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Senior Consultant Resume

Warren, NJ


  • 12+ years of experience in technical project management and application development in Banking Domain focusing on areas across Financial Risk management and Institutional Banking.
  • Worked on studying & suggesting the feasibility of the Technical Solutions/Enhancements for US based banking domain clients. Recently worked on Risk Management and providing a framework to manage Tier 1 Tier 2 and Tier 3 exposures.
  • Plan business strategies and manage multimillion - dollar projects aligning business goals with technology solutions to drive process improvements, competitive advantage and bottom-line gains.
  • Strong communication, collaboration & team building skills with proficiency at grasping new technical concepts quickly and utilize the same in a productive manner.
  • Conscientious about deliverables, passionate about new technologic and architecture.
  • Adept at designing software & applications using Java /J2EE technologies, Oracle, RAD Tools, Spring ROO, Web servers and application Servers.
  • Expert in agile and waterfall project management methodologies. Able to manage large project teams and known for high-quality deliverables that meet or exceed timeline and budgetary targets.
  • Actively working in sync with business to understand client expectations and reviewing the delivery in accordance.


RDBMS: Oracle 8i/9i/10g

Operating: Windows9X, Windows2000/XP, DOS, UNIX, RHEL

Languages: Java (Core Java, Multithreading), PL/SQL, SQL, PERL

J2EE: Technologies JSP, Servlets, EJB, Struts2.0, Springs, Hibernate, JPA, JMS

BPM: Oracle BPM, Tibco iProcess

Content: Management Documentum

Web: Technologies REST, ExtJs 5.1, Flex 3-4, Flex Parsley framework, Action script 3, HTML 5, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript

Web/App: Server Tomcat 7.x/6.x, Weblogic 9.2/10.3.5, Websphere 7.

IDE/RAD: MyEclipse, Spring Roo, Eclipse

SCM: Subversion, Perforce, Clear Case.

Tools: Wily Introscope, Maestro, Hudson, SQL Developer, Toad 8.5.1, Squirrel

Functional: Development and design for J2EE ETL/Web/REST application design, architecture and development.


Confidential, Warren, NJ

Senior Consultant


  • Commercial banking - process workflows (Market Risk and Permitted Product list)
  • Financial Risk Management Expertise.
  • OBPM to JBPM Migration
  • Flex to EXT JS Migration.
  • Develop ETL process to FO Join Position and Trades data using multi-threading and spring core for RENTD calculations.
  • Development of high trough put application using Consumer producer design using Blocking queue to maximize multithreading.
  • Requirement gathering by talking to business and providing solutions for new functionality to manage limits in flex 4 using spark components and parsley framework.
  • Development, architecture and design of spring based services which has the business logic to modify the data and send data in domain objects to the front end flex layer.
  • Development, architecture and design of interfaces using JMS which to interact with external processes.
  • Design new JPA entities/DAO’s and controller layers to fetch the data from oracle using My Eclipse as the RAD tool.
  • Manage project dependencies using Maven and ant.
  • Development, architecture and design of projects hierarchy based entitlements in the application.
  • Development, architecture and design for caching, exception logging and control framework using Spring AOP and annotations.
  • Knowledge management and managing other project artifacts.
  • Created Hudson jobs to do auto build and deploy code to weblogic application servers.
  • Designed and created new work-flows processes in Oracle BPM for managing work-flows.
  • Designed and created new services to in
  • Migration to new Weblogic 11g servers including Installation, domain creation and installation of SSL certificates.

Environment: J2EE, Oracle 10g, Subversion, Weblogic10.3.5 11g, Spring 3.0.5, Hibernate, JPA, Flex 4 with parsley framework, Maven, Oracle BPM, Ext Js 4.2, Core Java, Multi threading, REST serveries.


Senior Consultant


  • Manage and coordinate work to with a team of 4 resources.
  • Design and development to add new types of Credit risk exceptions.
  • Design and development of new ETL jobs in to fetch data from upstream source systems using Tibco BW.
  • Code Review and management of releases and tasks using Jira.
  • Technical analysis of existing system made on Microsoft citi-vision framework.
  • Release manager to release perform release new versions of the application.
  • Migrate existing screens to Flex 4 spark components.
  • Knowledge management and managing other project artifacts.

Environment: JDBC, PL-SQL, J2EE, Oracle 10g, CVS, Weblogic8.1, Tibco-Business works, Tibco-Staffware, spring, Hibernate, Flex 4.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Technical Analyst


  • Managed a team of 5 resources.
  • Design/Development of new trade processors and workflows using State full EJB’s.
  • Manage and coordinate work to with a team of 4 resources.
  • Created Message Driven Bean for listening to new trade topics which are fed the trades from front office systems.
  • Helped in database query optimization to improve performance of existing stored procedures/Queries.
  • Created new Sybase PL/SQL stored procedures and triggers for application to insert new trade type messages.
  • Worked on detecting memory leaks in application using JProbe and Wily Introscope Leak Hunter.
  • Setting Wily Introscope with the whole environment including Weblogic/ISS and other standalone applications for performance monitoring.
  • Used Test driven development and used JUnit and JMock for implementing test cases.
  • Knowledge Management anchor for the team.
  • Created jobs using Hudson and Maestro and integrated them with ANT Scripts for automated build, deploy, start and stop the entire application suit.
  • Created Hudson jobs to automate merging of subversion branches.
  • Developed reconciliation jobs and integrated them with Maestro for Automation.
  • Used SnakeYAML for create highly configurable component to generate feeds to send MAP messages to a Soniq topic for downstream applications.
  • Also created standalone processes for further monitoring of the applications.
  • Migrated web applications running on IBM Websphere to Apache Tomcat ver. 5.5.27.
  • Created components for user maintenance in documentum Webtop.

Environment: JDBC, PL-SQL, J2EE, Oracle 10g, Clearcase, Subversion, Documentum, Weblogic 9.2, Weblogic8.1.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Programmer Analyst


  • Design/development of ETL jobs for generic object oriented Perl modules with Perl best Practices as development standards.
  • Integrating of Wily Introscope with Weblogic Servers, MIM servers and other Perl ETL scripts.
  • Involved in maintenance of application based on Struts framework.
  • Designed GUI Components using Validation frame work.
  • Development of a lightweight standalone process, which kept executing at the backend which uses Unix IPC for communication with other components.
  • Test driven development using Test::More and Test::MockObject in Perl.
  • Used agile development methodologies as SDLC for project.
  • Did technical writing for existing ETL jobs and other processes in the team. And was Knowledge Management anchor for the team

Environment: Object Oriented Perl, Perl Mock/More, JAVA, Wily Introscope, and Sybase 12.5.


Associate Developer and Sr Software Engineer


  • Gathered requirements for the web-application that was to be developed and converted the requirements to HLD and Detailed Design.
  • Perform releases
  • Configured log4j in all modules of the application to log debug, error, info messages to monitor the application behavior
  • Participated in high-level/detail design of the overall application.
  • Involved in Analysis and Design of the Project, which is based on MVC architecture and Design Patterns.
  • Developed the web layer using Struts framework using Validation frame work.
  • Design and development of backend DAO’s for fetching data.
  • Used XML to transfer the application data between client and server.
  • Processed XML requests using SAX parser.
  • Developed the XSL to convert and compare the SOAP to simple XML and vice versa.
  • Wrote ANT Scripts for building and deploying the entire web application.
  • Used Perforce as source Version control.
  • Integrated Ajax framework with custom tags in the application.
  • Wrote print framework to change the layout of web page when printed.
  • Development testing done by using JUnit.
  • Implementation of SOA modeled Architecture using Web services.
  • Used various J2EE patterns like Iterator pattern, Singleton Pattern, Session Façade, Data Access Objects etc.,
  • Involved in implementing the business tier of the application using Stateful/Stateless session beans.
  • Used WebLogic 8.1 server for the development and deployment.

Environment: : J2EE/Java/JSP/Servlets, Struts, JDBC, Oracle, Weblogic 8.2, JUnit, Perforce.

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