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Senior Middleware Admin Resume

Plano, TX


  • Three years working experience on hyperion system 9 and EPM 11
  • Over 10 years IT experience, and have both development and administration experience. Over six years of experience with IBM websphere, extensive experience as websphere admin, strong technical skills( websphere 5, 6,7, AIX, LINUX, HIS, WPS, DataPower, apache, iplanet)
  • Over seven years of experience with WebLogic Application server ( Weblogic 6/7/8/9/10, WLI 8/9/10, apache, iplanet)
  • Over three years java development experience, sun certified java programmer.
  • Strong scripting skill, good at shell scripts, jython, python, wlst.


Languages: JAVA, C/C++, SQL, J2EE (EJB, JSP, Servlets), jython, python, wlst

Web: Java Script, HTML, XML, DHTML, JSP, CSS, SOAP, struts, tapestry, python, jython, wlst, shell scripts

OS: UNIX, Windows 98/NT/ 2000/2003/2008

RDBMS: Oracle PL/SQL MS SQL Server

Servers: websphere, weblogic, jboss, iPlanet, Apache, Sonic MQ, Sun Solaris, LDAP, TOMCAT, TWS, clearquest

Methodologies: UML, Design Patterns, OO Analysis and Design (OMT), MVC

Tools: Ant, wily introscope, optier, tealeaf, hpsa, Ant, Eclipse, WinRunner, JBuilder, Rational Rose, IBM Visual Age for Java


Confidential, Plano, TX

Senior Middleware admin


  • Installed/configured EPM11 workspace,shared services, report and analysis, planning, epma, essbase, HFM, smartview, Oracle Data Integrator. Installed aes, financial reporting, Maestro and web symphony. Installed certificates for OHS with wallet manager. Installed certificate for IIS webserver.
  • Installed Weblogic certificate for ODI. Configured clustered Environment for report and analysisclustered environment on HFM and clustered environment for essbase.(EPM, window server 2008 R2)
  • Daily Support the EPM applications, including workspace, shared services, report and analysis, epma Essbase, HFM, smartview, eas, essbase studio and DRM. ( EPM, ms 2008 R2, sql server 2005, apache 2.2.15, Microsoft active directory).
  • Install and configured HFM client, essbase eas client, essbase studio, HSF client, smartview, financial reporing studio, HFM rule editor, strategic finance client and workbench client on citrix server.
  • Support Trouble Shooting, upgrade and patching for epm 11.
  • Applied patches ( ) to FDM to fix the FDM application scan vulnerability. Applied patch ( ) for Financail reorting related to batch job processing.
  • Maintein and support hyperion 9.3.3 environment, with workspace. Shared services, planning, HFM, EAS, Essbase and FDM( MS 2003 R2)
  • Data Migration from hyperion 9.3.3 to EPM .
  • PortScan and AppScan remediation for EPM
  • upgrade from for workspace, eas, HFM, report and analysis, epma, planning, strategic Finance, calculation manager( MS 2008 R2, MS sql server 2005).
  • Install and configured websphere 6 and 7 in linux environment for multiple applications. ( websphere6, 7, HIS, iplanet, apache, F5.)
  • Applied patch to was 6.1( websphere 6, HIS, iplanet, apache).
  • Applied patch to was 6.1( websphere 6, HIS, iplanet, apache).
  • Websphere 2048 bits certificate renew.
  • Websphere audit remediation, including java2 security, session timeout, ip filtering enabled etc. ( was 6)
  • Support websphere business monitoring application.
  • Daily application deploy, support on websphere application during linux patching/upgrade, db server patching/upgrade, stress test support for a few hundreds applications deployed on websphere platform.
  • Quarterly production deploy to websphere production environment.
  • Websphere deployment automation scripts creation and support for websphere 6 and websphere 7. ( jython, clearcase).
  • 24X7 support on websphere dev/sit/uat/production/training with over 200 applications.
  • Installed and configured multiple version of apache, most recently worked with apache 2.2.15. Applied the audit remediation to apache.( Apache 2.2)
  • Installed and configured iplanet 6 and 7. Applied audit remediation to the iplanet servers. ( iplanet 6 and 7)
  • Implemented siteminder 6.5 sso for apache and iplanet( siteminder, apache, iplanet)
  • Installed and configured hyerion 9.3.3 enironment, with shared services, foundations, essbase, eas, HFM, with websphere 6 as application server. ( was 6.1, apache, IIS, ms 2003)
  • 24X7 support on dev/sit/uat/production/training with 52 Lending weblogic domains, over 100 applications.
  • Created 9.2/11g deploys scripts for our prod and non prod env.
  • Automate the process from code build to code deploy for WLS/WLI upgrade from 8.1 to 9.2 and 9.2 to 10.3.
  • Create scripts to automate the audit security check on weblogic and webserver.
  • Develop and support the deploy scripts and daily application deploy to both prod and non prod environment.
  • Daily trouble shooting support and performance tuning base on existing WLS/WLI environment.
  • Work closely with development, dba and UNIX team to resolve all kinds of issues. ( weblogic, LDAP, Sunone, Apache, websphere, wlst, ant, clearcase, LAMP)
  • Support on 40 tomcat flex application domains on dev/sit/uat/prod/training, manage on certificate renew, trouble shooting, upgrade, code deploy to the environment. ( Tomcat, Apache, Sunone)
  • Weblogic/Sunone/Iplanet audit scripts development using Jython. ( Jython, mysql, PHP, python)
  • Coordinate with 2nd shift offshore engineer on evening production work, Unix and window server patching, stress test support, code deploy and trouble shooting. Make sure all the related works are distributed and completed in timely manner.

Confidential, TX

Senior Analyst


  • Confidential Financial Service System ( Weblogic, JMS, Sonic MQ, IPlanet Server, Korn Shell, J2EE, Wily Introscope, TWS, Solaris, weblogic policy Agents for single sigh on, Weblogic Portal) Reponsibilties include Weblogic admin on QuickPay application( Confidential receive payment system), Log Server application( Log repository), CCAS application (Cash management), eCheck ( Check management) application and GCS(General Credit Card service application) and GRS ( General Report Service).
  • Major responsibility include the following:
  • Installing weblogic server, configures the environment, deploy the code, and maintain the application, resolving the problems with the QuickPay application which is a mission critical application for Confidential .
  • Including Webloigc 7 and 8, with weblogic managed server clustered environment.
  • Installing IPlanet web server, configure the environment for web application. Installing the Sonic Server, configure the environment for it to make it function as JMS.
  • Performance tuning on the weblogic server, iPlanet server and Sonic server to make the system work.
  • Implemented Wily Introscope to monitor the QuickPay EJB and Sonic Server performance. Implemented TWS to automate the
  • Startup/shut down of all the scripts including the scripts for weblogic server startup and shutdown
  • Developed shell scripts and automate the production deployment process.
  • Troubleshooting on the application or server related errors.
  • Completed the architecture redesign for QuickPay production, migrated and deployed the application to new hardware platform and with better performance and availability and capacity. ( J2EE, Solaris, Perl, ksh, weblogic, Oracle)
  • Confidential POS application (Weblogic 8)
  • Phoenix application is the Confidential on line shopping cart for B to B interface( Struts, JSP, J2EE, Servlets, EJB, Ajax, weblogic, iPlanet web server)
  • Major responsibility:
  • Install weblogic server( cluster env), web server, configure the environment( Execute Queue, JMS, and JDBC), deploy the code, maintain the application, performance tuning, and trouble shooting.
  • Develop, maintain and support the application( Struts, jsp, Ajax, j2EE, Oracle).
  • Install the Tomcat and Apache server, configure on the servers and remedy middle tier for the production, development and QA environment for the Confidential Charm ticket system.


Software designer


  • WAP conversion from IAF to switch control.
  • This is the project to convert the wap provisioning from IAF to swith control.
  • Switch control used the information from the on line and called functions in the provisioning gateway which is written in Java. (JNI, C++, PL/SQL, J2EE, JSP, Xalan, DOM, Weblogic 7)
  • High level design and detailed implemented the EJB code to retrieve the information from Telegence interface and deposited the data into the switch control table, and change switch control rule and write the switch control provision agent to provision the subscriber information to WAP server.
  • (C++, PL/SQL, Java, XML, SOAP, Weblogic)
  • High level design and detail implementation of the Migration of CARE switch control to Telegence switch control.
  • Display of the correct voice mail. Build interface between CSM and Switch Control so that CSR can query Switch Control for the voice mail retrieval number. (Weblogic, J2EE, java)
  • SWE migration to switch control (Java, XML, html, C++, LDAP, SOAP, Weblogic, Perl)
  • IAF( internet administration framework) development Apr 2001 - -- Jan 2002
  • IAF is the wireless data provisioning and billing system.
  • The front end is written in CGI and Java Script and html and invoked C++ and Java code in the backend. The system will automatically do provisioning for the CDPD and WAP subscriber.
  • High level design and detailed implementation on the IAF market migration from legacy system to
  • IAF system.
  • Environment: JAVA, Java Script, C++, Shell Script, C/C++, JSP, Servlets, EJB, Java Beans, PL/SQL, PERL, CGI
  • High level design and implementation on the Transaction Manager which is the front end of the transaction processing engine where the bulk of the HLR processing is performed for the GSM/UMTS HLR.
  • (CORBA/JDBC/JAVA/SQL/Stored Procedure/SWING)


Software Developer


  • Programmed on the software requirement specification automation tool ---Template (Java Swing)
  • Client Server Programming on the electronic store which allows you to examine or order products on line. (JAVA/RMI)
  • Used the simulation tool "ns" to study the performance of cell statistical multiplexing to a FIFO queue with four types of traffic with interarrival time of MMPP, deterministic and Bernoulli.
  • (C++, TCL/TK, Unix Shell Script, Unix).
  • Requirement and design inspection, test plan development, coverage analysis using ATAC tool and reliability analysis using CARSE tool. (ATAC tool, Unix; CARSE tool, Windows).
  • Programmed on the tools for the gene analysis and prediction for Confidential (C++, Unix)

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