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Senior Principal Engineer Resume

Denver, CO


  • A multi - skilled technical professional with comprehensive enterprise-level experience of designing, developing, deploying and testing client/server, web applications, architectures and infrastructures for software applications.
  • Possessing a proven ability to manage/architect and lead project teams to successfully deliver agreed upon solutions of the highest quality, often in complex and challenging customer environments.
  • Strong knowledge base on all aspects of software development life cycle, enterprise/web application development, product/project management and agile (scrum) methodologies.
  • Excellent communication and motivation skills, team leader and a team player, very detailed and process oriented.
  • A motivational leader who can easily work in, and navigate a dynamic and sometimes ambiguous environment.
  • Committed to personal development and with the ability to learn quickly and adapt to business needs / priorities as needed.


Confidential RDBMS 7,8,9,10g and 11i, Db2Udb v7/8, MSSQL Server 2000/2005, SQL, PL/SQL, Visual Basic, Confidential Developer, Java, C++, C, Pro*C, Eclipse, Perl, Erwin, Designer, Informatics, J2EE, Visual Source Safe, Clear Case, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, Web Logic 10.0, Siebel Tools, Siebel Workflow, Siebel Task UI, Siebel Integration Objects, Siebel Data Model, Siebel EIM/Remote, Siebel Upgrades, Siebel RDBMS/Data Center Migrations, Fusion JDeveloper, Fusion FWM Application Development Framework, Confidential SOA BPEL, Confidential SOA Human Workflows, Confidential SOA Mediators, Confidential Service Bus,, Fusion Confidential Business Rules Integration, Fusion Confidential DSS/EFF and Application Performance, Reliability and Scalability projects.


AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Confidential ADF, Confidential SOA, WebLogic, Java, J2EE, Junit, Selenium, QTP, SDLC, STLC, Automation, System Architecture, Product, Project Management, Team Management, Data/UI Design, Data Modeling, Integration Solutions, Business Process Management, Business Rules, Automation and Business Environment Set-up for OLAP Systems, System/Database Upgrades, Upgrade Infrastructure and Application Development/Deployment, Service Oriented Architecture and User Interface designs.

FUNCTIONAL / DOMAIN EXPERTISE: Confidential Fusion Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Orchestration, Fusion Applications, FMW, Siebel CRM (Call Center, Siebel Field Service, Siebel Customer Order Management, Siebel Automotive, Siebel Administration, Siebel Upgrades and Employee Relationship Management), MDM (Master Data Management/Siebel UCM), Manufacturing, Self Service and Contact Center. Siebel Data Base Upgrades, Siebel EIM, Siebel Remote, Siebel EAI and Siebel Workflows.


Confidential, Denver, CO

Senior Principal Engineer


  • Worked in a Lead role, designing and developing Confidential Fusion Application Developer Framework Workshop covering advanced/best practices workshop.
  • Confidential ADF and design, development and deployment of ADF applications.
  • Workshop contents includes programming and developing rich client web applications using J2EE specs including Java, JSF, EJB, Confidential ADF Framework.
  • Programming in Java, J2EE, JSF, Beans, HTML, JDBC, XML, SOAP, Restful Web Services and JavaScript.
  • Confidential SOA Suite to develop transformers and transporters. BPEL Workflow process.
  • Develop Program Documentation and hands-on for specific identified user, business use cases analyzing user requirements and advising on feasibility as well as alternative approaches.


Senior Principal Applications Engineer


  • Worked in an 'Architect' role, designing and developing Confidential Fusion SCM/SCO (Supply Chain Orchestration) product using cutting edge technology, Confidential ADF (Application Developer Framework), Confidential Service Oriented Architecture suite (SOA) framework, Web Logic Server, Java and JUnits.
  • Design, Implement and Standardize Supply Chain Orchestration, Process Supply Data Model.
  • Design ADF BC’s, ADF Faces Pages, Task Flows, BPEL processes, Mediators and Human Workflows. Extensive Junit scripts for unit and integration testing.
  • Working with various stake holders, implemented the SCO Process Supply Model, Open Interface Model, EFF's, DFF's functionalities and was the subject matter expert for Data Model and Application Seed Data for entire SCO team.
  • SOA composites, BPEL, Human Workflows, Confidential Service Bus.
  • Lead the SCO application PSR analysis initiative.
  • Planned and devised detailed presentations, product demos and assisted quality engineering teams with writing test plans for system integration testing. Mentored team members to bridge gap on functional requirements understanding, by conducting TOI/Brown Bag and 'Show and Tell' sessions.
  • Worked in close co-ordination with management on project planning, project status, identify and solve risk areas.

TECHNOLOGY USED: Lead software architect, design and implementation for new Siebel CRM Core feature functionalities. Directed strategies for Siebel CRM upgrades enabling and enhancing upgrade infrastructure.


Senior Principal Applications Engineer


  • Designing, Developing and Enhancing Siebel CRM Application and Manage engineering team members. Worked collaboratively with the teams of Product/Program management and stakeholders, develop Siebel CRM application that aligns strategy and processes with business goals.
  • Design, Developed and Implemented Siebel BIP Reports. Back porting BIP Integration to older Siebel releases.
  • Directed strategies, detailed analysis, planning, designing and implementing 'ONE STEP' upgrades for Siebel Horizontal Application to Siebel Industry Applications, for all supported databases and languages.
  • Architected and implemented Siebel CRM vertical applications new feature functionalities including Data Model design, Siebel Application Configuration, Siebel Remote and EIM design and support for CRM upgrades.
  • Led planning, analysis, design and development efforts as a Scrum Master and active participation for Scrum of Scrum meetings.

TECHNOLOGY USED: Siebel Tools, Confidential, MSSQL,DB2UDB RDBMS, SQL, PL/SQL, Java, C++, Sqldeveloper, Win/Linux OS, Rational Clear Case

Confidential, Redwood Shores, CA

Senior Principal Applications Engineer


  • Worked as Engineer, Senior and Project/Team Lead with a team of technology and business professionals to develop and implement from inception to completion Siebel CRM releases / projects that support Confidential /Siebel product line key business strategies. Assisting in various areas for enhancing the Siebel Application, Database Upgrade framework to include new features. Managing and supporting offshore (India IDC) team in various capacities of technical guidance, training and system maintenance.
  • Work with Product Marketing, Analyze, Design, Develop, Unit Test and Implement New Feature Functionalities including Data Model, Configuration, EIM, and Siebel Remote for Siebel CRM - Field Service, Call Center, Marketing, Order Management and UCM Application.
  • Work with Product Marketing, Analyze, Design, Develop, Unit Test and Implement, Enhancement / New Feature Functionalities for Siebel Upgrade Orchestration Infrastructure that includes all flavors of RDBMS and Languages supported OOTB.
  • Served as a project manager, managing a team on the upgrade CIR (Continuous Integration Runs) task to ensure good quality upgrades.
  • Project Lead on CIAI (Case & Accent Insensitive) search support for Siebel Application.
  • Project Lead on DTE tool (Downtime Estimator) development to improve TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) Lead Architect in delivering Siebel’s next generation application framework to support Customer database upgrades.
  • Lead Data Modeler in areas supporting Siebel Party Model, Universal Customer Master, Data Quality, Auditing, Change Request, eSales and Task based UI functionality.
  • Communicate project status to team and management. Identify and solve risk areas.
  • Developed detailed presentations, project plans, project estimates, resource plans and status reports.
  • Day to Day project meetings and is responsible for project tracking and analysis on schema refactoring project.
  • Ensured adherence to quality standard and reviewed project deliverables.
  • Assisted in writing numerous technical proposals in response to seed, and demo data merge into Siebel CRM development environment.
  • Planned, devised and assisted quality engineering teams with writing detail test plans for system and data migration testing.

TECHNOLOGY USED: Siebel Tools, Confidential, MSSQL, DB2UDB RDBMS, SQL, PL/SQL, Java, C++, Sqldeveloper, Win/Linux OS, Rational Clear Case

Confidential, Hillsdale, PA



  • Consultant role on the SWAT team for IBS (Integrated Business Systems) ERP project.
  • As part of this project, performed the responsibility of providing specifications on the current Order Management System, identifying gaps with existing system and designing prototypes. Significant contribution on planning data migration from legacy system to implemented JD Edwards.
  • Designed, implemented and documented an automated Interfacing project for data transfer between Process Control systems written in Intellectual software residing on 8i with present system residing on Confidential 7.1 with VAX/VMS as OS. Worked with a team to make existing manufacturing system, written in Confidential, to make it Confidential compliant. Part of this role, performed project planning, resource identification, area assignment, system analysis, testing strategies and back-up planning.
  • Researched and performed existing system analysis, system written in Visual Basic, Excel.
  • Designed and developed excel reports. Facilitated conversion of this system to Confidential as RDBMS & D2K as front end.
  • Project constitutes of designing the database, providing automation for data transformation between excel and Confidential, and developing a working model under Confidential environment using D2K. Writing functional design documents, conversion algorithm’s & test plans.

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