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Consultant - Data Engineer Resume

St Petersburg, FloridA


  • 7+ years of experience as data warehouse consultant responsible for designing, building and maintenance of ETL processes using Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 11g/12c , Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) 11g/10g and InformaticaPower Center 9.x
  • 7+ yearsof experience withfull lifecycle implementations of variousETL architectures that included data warehouse design, data modeling,database scripting, deployment of workflows with error/exception handling, migration, backup/version management, automation and scheduling of jobs, resolving performance and production issues following industry best practices.
  • 4+ years of experience working in Agile and Waterfall project methodologies.
  • 4+ years of experience using ERwin/SAP Sybase design tools and techniques
  • 1+years of experience in Master Data Management (MDM)
  • 1 project implementation experience onTaleo data dictionaries and schemasfor recruitment data integration.
  • Strong experience working on ODITopology, Security Manager, Agents, Designer, Operator, Master/Work repositories andODI console
  • Extensively worked on ODI knowledge modules like LKM, CKM, IKM, SKM and JKM
  • Extensive knowledge of data warehouse concepts and principles (Kimball/Inman) - Star Schema, Snowflake, Third Normal Form (3NF), Surrogate keys, Normalization/De-normalization, slowly changing dimension and slowly growing targets methodologies
  • Advancedknowledge in PL/SQL - Collections, Stored Procedures,Indexes, Partitions,Packages, Triggers, Cursors, Oracle analytic functions
  • Extensively worked on Informaticacomponents such as Source Analyzer, Normaliser, Aggregator, Mapplet and Mapping Designer.
  • Strong knowledge in Oracle (SQL/PLSQL) performance tuning using hints, explain plans and optimizers.
  • Strong experience in MetadataManagementand deep understanding of DataProfiling, DataCleansing and DataStandardization
  • Hands-on experience with FTP/MFTP applications like WinSCP, FileZilla, TIBCO MFT and other file management services.


Databases: Oracle 12c/11g/10g; SQL Server; MySQL

ETL: Oracle Data Integrator (ODI 12C); Informatica Power Center 9.x; Oracle Warehouse Builder

Programming Skills: PL/SQL, SQL, Shell Scripts, PERL, C, C++, C#, HTML

Enterprise Architecture: Sybase Power Designer, ERwin

Software/Tools: Oracle Business Intelligent Cloud Service, WinSCP, Putty, IBM ClearCase, Oracle Taleo Connect Client (TCC), Toad, SQL Developer

Cloud: Amazon EC2, S3, ELB, Glacier, Storage Lifecycle rules, Cloud Front, RDS, VPC, Red Shift, IAM Roles

Version Control: CVS, Eclipse, Subversion and GITHUB

Operating Systems: Linux (RedHat 7/6/5, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Suse), Windows Server


Confidential, St. Petersburg, Florida

Consultant - Data Engineer


  • Developing highly optimized low latency data integration solutions using ODI 12c.
  • Designbuild and test end to end data solutions which meetsapplication/service requirements and performance goals.
  • Periodically supporting a 24 by 7 production data platform which is consumed by multiple enterprise applications.
  • Building code which conforms to standards and best practices.
  • Collaborating with business analysts, data engineers, DBAs, architects as part of design and development of enterprise data applications.

Environment: ODI 12c,Oracle Database 12c, TOAD,MS Team Foundation

Confidential, Lake Mary, Florida

Consultant - Solutions Engineer


  • Designed and developed ODI interfaces to perform ETL on data from custom flat files, Oracle EBS tables and Taleo recruitment files for loading multiple data marts in EDW architecture.
  • Automated the end-to-end ETL workflows for daily/incremental loads, fetching/copying of sources files, errorlogging, and auditing.
  • Built, modified, tested, and documented PL/SQL code, tables, packages, procedures, cursors, merge, functions, and database triggers in ODI 11g.
  • Used ODI in-built scheduler to run Scenarios/Load Plans
  • Implemented sub queryyellow interfaces in conjunction with blueinterfaces.
  • Responsible for metadata administration, managed models and reverse engineering.
  • Worked as Taleo integration developer for inbound and outbound of recruiting data that helped building talent and recruitment dashboards.
  • Developed Projections, Sub queries, and Complex Filtering in Taleo Connect Client (TCC).
  • Responsible for developing and integrating TCC scripts connecting various entities inside taleo.
  • Responsible for configuration of end to end project lifecycle implementation for taleorecruiting.
  • Administeredcode revision control,maintaining and configurationofcode check in/check out processes using IBM Rational Software: ClearCase
  • Extensively worked in design, development and testing phases of various dashboards using Oracle Cloud BI (BICS)

Environment: ODI 11g, Taleo Connect Client, TOAD,IBM ClearCase, WinSCP, Putty, Oracle Cloud BICS

Confidential, Hyde Park, Illinois

Consultant - Oracle Data Integrator


  • Designed and implemented ELT processes to implement business logic using ODI (Designer, Topology Manager, Operator, Security Manager, Context, Scenarios, Load Plans, Change Data Capture and Slowly Changing Dimension) & Knowledge Modules (Reverse-engineering, Journalizing, Loading, Check, Integration).
  • Implemented ODI mappings and scenarios for extracting and loading data from a variety of sources including Oracle, SQL Server, CSV, XML source files.
  • Supported theinstallation and configuration of repositories in ODI 12c.
  • Implemented ODI mappings using subquery, aggregate, split, variables, re-usable mappings and odiRef Substitution API methods
  • Created load plans to run the scenarios in a hierarchy of sequential and parallel steps.
  • Implemented multi target (staging, dimensions, bridge tables and facts) ODI maps data from non-oracle sources.
  • Migration (exporting and importing) of executable code across the environments (Dev, Test, QA and Prod)
  • Extensively worked on rebuilding ETL code to implement university's employee budget and salary applications.
  • Created, modified, tested, and documented PL/SQL code, tables, packages, procedures, cursors, merge, functions, and database triggers.
  • Responsible for code maintenance, code migration across multiple environments for university's budget application.
  • Extensively worked on PL SQL audit scripting and exception handling of employee and position data.
  • Worked on Sybase Power Designer modeling system level architectures supporting multiple DW systems.
  • Responsible for building, maintaining and loading the measure hierarchy tables used by Oracle Hyperion Essbase data models.
  • Provided production support of existing systems, refactoring existing Oracle stored procedures

Environment: ODI 12c, TOAD, Sybase Power Designer 16.1, Putty, Eclipse

Confidential, Baltimore, Maryland

Consultant - Oracle Data Integrator/MDM


  • Presented the objectives and outcomes of MDM implementation for Maryland Education Data at the 2014 NCES STATS-DC Data Conference held at Washington, D.C
  • Assisted in the Development, Integration & Test, Implementation, and Operations & Maintenance of an interagency Master Data Management (MDM) system.
  • Responsible for documenting, developing end-to end Data Quality (DQ) and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions from detailed and high-level specifications, and assisted in troubleshooting.
  • Designed ODI Mappings, Procedures, Packages, and LoadPlans to perform ELT data transformations
  • Created Master/Work repositories, Physical/Logical schemas and Agents into ODI Topology Manager Tool.
  • Developed and maintained ODI Topology including physical architecture, logical architecture and context.
  • Reverse engineered source and target data stores using reverse engineering knowledge modules.
  • Designed highly complex data cleansing storedprocedures, functions and macros for use inside ODI.
  • Developed ODI specific ETL routines and re-usable mappings to perform data quality processes to standardize data, improve data quality, and provide Deterministic Identity Resolution (DIR)
  • Designed and implemented standards from ISO, NCES, CEDS 4.0, SSA
  • Implemented success and failure notificationstrategies into ODI ELT mappings.
  • Developed Master Data Management (MDM) matchingtechniques and procedures natively in ODI.
  • Developed complex ELT workflows in ODI for implementing PARTY model identity resolution.
  • Define the upgrade process for OWB 11gR2 to Oracle data integrator (ODI 12c).
  • Designed conversion mappings extensively using Topology, KnowledgeModules, Security, LoadPlans and Scenarios using Oracle Data Integrator
  • Extensively worked on implementing Deterministic Identity Resolution (DIR) using ODI.
  • Assist in functional and technical domains of Probabilistic Identity Resolution (PIR)

Environment: ODI 12c,OWB 11gR2, PL/SQL Developer, TIBCO MFT, Microsoft Visio, LinkPlus, ERwin

Confidential, Baltimore, Maryland

Consultant - OWB/Informatica ETL Developer


  • Analyzed complex educationaccountability, performancereporting and data storage requirements with end users.
  • Prepared data models that support the creation of education data structures, KPIs, and ETL development using Oracle Warehouse Builder and Informatica
  • Responsible for maintaining and re-designing on-going Informatica ETL processes into OWB for Confidential with high volumes of datafrom various schools and colleges of Maryland state.
  • Designed OWB mappings to load flat files, oracle to flat files, flat files to oracle, oracle to oracle.
  • Developed complex Informatica/OWB mappings and workflows. Worked in both environments simultaneously.
  • Strong experience using Informatica Power Center tools- Designer, Repository Manager, Workflow Manager, and WorkflowMonitor.
  • Used various transformations like normalizer, sequence generator, update strategy, rank, aggregrator, router etc.
  • Developed unit, system and integration testplans and manage executions.
  • Modified existing code to implement various ETL tuning techniques into present systems of MHEC Data warehouse
  • Responsible for loading data into different MHEC data systems and assisted in the ongoing development of technical best practices for data movement, data quality, data cleansing and other ETL- related activities.

Environment: OWB 11g, Informatica PowerCenter 9.1, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL Developer, TIBCO MFT, Visio, ERwin

Confidential, Windsor, Connecticut

Consultant - OWB ETL Developer/Admin


  • Participated with business partners in design reviews, technical briefings and evaluated alternative system solutions and functional specifications
  • Worked on Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) repository creation/configuration/monitoring, mapping/process flow development and deployments.
  • Developed staging jobs where data from various sources is formatted, cleaned, summarized, aggregated and transformed into data warehouse.
  • Designed OWB mappings using filter, splitter, lookup, sequence, pre/post process mapping operators.
  • Developed/maintained ETL processes and migrating to different environments using OWB 11g.
  • Extensively worked on OWB process flows and debuggingfailures.
  • Involved in ETL design for initial and incrementalloads.
  • Worked extensively in tuning SQL, PL/SQL and Stored procedures, identifying and resolving tuning issues. Implemented Indexing and SecurityManagement.
  • Assisted in developing procedures for testing applications, working directly with IT Quality Assurance Analyst.
  • Extensively worked on Unit, Functional, Regression, Integration and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Responsible for writing shell scripts to schedule process flows and mappings with dependencies based on client requirements.
  • Worked with high volumes of data, some tables having an average of 20 million records.

Environment: Oracle 11g, OWB 11g, PL/SQL, Putty, SQL*Plus, Toad for Oracle

Confidential, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Oracle Warehouse Builder ETL Developer


  • Researching, designing, documenting, and modifying specifications throughout the development life cycle.
  • Created and maintained process flows and schedules for loading data into the Data Warehouse using Oracle Warehouse Builder workflow monitor.
  • Used SQL*Loader to load flat files and created log tables containing data with discrepancies.
  • Used File Transfer Protocol (FTP) tools to transfer files from one server to other.
  • Designed source-to-target mappings using Expression, Splitter, aggregator, filter, joiner, lookups, and operators.
  • Involved in unit testing, integration testing, system testingandmaintained detail project documentation.
  • ImplementedSlowly Changing Dimensions - Type I &II in different mappings as per the requirements.
  • Extensively used data transfer utilities like Microsoft Visual Studio (TFS), Export/Import and assisted in content migration activities as necessary.
  • Prepared ETL mapping and data migration documents for Dev/Test/QA/PROD.
  • Created, tested and debugged Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages, Cursors and triggers
  • Supported installing and administrating OWB-ETL application environments.
  • Handled large volumes of data, tables having records of 80 million.

Environment: Oracle 11g, 10g, OWB 11g, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Putty, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL Developer

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