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Lead Oracle Apps Functional Consultant Resume


  • Senior Oracle Functional consultant with ‘11’ Years of IT experience. Specialized in Oracle - E Business suite (EBS) Supply Chain Management (SCM), financial modules and related technologies including upgrade, Implementations, and Support. Functional expert with strong conceptual, business analytical and debugging skills.
  • Successfully completed full life cycle implementations using Oracle Applications R12/11i.
  • Expertise includes in Supply chain Management (SCM) and Finance modules:
  • Manufacturing - Discrete, Oracle Inventory (INV), Bill of Material (BOM), Work In Process (WIP), Costing, Quality, Engineering (ENG).
  • Sales and Distribution - Quoting, Order Management (OM), Shipping (WSH), Warehouse Management (WMS) and MSCA, Advanced Pricing (QP), Available To Promise (ATP)
  • Procurement - Purchasing (PO/PUR), i-Procurement, i-Supplier,
  • Finance - Account Receivables (AR), Account Payables (AP),Cash Management
  • AOL- System Administration, Application Object Library (AOL).
  • Experience in defining processes relative to Order to Cash (O2C), Procure to Pay (P2P) and Manufacturing business cycles.
  • Extensive experience in all the phases of end to end ERP implementation such as Business Process Studies, Data Migration, Gap Analysis with respect to As-Is & To-Be Design, Development, Testing, Cut Over, Go Live and Maintenance (User training and post production support).
  • Expertise in implementing a full cycle of Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Manufacturing process.
  • Exposure to onsite/offshore experience.
  • Successfully completed onsite assignments for Confidential Business in USA, Austria and South Africa.
  • Successfully handled seven oracles E -Business suite projects that include support, implementation, and rollouts for SCM modules.
  • Proficient in Functional Consulting role, which encompasses of Process analysis, process design, mapping, and re-engineering, gap analysis, and issue resolution
  • Act as a catalyst between Business Process Owners and Implementing Partners
  • Possess experience using TOAD, SQL Developer, WinSCP, and Putty.
  • Technically strong in SQL, PL/SQL.
  • Hands on experience in RICE components.
  • Good experience in developing Oracle Reports XML/BI Publisher Reports, Inbound/Outbound Interfaces, EDIs, Data Conversions, Forms Personalization/Customization for various RICEW components
  • Good Experience in analyzing RICEW components and Debugging PL/SQL Packages and Procedures
  • Implementation Experience in Various Business likes Confidential Transportation, Confidential Healthcare, Confidential Power and Water, K nape and Vogt, Cummings Engine manufacturing.
  • Experience in performing detailed reviews of current practices and procedures, examining alternatives and implementing solutions within the current system environment.
  • Excellent Analytical, Problem Solving, Communication and Interpersonal skills to interact with individuals at all levels.
  • Proficient in conducting requirements GAP analysis, Business process re-engineering, Solution Design, Test Methodologies, Cutover Strategy, Implementation, Knowledge Transfer and Application Support.
  • Extensive experience in identifying product GAPs, coordinated with the team by creating TAR/SR and obtained one-off fixes. Managed and monitored TAR’s for several P1/P2/P3 issues.
  • Experience in all stages of documentations like MD050,TE050,BR100,BR110,BP080,BR150,MD070,MD110,CV40 in the implementation life cycle using Oracle’s AIM methodology.
  • Expert in training entry level application analysts
  • Proficient in System Administration and Application Object Library concepts.
  • Expertise in Application Object Library (AOL) integrating custom and/or legacy applications with Oracle Applications, Key/Descriptive Flex fields, Value Sets, Profile Options and System Administrator activities viz. Creating Users, Responsibilities, Concurrent Programs, Request Groups/Sets, Menus, and Functions.
  • Immense knowledge in System Administrator and Application Developer Responsibilities.
  • Highly motivated, fast learning, competent individual with good communication and analytical skills.


Oracle EBS: Oracle E-Business Suite 11i & R12 Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Oracle Finance: Account Receivables (AR), Account Payables (AP),Cash Management

AOL: System Administration, Application Object Library

Tools: /Utilities SQL* Plus, SQL * Loader, SQL Developer, MS Visio, WinSCP, TOAD, D2K (Reports, Forms), XML/BI Publisher, Web ADI and Workflow Builder

Databases: Oracle 9i/10g/11g/12c

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX

Operating Systems: Windows XP/7/Server 2003, Linux



Lead Oracle Apps Functional Consultant


  • Involved in various activities like preparing functional documents, discussions with the client regarding proposed solution, mapping, custom programs/Reports, unit level testing and user acceptance testing.
  • Worked in onsite as well offshore as per business need.
  • Providing leadership and vision for project implementation process.
  • Ensuring timely and effective completion of tasks and activities.
  • Engaging and coordinating business analysis sessions for understanding client business processes
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities to the team members.
  • Designed Oracle Procure to pay, Order to cash, Manufacturing interfaces between legacy systems and Oracle Apps.
  • Prepared process flow document(BP080)
  • Document user requirements and subsequent process flows (using MS Visio)
  • Prepared FIT-GAP analysis document (BR150) and identify the RICEW components.
  • Prepared Custom Documents (MD050) based on BR150 RICEW.
  • Established order to cash business process as per business process. customized automatic requisition process based on LPN
  • Designed sales order reservation program by API for direct shipments
  • Developed Logistics Planning Report, to plan Trips and Deliveries by assigning Open orders in the Shipping Transaction Form to Deliveries and to Trips. .
  • Established delivery intimation report from TPD> TBD,TPD>>>MP Orgs
  • Established intercompany transaction flow (IR - ISO) Process.
  • Implemented P2P (procure to pay) business process.
  • Unprocessed Requisition Lines Report.
  • Unfulfilled Requisitions Report
  • Form Personalization on Purchasing Need By date
  • Sample PO charge accounts defaulting on Purchase Order.
  • Customized standard Print PO report.
  • Prepared Late delivery report for Material specialist.
  • Initiated Automation Process for Purchasing using BPA.
  • Established ASL (approved supplier setup) setup with the help of SQE team.
  • Developed Retro Active Pricing for Blanket Releases.
  • Supplier Onboarding Process( SQE and SCP)
  • Enhanced Ticketing tool form for material specialist to Buyer for GESAT business
  • Coordinating the Pricing team to price update
  • The mapped manufacturing process to GESAT business.
  • Configured INV, BOM, WIP, Costing, Engineering modules for manufacturing modules.
  • Involved in data conversion by building data loaders
  • ECO Approval through Workflow
  • Established OSP Process for Buy under Buy manufacturing process.
  • For scrap transaction identification developed WIP-Scrap Summary Report
  • Worked on obsolete item report.
  • Developed Shop floor Order Status Report configured Discrete Shortage - Report
  • Worked on Item Usage Report
  • Involved in Project roadmap as per project timelines (milestones).
  • Prepared test scripts(TE050) for SIT and UAT.
  • Maintaining of test scripts and taking test data reports from Quality Center (QC).
  • Prepared Setup document (BR100) based on functional area (module wise).
  • Conducted CRPs
  • Helped technical team to drive in logic derives on RICEW components.
  • Involved in code debugging process along with the tech team.
  • Prepared various RICE components as per business need.
  • Prepared various custom components in Purchasing(PO)Manufacturing(BOM and WIP), Order Management (OM) as well as WMS
  • Implemented the Available to Promise (ATP) functionality based on the collected data from planning
  • Involved in all phases CRPs, SIT, UAT, Go-Live of project life cycle.
  • Leading the offshore Team.
  • Meeting the Confidential Tollgates as per project specification.
  • Post production support.
  • End-user Training
  • Preparing SOPs
  • Raising TAR/SRs

Environment: Oracle Applications EBS R12.1.3, Supply Chain Management (SCM)-INV, PO, OM, WIP, BOM,ENG, Quality, AR, AOL,WMS,MSCA, ASCP,Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Manufacturing,ATP Reports 10g, Forms 10g, Oracle 12c, XML/BI Publisher, SQL, PL/SQL, Toad, FTP, MS Word 2007, Windows 7.

Confidential, Michigan

Senior Oracle Apps Functional Consultant


  • Lead Functional consultant for BOB, WIP, ENG, Quality, OM, INV, Advanced Pricing and AR
  • Established manufacturing, Order to cash flow which includes Order entry, Shipping, and Pricing
  • Understanding the Sales and Inventory process and Mapping into Oracle application.
  • Prepared around 30 Custom Reports within a month( This is the biggest challenge in terms of project timeline)
  • Prepared various RICE components.
  • Involved item cost update
  • Handled BOM conversion
  • Collection plans for quality.
  • Prepared various custom reports in Manufacturing.
  • Developed Order On Hold Notification
  • Established Sales Order Acknowledgement EDI (Outbound)
  • Worked on Order Status EDI (Outbound)
  • Prepared OM to CCC (Outbound)
  • Prepared OM Program to Unreserved Order Lines
  • Developed OM Program to Update Weight Volume on Delivery Lines
  • Developed OM to CCC (Outbound)
  • Involved in AR Invoice outbound program developing.
  • Configured OM,INV,Advance pricing modules.
  • Worked on CTO/ATO Environment.
  • Established Modifiers mapped Discount modifier mapped surcharge modifier
  • Mapped freight charges modifier
  • Established Price break Modifier mapped incompatibility in the modifier
  • Established qualifiers to modifiers
  • Prepared process flows documents on Pricing scenarios
  • Maintenance of Pricing
  • Involved on Sales order conversion.
  • Excess shipping quantity process
  • Create test user scripts for INV, OM and Advance Pricing.
  • Prepared various FPs as per Business Requirement.
  • Involved in R12 Customers Migration.
  • Prepared View only Responsibilities.
  • Preparation of Toll Gate Documents like BR100, TE050, BP080s
  • Preparation of SOPs and end User Training.
  • Conducted WebEx Meeting, Conference Room meeting to train the Users to understand the New System and help them to gain the confidence to bring them in line with the Current Business Requirements.
  • Setting various pricing strategies like qualifier, modifiers
  • Demonstrated and tested each Requirement at each phase of the Project CRP, SIT1, and UAT.

Environment: Oracle Applications EBS R12.1.3, Supply Chain Management(SCM), BOM,WIP,ENG,INV, OM, Advance Pricing,Quality, AR, AOL, Order to Cash, Reports 10G, XML/BI Publisher, SQL, PL/SQL, Toad, Workflow, WinSCP, Windows 7.

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Senior Oracle Apps Functional Consultant


  • Modules Handling OM(Order Management), PO(Purchasing), INV( Inventory)
  • Handled Purchase Order and Sales Orders conversion.
  • Prepared Custom Responsibilities based on usage of the business user.
  • Act as a catalyst between Business and Developer.
  • Document user requirements and subsequent process flows (using MS Visio)
  • Interacting with Business via teleconference and freezing the requirement.
  • Meeting the Tollgates as per release Window Plan.
  • Validate setups by testing existing business flows and recommend improvements.
  • Facilitate knowledge management activities to Business.
  • Single point of contact for distribution modules.
  • Defined employee hierarchy as per business need.
  • Established Order to cash and procure to pay process.
  • Placed Min Max planning.
  • Handled IR-ISO process for internal order process.
  • Handled ASL conversions.
  • Prepared dashboard for material specialist based supply /demand in warehouse
  • Prepared Web ADI Program for mass upload of requisitions.
  • Prepared View only responsibilities
  • Worked on QC center to showcase quality results to the business
  • Conducted SIT, UAT as per project milestones
  • Involved in cutover activities and Prepared system for GO-Live
  • Post Production support.

Environment: Oracle Applications EBS R12.1.3, Supply Chain Management (SCM) INV, PO, OM, Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, AOL, Reports 10G, Oracle 12C, XML/BI Publisher, OAF, SQL, PL/SQL, Toad, FTP, Windows 7.


Oracle Apps Functional Consultant


  • Modules Handling Quoting, Order Entry, shipping, Inventory(INV), Purchasing(PO), Manufacturing (BOM & WIP, ENG), Payables, Receivables,
  • Interacting with Business and freezing the requirement and Mapping.
  • Coordinating with Offshore and SCHENKAR(SAP) Teams.
  • Led technical team for oracle data extraction and assisted technical resource for SCM and Finance data extracts
  • Owned and embrace the business escalations/conflicts for Confidential, co ordinate team and conduct meeting to complete the data migration in time.
  • Conduct status call and report daily and weekly communications to leadership team.
  • Preparation of Business Documents.
  • Successfully handled P2P (Procure to Pay) and Manufacturing, selling Process.
  • Involved in UAT, SIT, CRPs, Go-Live
  • Post implementation support.
  • Interacting with Business via teleconference and freezing the requirement.
  • Meeting the Tollgates as per release Window Plan.
  • Validate setups by testing existing business flows and recommend improvements.
  • Facilitate knowledge management activities to Business.
  • Helped the Business in the preparation of Testing Data. Have always worked closely with the end users to understand every minute requirement.
  • Prepared standard procedure documents for user reference on order to cash, Procure to Pay and Manufacturing process.
  • Prepared various data loaders to upload the data

Environment: Oracle Applications EBS R12.1.3 and, Supply Chain Management (SCM) INV, PO, OM, BOM, WIP, COSTING, ENG, Quality, Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Manufacturing, AOL, Oracle 11g, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Developer, WinSCP, Windows 7.

Confidential, Columbus, Indiana

Associate Functional Consultant


  • Modules Handling Order Management, Inventory, Purchasing, BOM, WIP and Engineering
  • Preparing the customs documents as per the Project standards
  • Conducting sessions (business) call and understanding the requirements.
  • Conduction unit testing and system integrating testing
  • Involved in SIT and UAT
  • Taken sigh off from user and moved to Go-Live
  • Post Production support
  • Handling tickets related to OM, INV, PO, BOM, WIP, Engineering,WMS,ASCP, MSCA, Payables, AR
  • Handled ATO Business environment.
  • Handling Enhancement as per the new requirements.
  • Releasing the Enhancement as per timeline
  • Raising SRs, Coordinating with SR team
  • Month-end closing activities
  • Worked in HPPM tool for ticket handling
  • Preparing the Support Plan and Roaster plan for Resources.

Environment: Oracle Applications EBS R12.1.3, Supply Chain Management(SCM) - INV, PO, OM,WMS,MSCA, ASCP,I-Procurement, I--Supplier SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 11g, SQL Developer, TKPROF, SQLT, Better Bug, WinSCP, Windows XP.


Associate Functional Consultant


  • Provide support and expertise for Oracle Order Management, Inventory, MRP and Purchasing Modules.
  • Handling tickets on a daily basis and resolving the same within SLA
  • Troubleshoot problems pertaining to Purchase Order Requisition, user access, notifications, suppliers set-up, punch-out sites, payment options, and buyer activities.
  • Handled tickets on cycle counting
  • Fixed the Hierarchy issues
  • Managed the Automatic Release issues in sourcing.
  • Established drop shipment process.
  • Guiding developers with development & customization of new reports
  • Service Requests (SR) for assistance when needed from Oracle Support
  • Own and execute root cause analysis process for the issues reported in oracle operations.
  • Creating Oracle Service requests in regard to issues/bugs/patches and necessary escalations where required.

Environment: Oracle Applications EBS, Supply Chain Management (SCM) INV, PO, OM,MRP, Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle 9i, SQL Developer, Windows XP.

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