RAC database for Improvement of Oracle ERP. Project includes planning and infrastructure to setup 2 IBM AIX 570 nodes with OS 5.3 TL8, to install and configure Veritas Cluster Enterprise Sever, Veritas Storage Manager, Veritas file system and Veritas Volume Manager, to build Oracle Cluster Database, to move Oracle eBusiness Suite 11i from single node to cluster nodes, to test failover and switchover procedures, to make a formal document for maintenance of new Veritas and Oracle Cluster environment.

Confidential, Florham Park, NJ

Sr. Oracle DBA Consultant


  • Planning and perform the project of database upgrade of 9i to 10g R2 grid architecture on the environment of Solaris UNIX System, EMC storage and Veritas cluster. As Oracle DBA, duty includes to support 14 production Databases, 10 QA and 14 dev. databases which are separately running in 10g R2 cluster environment and dedicated servers with OEM Grid control, and work closely with developer’s team to troubleshooting the issues related application performance. Largest prod db has more than 2 TB size.
  • Monitor and optimize database performance as it relates to partitioning strategies, index tuning, ETL, and query optimization on a Data Warehousing environment. Support the data transferring and management in Sybase.
  • Project management and support application team in design, merger, expansion, and handled system integration, database analysis, database object management, database Audit. Maintain Data warehouse.
  • As Oracle Infrastructure Support Function Team, build, modify and configure the RAC and ASM, create standby database for Data Guard, setup RMAN in OEM, make the documentation of installation procedure, and develop the distribution package for 10g r2 Client with perl in Tivoli system.
  • Performance tuning to record query/procedure execution frequency, and execution plans, identify poorly performing queries, guide developer in rewriting SQL to reduce IO and CPU cost and assure index optimization. Apply patches, and patchset. Create partitioning, Materialized Views, Bitmap Indexes, and Parallel Execution. or event methodology using such tools as export, import, database links, stream, Data Guard, or other third party tools. Use DBMS configuration changes to optimize server performance, implement cache, buffer pool, and configurable memory structure options for DBMS, daily releasing, and so on.

Confidential, Bristol, CT

Sr. Oracle DBA


  • Planed and performed all related database administrator’s activities such as installation; migration; patches, configuration; upgrade, and refreshing; database physical and logical design; data modeling, performance tuning; performance monitoring, client/server connectivity; queue optimization; backup and recovery; space management; capacity planning; disaster recovery; database cloning, storage management, implementation, and maintenance of security features of database which all involved online service and 24X7 on call activities.
  • Use Oracle new features and utility tools including OEM Grid Control, RMAN, Data Guard, partition, data pump, stream, ASM, AWR, ADDM, SQL Advisor, Statspack, TKPROF, and so on in daily or project’s database management activities.
  • Implemented, enhanced, maintained, monitored and troubleshot applications in multiple operating system environments. All Corporate Territory Databases including 15 production databases running in Real Application Cluster (RAC) Environment of IBM Unix AIX v.5.4L platform for Global transactions, 58 databases in developing test cluster environment and VMS, 2 prod databases and 2 Oracle Express servers in window 2003 servers, 3 Web databases in Solaris platform and 3 RAC DBs in Linux platform. Most of the applications are implemented by Oracle database, 10g R2, Data warehouse 10g R2, Oracle 10giAS v.2, and Oracle Financial Database. Some DBs are pretty large and have more than 1 TB size. Some SQL servers were included in part of duty.
  • Provided professional, courteous and timely database support to production. Identified, corrected and troubleshoot database problem issued by utilizing all technical resources available. Design, develop and integrated tools and processes to maximize performance of database environments.
  • Moved the tested codes to production libraries, monitor the sessions, track the user’s activities and audit SQL/PLSQL and optimize SGA status. Furthermore, create and administrate all database objects including schema’s objects, Unix clone jobs, OCI maintenance, etc. and DB security control, integrity using Oracle Utilities or SQL Developer, evaluate and install vendor software and so on.
  • Worked closely and cooperate with application developer’s team and Oracle ERP developer team to handle the application project status, upgrade the procedure of accomplishment, design and implement database ddl to effect changes to existing database designs. Assist the developer’s team on Oracle Form, Oracle Report, SQR, Oracle Application Express. Apply releases to change application library. Support project teams, end users, and system group on database related issues. Provide technical advice and assistance to the current and new applications. And make unique version release control. Supplied timely and effective resolution to database and application problems. Execute the project to create data warehouse and upgrade Oracle Financial Database.
  • Responsible for database administration related policies, standards, and procedures, fixed bugs and researched solutions for software problems. Resolution involved frequent communication with the users to ensure the quality of the application delivered from developers. Supervise two junior DBAs to complete the project or particular works and database security management.
  • Designed, implemented and maintained the database routinely; backup & recovery strategy, disaster database recovery procedures, recover the database damage when failure occurred.
  • Tuned and optimized sql statements, performed PL/SQL Programming based on request of application support group and code rewrites with DBMS. Deeply involve in Confidential Production Main Application project “NCS” which merges all subprograms and functionalities for corporation’s business. Many new business requirements or new business modules are functioned and built to this application from logical concern to physical objects. It is modified and upgraded with business growing daily. I would apply all application release to databases and application server. Made any changes for urgent requirement or scheduled requirement.
  • Performed support in design review, database analysis, database object management and troubleshooting including daily administration, batch processing, configuration management, environment migration, tool automation, end user acceptance testing and security control/audit.
  • Created and setup OLAP multidimensional database server, support Oracle Application server 9iAS, Oracle Express Server, Oracle Application v10, Oracle Application 11i(as Sysadmin) and Oracle Financial Analyzer, set up Oracle Networking (Net8).
  • Collaborate with System Admins on optimization of HA, and RAID configurations and perform trend analysis and system capacity planning

Confidential, Teterboro, NJ

Consultant, Oracle Database Administrator


  • Oracle Server 7.x. and Web Server 2.1 installation, configuration, migration, upgrading, Replication and administration, which involve the physical and logical design, data modeling, enhancing, and customize communication assets management system on Compaq Proliant/NT system and Solaris/UNIX.
  • Created the Oracle database, allocate system storage and plan for future storage requirements of the Database system, setup the backup and recovery procedures.
  • Performed start-initiation and shutdown processes, including stopping and starting of server processes, database locks, exports and archival. Maintained the Company Oracle Databases, applications and constraints surrounding the implementation and use of computer software. Most of the applications are implemented by SQL Server, Oracle Server 7.3x, Oracle Web Server 2.1, on Windows and UNIX platform.
  • Install and maintain the Filemaker Pro system. Outlined data conversion for transition of Filemaker to new online Oracle RDBMS Database.
  • Designed, implementation, integration and/or configuration of new or revised hardware and Oracle database and software, which enhance and support defined business requirements.
  • Tested client/server GUI applications that interface between Sun Solaris/PCs and NT server/ workstation & windows 95/98 platforms. Setup Database backup & recovery strategy, database performance tuning and auditing. Performance analysis and tuning, and prepare database backup/recovery. Maintained database security management tools and integrity.
  • Cooperated with application development team, setup oracle development application software, test the database instances, and debug the database; system and security issues.
  • Created primary database storage structures (table-spaces) and primary objects (tables, indexes, views, and so on), monitoring performance and storage usage, defragmentation.
  • Loaded and convert data into Oracle 7.x database through SQL*Loader from MS Access database.
  • Worked on application SQL statement analysis, index analysis, capacity planning and database.
  • PL/SQL programming on Scorpio project for Corp affiliate Market system - CAMS. Maintain, upgrade and support the online service to application. Coding and troubleshooting application problems, Upgrading program. Support and interpretation of business requirements, implementation, and its promotion.
  • Daily interaction with programmers, interpretation of business requirements, implementation.
  • Troubleshooting problems, hardware, application problems, Upgrading code, migrating application version.

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