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Soa Designer Resume

Tucson, AZ


  • Over 8+ years of extensive IT experience in Development, Integration and implementation of software applications.
  • Expertise on Enterprise Application Integration EAI, Service Oriented Architecture using Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Fusion Middleware.
  • Expertise on Web service Orchestration using Oracle BPEL Process Manger and Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).
  • Worked on the latest Oracle fusion middleware products like Oracle SOA 12c, Oracle SOA 11g.
  • Good Exposure in Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM) and Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).
  • Good Experience in Oracle AIA Foundation pack and Error Handling Framework, EBO & ABCS Extension, CAVS, and standard scripts for import in MDS.
  • Fluency in administering Apache web - servers.
  • Involved in various stages of Implementation, Customization, and training and post implementation activities of integration.
  • Has excellent experience in Functional Design, Business Process Management, and B2B Integration.
  • Extensive general IT skills covering UNIX shell scripts, PERL scripts, CRON Jobs and various Programing languages.
  • Good Knowledge on CC&B (Customer Care and Billing) and MDM (Meter Data Management) Systems.
  • Design and Developing the SOA Interfaces for Meter Reading Orchestrations.
  • Expertise in the design, development and integration of BPEL events with Sensors & Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) to create dashboards with various types of graphs.
  • Expertise in using Oracle B2B to provides the secure and reliable exchange of documents between businesses.
  • Experience in Oracle Service Bus 11g implementation and integration with Oracle SOA Suite 11g.
  • OSB Development following Synchronous and Asynchronous Invocation patterns.
  • Experienced in designing and building robust and fault - tolerant Fusion Middleware components in BPEL and OSB using Oracle Fault Management Framework and catch/compensate activities.
  • Involved in Configuration management tools Subversions, CVS.
  • Expertise Experience in Trouble Shooting and Code Reviewing.
  • Strong Experience in implementing API’S in Oracle EBS.
  • Extensively worked on developing PL/SQL Packages.
  • Strong Experience in JMS Architecture, JMS Queues, Connection Factories
  • Good Exposure in deploying the applications using Java technology.
  • Hands on experience in supporting and implementation of Business Integration for various customers.
  • Implemented SSL for Fusion based Architecture. Knowledge on ETL tool.
  • Experience developing UNIX shell scripts, HTML reports and workflows.
  • Good Knowledge in Human work Flow.
  • Demonstrated experience coding integrations using WS02 ESB 4.70 and newer.
  • Strong Experience on setting up security for Middleware.
  • Strong Experience in Setting up Failover Architectures for Fusion.
  • Strong experience and knowledge of XML Technologies XML, DTD, XSLT and Style sheet etc.
  • Good experience on Implementation of web services standards SOAP, WSDL and UDDI.
  • Extensively worked on RDBMS concepts and projects using Oracle10, SQL Server, Strong skills in the design and development of database objects.
  • Highly motivated team player with strong communication, analytical and organizational skills.
  • Proven ability in quick understanding and learning of new technologies and their application in business solutions.


Oracle Fusion Middleware/ Application Server: Oracle SOA Suite 10.1.3.x, 11g R1, 11g PS1.Oracle SOASuite 12c(12.1.3).OSB 11g,BPEL Process Manager, Enterprise Service Bus, Oracle Service Bus, Web services Manager, Business Activity Monitoring, AIA FP 2.3, ODI

Developer Tools: Oracle JDeveloper Studio,,,, 12.1.3,OSB Workshop

Web Services Management: Oracle Web Services Manager, Apache web servers.

CRM: Siebel eBusiness Applications 7.7, Siebel Tools 7.7, EIM, EAI, Server Architecture.

Operating Systems: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux, Solaris

Languages: Java, C++, C, PL/SQL,UNIX Shell, Perl

Databases: Oracle 10, Oracle XE, SQLServer7.0/2000.

Web Tools: JSP, HTML, XML, XSD, Xpath.


Confidential, Tucson, AZ

SOA Designer


  • Designed and involved in the CC&B (Customer Care & Billing) to MDM (Meter Data Management) systems integration through SOA.
  • Involved in the requirement gathering, high level design and development discussions.
  • Working on XML technologies such as XSD, XML parsers, XPATH, WSDL, Schema Validations, and XSLT.
  • Designed and developed ESB/BPEL processes (One way, Synchronous and Asynchronous).
  • Implemented BPEL Orchestration to invoke different external services and getting the data from MDM system and uploading into the CC&B core tables.
  • Developed SOA composites using JCA Adapters like File Adapter, FTP Adapter, DB Adapter, JMS Adapter and Queues like MQ, AQ and JMS Queues in the Interfaces developed.
  • Designed and developed Error Handling Framework to capture the Remote and Binding Faults.
  • Working with MDS(Meta Data Services) to store and modify the existing artifacts (Xsd, Wsdl and Dvm).
  • Implemented about 30 interfaces, simple to complex leveraging AIA architecture patterns.
  • Migrated several 10g BPEL/ESB processes to SCA based 11g composites, developed custom productivity XPath functions and utility services Involved in document exchange between business process using B2B.
  • Developed Proxy, Business services, message flows in Oracle Service Bus (OSB) and Security setups like encryption/decryption, certificates, and SOAP Header manipulations.
  • Worked on Event handling and content based routing in Service Bus, Message transformation in Service Bus.
  • Created partner link BPEL using web service adapter to invoke URL based OSB and other services.
  • Implemented best practices such as error handling and file archiving in Oracle OSB.
  • OSB Security is implemented Message level and Transport level securities.
  • Worked with Oracle OSB to build service proxies that provided features like load balancing fault tolerance and dynamic routing to back end SOA services which involves dealing with XQUERY and XSLT.
  • Deploying composites using ANT scripts over different environments (Dev, Test and QA) and managing and monitoring Composite applications. Involved in the deployment of BPEL and MediatorServices into Production Environment.
  • Working on Oracle SOA suite 12c and developing BPEL processes using BPM 12c.
  • Involved in migration of services from Oracle 11g to Oracle 12c using best practices.
  • Testing SOA services using SOAP-UI.
  • Involved in the Developement of a custom ETL framework that consisted of over 25 processes using Oracle native language (PL/SQL).
  • Extensively used ODI to load data from Oracle, XML files and flat files.
  • Working with Oracle data base, written SQL scripts like to create new tables, synonyms, grants to the existing database users and written purge scripts.
  • Written PLSQL stored procedures to handled different complex queries and transactions.
  • Good Knowledge on WebLogic 10.3 and Oracle Enterprise Manager.
  • Working on version control software like tortoise SVN and GIT.
  • Writing UNIX/LINUX shell scripts and deployed SCA composites on UNIX servers using WLST.
  • Developed automic jobs and properties using UC4 and scheduled SOA services based on UC4 clients. Monitoring and supporting the automic jobs.
  • Integrated Oracle BAM with SOA composite applications to capture BPEL process metrics using activity monitors and monitoring objects (counters, business indicators, intervals).
  • Exposed ETL as web services.
  • Created and Configured ODI Repositories, Interfaces, Packages, Procedures and Scenarios.
  • Defined external data sources, active data cache objects using BAM.
  • Involved in Documenting test plan and test scenarios. Performed unit testing and involved testing in System Integration Test (SIT), Regression and User Acceptance Test (UAT).

Environment: Oracle SOA Suite 11g (,SOA Suite 12c (12.1.3), OSB 11g&12c, B2B, BAM, Oracle 11g DB, JDeveloper, 12.1.3,ODI,Informatica,SOAP- UI, UNIX/LINUX, CC&B 2.4 and MDM.

Confidential, Torrance, CA

Oracle Fusion Developer


  • Designed and Developed BPS Scheduler for Managing Request process.
  • Calling Java class and Methods into BPEL, Used spring context for calling Java services, Developed service builders for Invoking Web Services.
  • Designed AsyncrequestInititor, AsyncrequestArchiver and Asyncrequestsender for request processing of account details and Billing Information. Configured Oracle Apps adapter to consume and produce messages.
  • Worked on XML, XSD, WSDL, Schema Validations, and XSLT.
  • Involved in Schema (XSD) design for BPEL.Developed the One way, Synchronous, Asynchronous BPEL composites. Developed configuration plans for migration of BPEL composites
  • Participated in formal Development Requirement reviews.Worked on weblogic administration to set up JDBCs and JNDIs for Database and JMS adapters.
  • Built SOA composites using BPEL/OSB/Mediator components that exposed some EBS sales order processing functions as web services accessible by all technology platforms in the enterprise through SOAP/WSDL interface.
  • Worked on using version control software like GitHub, SVN.
  • Configured Data sources, JNDI’s, Database adapters and b2b adapter.
  • Developing Oracle ADF (and/or Oracle APEX) applications, for middleware usages (enterprise logging system, etc.).Working on MFT console (MFT Managed Server).
  • Created Proxy's services and Business service using Oracle Service Bus OSB.
  • OSB Communication Actions such as Publish Dynamic Publish Routing options service callout and Transport Headers are used extensively.
  • Implemented Security Policies and name-value token security for OSB services.
  • Developed OSB proxy services and exposed them as JMS, HTTP and REST based services for consumers.
  • Developed build and deployments process to deploy sbconfig jars to OSB server using Maven repository and configuration plans to support deployment across multiple environments.
  • Worked on reporting and BAM implementation using OSB.
  • Create and Deploy a SOA Project in JDeveloper for MFT to Invoke.
  • Implementing BPM Suite for business process automation.
  • Working on SCA deployments using ANT/ MAVEN scripts and worked with UNIX shell scripts.
  • Involved in the deployment of a custom built ETL strategy in supporting the implementation of an Enterprise Data Warehousingand integrated the company’s data (i.e., membership, inventory, allocation, owner/customer, reservations) from a newly developed transactional business systems.
  • Performed detail data analysis of both data elements requested by the business and data sources,documented data source definition, source-to-target mapping, and logical structures to support the ETL batch process.
  • Extensively used ODI to load data from Oracle, XML files and flat files.
  • Involved in the migration of SOA Platform from Oracle SOA 11g to Oracle SOA 12c.
  • Deploying composites using ANT scripts over different environments and working on SOAP, REST and WSDL. Developing SOA Applications with Oracle SOA Suite12c (12.1.3).
  • Involved in Oracle B2B enables the definition, validation, normalization, identification, correlation, batching, routing and envelope generation of documents as defined by the individual standards.
  • Created Oracle database in the Physical, Logical Architecture and Variables in the ODI project.
  • Involved in the data migration and Loading using OEM tools such as: Data Pump, jobscheduling, program.
  • Involved in Documenting test plan and test scenarios. Performed unit testing and involved testing in System Integration Test (SIT) and User Acceptance Test (UAT).
  • Integrated various BPEL events with BAM to monitor the real time data during the execution of the process.
  • Deployed real-time operational dashboards, monitoring and alerting applications over the web using Oracle Business Activity Monitoring BAM.
  • Deployment of the BPEL composites and ODI Projects in Test environment, SIT Environment for System integration testing, UAT Environment for User Acceptance testing and in Production environment.
  • Used ANT Script to build the application and CVS for version control across common source code used by developers .Involved in MDS Deployment.
  • Created Error logger process for error logging and Error Handler Process for resubmitting the error messages to respective processes.
  • Fixed X-path and Ignore Missing data errors in the project. Tested the WSDL’s using SOUP UI.

Environment: Oracle SOA Suite 11g(, SOA Suite 12c (12.1.3), OSB 11g, B2B, BAM, Oracle 11g DB, JDeveloper, 12.1.3,UNIX,SOAP UI, ODI, Informatica, GIT.

Confidential, Addison, TX

Oracle SOA/OSB Developer


  • Participated and contributed in analysis and design of upgrade process.
  • Documented code changes and unit test results per Best Practices.
  • Developed code for system changes according to client specifications, policies and standards.
  • Participated in formal and informal code reviews.
  • Designed and created complete BPEL Processes for orchestration using different process activities using Oracle SOA Suite and human task flows using BPEL Process Manager, ESB, Web Services, WSDL, SOAP, UDDI, XML Oracle Top Link, Oracle B2B and Oracle SOA JDeveloper.
  • Developed XSDs and WSDLs for services, implemented interfaces using OSB and BPEL.
  • Involved in the Migration of over 20 BPEL Services and 10 Java Web services from Oracle SOA Suite 10g to Oracle SOA Suite 11g.
  • Used Oracle Data Integrator ODI to develop processes for extracting, cleansing, transforming, integrating, and loading data into data warehouse database and Oracle EBS interface tables.
  • Created Proxy and Business service using Oracle Service Bus OSB.Worked on XQuery Transformations in OSB 11g. sed Oracle Data Integrator ODI to extract relevant data from Oracle EBS and map it to Siebel interface tables.
  • Worked with Oracle OSB to build service proxies for virtualizing that provided features like load balancing, fault-tolerance, dynamic transformation and dynamic routing to back-end SOA services which involves dealing with XQUERY and XSLT.
  • Worked on creating OSB Services (wsdl based, xml based, Message types).
  • Deploying applications on different environments using ANT, MAVEN scripts, UNIX shell scripts and working on SOAP, WSDL and ATOM.
  • Modify BPEL Process to Parse Inbound Payload Types from MFT.
  • Involved in development of ETL processes (PL/SQL, DTS Packages),the creation of several multidimensional cubes, the development of a web reporting application, client training and documentations.
  • Defined sensors in BPEL processes for capturing and sending the real time data to BAM data objects.
  • Working on version control systems SVN, GIT HUB.
  • Configured Oracle B2B: set up trading host, trading partners, uploaded guideline files .
  • Implementing BPM Suite for business process automation.
  • Designed and defined exception handling. Created Error logger process for error logging and Error Handler Process.
  • Deployment of the BPEL process in integration server for integration testing, QA server for QA testing and in Production environment.
  • Performed unit testing and involved in integration testing and QA Testing.

Environment: SOA Suite, WLS 10.3.1, OSB, B2B, BAM, OWSM 10g, Oracle 10g DB,ODI, GIT, SVN, UNIX.

Confidential, WI

Oracle SOA/OSBDeveloper


  • Designed and developed BPEL process for customer interfaces, ESB processes which provides routing.
  • Installed and Configured OSB 11g on Linux platform for DEV environment.
  • Imported resources, configured business and proxy services for virtualizing services with Oracle Service Bus OSB.
  • Worked on communication to EBS using AQs in OSB.
  • Managed the web services through Oracle BPEL Process Manger Consoles and oracle Enterprise Service Bus Consoles (ESB).
  • Worked on developing OSB services supporting various protocols including JMS, FTP and DB.
  • Designed and developed enterprise business services, enterprise business flows using AIA Foundation Pack.
  • Designed a complete workflow management system using Oracle Workflow Builder.
  • Worked with message transformation, enrichment and configuration using AIA.
  • Configured JMS adapter over MQ Adapter, File Adapter and Database adapter.
  • Designed the OAGIS BOD schemas.
  • Involved in the developing DB2 objects such as tables, views, indexes, triggers, procedures, and functions to support the ETL Meta Data Rule component;
  • Defined Error handling framework in the process level and domain level
  • Involved in Patch Upgrade and Troubleshooting.
  • Deployed different environment with ant scripts, BPEL processes into multiple environments.
  • Performed unit testing and support for QA testing.
  • Deployed to multiple environments using ant scripts.

Environment: SOA Suite 11g R1,11g PS1,OSB 10.3.1,WLS 10.3.1, WLS, 10.3.2,BAM 11g,OWSM 11g,Oracle 10g DB,ODI,SQL Developer.

Confidential, Chicago,IL

Oracle Fusion Consultant


  • Designed and created complete BPEL Processes for orchestration using different process activities, Interfaces.
  • Created Interfaces using BPEL and Services using Oracle ESB and Used ESB for routing and transformations.
  • Architected the design and developed the Interfaces.
  • Used EBO From AIA Foundation Pack.
  • Created EBM, Extended the EBO’S.
  • Implemented the Account Entry and shipment receipt EBO.
  • Created Triggers, Packages in PL/SQL for extraction of data from EBS.
  • Configured the Business Event System and Implemented the API’S.
  • Configured Oracle Apps Adapter, AQ Adapter, DB Adapter.
  • Created security for web services using OWSM.
  • Created Error E-mail Notification Process using BPEL.
  • Created Custom Schemas as per the requirement.
  • Configured Human Workflow.
  • Performed Unit Testing.

Environment: Oracle EBS R12, Oracle SOA Suite,AIA FP 2.3, Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle ESB, Oracle Web Service Manager(OWSM), Oracle 10g Database Enterprise Edition.


Consultant - Oracle SOA developer


  • As part of Integration all Inbound Transaction will populate data to ERP tables and all Outbound Transaction will send data to a third party (GXS) for EDI translation. All Inbound transaction and outbound transaction is having Common BPEL Process, Transaction Specific BPEL Process and Logical ESB process. For Inbound Transaction and Outbound Transaction data got transformed from OAGIS xml to Database XML and from Database XML to OAGIS xml respectively.
  • Creating BPEL process for Integration Workflow.
  • Creating ESB processes for routing Business Flow.
  • Extensive works in XSL for Transformations and XML node manipulation.
  • Working on OAGIS Schema.
  • Error Handling Configuration, Logging Framework and sending Email notifications.
  • Writing the unit test case’s& Unit testing.
  • UAT Support and resolving the bugs with no delay.

Environnent: Oracle Application Server 10g, Oracle SOA Suite 10.1.3, BPEL, ESB, Oracle 10g Database Enterprise Edition.

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