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Programmer/analyst Resume

Wayne, PA


A software developer with experience in multiple platforms utilizing a wide variety of operating systems, languages, and tools. Have been involved in all phases of the software life cycle of many projects of various sizes with commercial and Defense Department customers.


Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows

Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server

Languages: Oracle PL/SQL, MS.NET w/SSIS, UNIX shells, Visual Basic, C#, C++


Confidential, Wayne, PA



  • Member of design and implementation team responsible for various applications. Very recently designed and developed several MS .NET SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) applications for both Oracle and SQL Server data bases, some integrating C# programs, that populated cloud - Microsoft Azure SQL Database. Also very recently designed and developed Oracle Application Express ( Confidential ) applications that maintained many Oracle data base tables.
  • Designed and developed many applications using Oracle stored procedures controlled by UNIX, and Windows shell script programs.
  • Maintained many other UNIX shell programs.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Application Development Senior Specialist


  • Developed many enhancements to several EDI interface applications for Oracle data base using PL/SQL and UNIX shell.
  • Worked on enhancements and fixes to a large library of reusable support procedures that were used extensively across the PL/SQL EDI interfaces.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Senior Programmer


  • Developed EDI interfaces and MS .NET C++ GUI for Confidential Healthcare Integrated Case Management System (CHC ICMS), an application providing health care cost savings through coordination of patient care.
  • Developed EDI interfaces (Oracle PL/SQL, Java, and UNIX shell) to patient coverage/eligibility, patient privacy, employer account benefit, and provider enrollment data.
  • Designed and coded to meet project requirements, advised during requirements development, worked with coders, production support, QA/test, and data teams through development and after deployment.
  • Designed and developed a Java interface infrastructure application that is used for four file interfaces, some fixed and some comma separated (csv), into an Oracle data base.
  • Often designed and developed for projects that required new functionality to the CHC ICMS GUI (developed using MS .NET C++, and Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures).

Confidential, Marlon, NJ

Application Development Senior Specialist


  • Developed several MS Visual C++, and Oracle PL/SQL applications using UNIX operating system and UNIX shell programs.
  • In a project here developed a Windows NT MS Visual C++ GUI data base application tool set.
  • The tools were developed using Confidential classes, ODBC API, and Oracle server back-end tables/stored procedures.
  • The project utilized the Confidential multiple document interface (MDI) model, created several new classes, and also extended some Confidential classes.

Confidential, Warminster, PA

Senior Software Engineer


  • Developed many Sun and HP UNIX MOTIF GUI applications. In one project developed a US Navy validation facility for operational software development of the UH-1N CDNU navigation computer.
  • The facility had several major software modules including MIL-STD-1553B device simulations, aircraft position, aircraft graphical rendering, digital display, Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) simulation, 1553B communication to several actual aircraft subsystems, and GUI.
  • The software was developed in MS C, with some modules as Confidential s in C, with the GUI and graphic position rendering modules developed in Visual Basic.
  • In another project developed the motion control portion of an optical surveillance project with embedded 6811 micro, and LM628/629 motion controller using Archimedes C.

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