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Lead Database Engineer Resume

Herndon, VA


  • Certified Database Professional with 10+ years’ experience on Oracle (9i, 10g, 11g, 12c), SQL Server. (2008, 2012, 2014), and MySQL.
  • IT professional with 15+ years extensive knowledge in operating systems (Unix and Linux), networking and software development.
  • Enterprise databases architecture (Oracle, SQL Server) design, setup and support across multiple geographically located data centers, AWS EC2 instances, and AWS RDS.
  • Research, design, architect, install, configure and administrate Oracle High Availability Architecture include Dataguard, GoldenGate. RAC and ASM.
  • Research, design, architect, install, configure and test SQL server High Availability and Disaster Recovery with SQL server cluster, replication and mirroring.
  • Design, architect, install and configure IT and database monitoring systems with PRTG, Oracle Cloud Control, Oracle SQL Developer, and TOAD DBA suites.
  • Solid skills of scripts (KSH, BASH, CSH, Perl, JavaScript) and C - programming. Extensive knowledge in operating systems, data communication, network, and software development.
  • Linux Admin with 5+years experience in Red Hat and SUSE Linux installation, patch, upgrade, kernel rebuild, performance monitoring and system administration.


Database Product: Oracle database (9i, 10g, 11g), EBS 11i and R12, Discoverer, OBIEE, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Cloud Control, Grid Control, ASM, RMAN, RAC, Data Guard (physical and logical), GoldenGate, SQL Server (2008, 2012, 2014), AWS RDS (Oracle), AWS Aurora, DynamoDB.

Operating Systems, Programming, Network, and Software Packages: Unix(Solaris, BSD), Linux(Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu), Windows (95/98/2000/NT, 2003 Server, XP, WIN7), C, C++, Java, Scripts (BASH, KSH, CSH, PERL, JavaScript), HTML, LEX, YACC, Labview, Matlab, Mathematica, Fortran, Assembler, TCP/IP, ATM, IPV6, ISDN, VPN, JMP, Athena, Atlas, SPICE, Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, Project)

Full life-cycle Software Design and Development: Client-Server, n-Tier Client-Middleware-Server


Lead Database Engineer

Confidential, Herndon, VA


  • Research, design and set up enterprise Oracle database architechture and instances across multiple geographically located datacenters and AWS cloud enviorment. Built and tested Oracle HAA (High Availability Architechure) for customer satisfaction and company competitiveness, include: Oracle Cloud Control, Dataguard, Goldengate.
  • Research, desgin and migrated Oracle instance from geographically located data centers to AWS RDS which include RDS Oracle and AWS Aurora.
  • Installed, configured and deployed 40+ new Oracle production database instances across georaphically located data centers, configured database with EE features such as Transparent Data Encryption for live data and backup, Multithread Option, and Cloud Control Management.
  • Insralled and confgured 20+ AWS EC2 insrances for Oracle Enterprise Architecture across AWS Availability Zones in US East Ohio Region. Architecture include Oracle Cloud Control, Oracle OLTP instance and Oracle Datawarehouse.
  • Configured EE Oracle Database with Transparent Data Encryption,
  • Migrated multiple Oracle database across database version, edition and server OS, such as from platform Solaris to Linux; from Oracle 9i to 11g, from SE to EE.
  • Installed and created 70+ Oracle databases for development and testing, using method such as Rman duplication, Rman restore to new host, Goldengate one direction replication for schema refresh and script driven data refreshing using Oracle datapump.
  • Created and maintained Physical Dataguard for database wide testability and fast recoverability. Tested, Installed and configured high availability and high scalability RAC for OLTP and OLAP.
  • Collect and analysis servers statistical data on CPU, memory, storage and network usage, make recommendations on new hardware or software requirements.
  • Create, streamline and update backup policy and procedure according to customer recovery and archive expectation. Adjust cronjobs for better performance, relieve host disk and network bandwidth pressure.
  • Optimize database performance using AWR, ADDM and Statspack: such as analyze and tune SQL statements, rebuild indexes, partition tables, diagnose and resolve interconnect issues of RAC, etc.
  • Initiate and follow up Oracle SR for issues.
  • Provide 24x7 supports for the production environment
  • Provide SQL server support to customers on demand. Set up 10+ 2008 and 2012 SQL server instances. Admin and monitor 40+ SQL server instances. Working toward SQL server enterprise architecture with interested parties.
  • Migrate Oracle Schema to SQL server database and verse versa.
  • Collect trace file using profiler and script, analysis and implement recommendations from DETA, prepare systems production ready by workload testing.
  • Apply security policy to implement roles and profiles of user account, set up audit trail for standard and fine-grained audit using system and statement triggers.
  • Provide to new employees on software installation and upgrade, database configurations and changes, routine backup and disaster recovery. Write documentation on software installation, upgrade, and patch, database creation and configuration, backup and recovery procedure and reports.

Oracle Database Engineer

Confidential, Vienna, VA


  • Intall, upgrade, patch and maintain Oracle 10g/11g database on different OS platforms (Unix, Linux, Windows) in production, development, and test environments.
  • Provide technical support to various end-users. Create/modify user accounts, set up roles and profiles for user and application managements, recover user data, move datafile location, add columns, create index, etc.
  • Develop and implement database backup and recovery policy and procedure, perform database backup, recovery and clone using RMAN.
  • Write/modify/maintain Unix Shell Scripts to set up database self-assessment, utilize notification rule, schedule job, alert RMAN backups, clone database, apply patches, and initiate troubleshooting, etc.
  • Run database utilities such as impdp/expdp, SQL loader to merge data from various, disable/enable and novalidate/validate constraints for data integrity.
  • Schedule and perform customer database backup and recovery according to business requirements following best known practice. Perform and crosscheck backups, restore and recover database from user accidents and media failure using RMAN.
  • Use script, OEM Database Control and Grid Control to monitor database and report events as defined by the business guideline.

Faculty Math and Science



  • Taught Physics lecture to all majors. Prepare, lecture and post lectures online.
  • Develop and demonstrate lab exercise following lectures
  • Grade homework, answer questions, explain concepts via various methods.
  • Submit final grade for all students.

Senior Engineer

Confidential, Manassas, VA


  • Collect data from various sources: including databases, manual files, and external websites. Cleanse and validate data components.
  • Do statistical data analysis by writing programs using C, EXCEL and scripts (Unix Shell, Perl, JMP).
  • Report result on team and management meetings, create regularly scheduled and/or ad hoc reports, publish and maintain reports on the engineer portal.
  • Set up test algorithm and methodology, writing programs using C and PERL for test automatio
  • Software development, test, piolet group application
  • Mentor and staff on problem solving methodology, large set of data manipulation, and program skills (C, Scripts, macros of Excel)
  • Research and set up production process procedures and quality assurances protocols
  • Using software package Athena, Atlas and SPICE to simulate process and device performance, extract and analyze product data to project the product life time, investigate possible failure factors, make engineer judgments for the product grade for different markets and customers applications (Server vs PC market, IPOD vs Digital Camera, etc.)
  • Write programs and using Monte-Carlo Simulation method (C programming), software packages to develop product models from all levels: physical level, electrical responds level, and real world application level.

Electrical Engineer

Confidential, Austin, TX


  • Research state-of-are non-volatile memory products for wide range of applications: computer BIOS, Automobile Panels, Cell-Phone and Pagers.
  • Extract and analyze large set of data, methods include JMP scripts, C programming, and macros of Excel.
  • Optimize resource using Design of Experiment and Six-Sigma methodology, analyze data to monitor product, optimize device performance for better customer satisfaction
  • Team lead to plan, track, and coordinate project progress
  • Automate test flow by programming with C and Labview to drive the tester
  • Using Monte-Carlo Simulation to predict the process performance

Linux Admin/ Research Assist

Confidential, Ohio


  • Install, upgrade, patch, administrate and maintain Linux Systems (Red Hat and SUSE).
  • Modify and rebuild Linux Kernel for network research and development.
  • Monitor and Analyze connection, performance and security of network systems, such as install and configure routers, configure LAN and WAN, implement firewalls, detect intruder activities.
  • Generate and analyzed network communication data with TCPGEN emulator software, diagnose and fix the memory leak. Program by C, debug with gdb and memory packages.
  • Characterize TCP/IP network performance over satellite communication channel on Linux platform, include: feasibility study, data generation and collection methods, communication model and statistical analysis. Programmed in C, analyzed using C, shell scripts and Unix Xterm graph package.
  • Test model set up, data collection, analysis and report to evaluate Linux network performance over LAN to improve the application of the TCP/IP over Linux system. Programmed in C, AWK, SED, and shell scripts. Analyzed data with C and Linux Xterm graph package.
  • Data communication and advanced networking. Various topics focus on the cutting edge progress in networking. Such as TCP/IP, ATM, IPV6, ISDN, VPN, Firewall, Network Security, Wireless Communication, Mobile IP, Real Audio/Video.

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