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Senior Oiam Developer/architect Resume


To work as a Lead Developer, Administrator or as an Architect on a challenging project, working with Oracle Fusion Middleware Products (OIM/OAM/Oracle Security Suite, SOA Suite, BPM Suite, WebCenter Suite), using ADF, J2EE Technologies and Popular Open Source Frameworks.


  • More than 15 years of experience in software, as a Senior Developer, Administrator, Tech Lead, and Architect.
  • Broad knowledge of software industry, trends, languages, platforms, standards and tools.
  • Experienced in all stages of the software development life cycle, from requirements gathering to user acceptance.
  • Accomplished design, development and delivery of complex multi - tier systems using Service Oriented Architecture and enterprise application integration.
  • Versatile professional with excellent managerial, interpersonal, presentation and technical skills.
  • Ten (10) years of experience leading teams ranging in size from 2 to 25.
  • Rational Unified Process, Agile Methodologies, ITIL
  • N-Tier architecture, Distributed Applications, Data Communication, Dynamic web application development
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML, Design Patterns(Gang of Four and J2ee)


Project Management: Microsoft Project, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint

Operating Systems: Windows NT, UNIX(Solaris, HP-UX, AIX), Linux

Languages: Java with J2ee(Servlets, JSF, JSP, EJB, JMS, JDBC), C/C++, ADF, XML, XSL, XMLSchemas, XSLT, NIEM, BPEL, BPMN, Web Services (SOAP and REST), SAML, HTML, CSS, SQL/PL-SQL, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, AJAX

Database: Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft Access, MySQL

Data Modelling Tools: Erwin, Embarcerado, MS Visio, Toad, SQLDeveloper

GUI: Applets, JFC/Swing, JSF, Flash, JSP, HTML, Portlets, Portals, WSRP, JSR 168

Middleware: Confidential WebSphere Application Server 6.0/5.0, BEA WebLogic Server 8.1/9.2/10.3.5 , BEA Weblogic Integration 8.1, BEA Weblogic Portal 8.1, IPlanet 6.0, JBoss 4.0, JRun, MQSeries, WMB Sonic MQ, JBoss, Apache Tomcat

SOA / BPM/ Portal: Confidential DataPower, HP SOA Systinet, Amberpoint, Aqualogic Service Bus, ALUI, Aqualogic BPM, Appian Enterprise BPM, Oracle WebCenter Portal WebCenter Content, WebCenter Sites, Oracle SOA Suite (BPEL, BPM, BAM, ESB, WSM, UDDI and Business rules manager), OAM, OIM, Entitlement Server, Confidential SOA Foundation, Websphere Business Modeler, Mule ESB, Service Mix, WS

Open Source: Apache Struts2 / Struts1.x, Apache Axis 1.4, Apache XFire, Apache CXF, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Apache Commons and various Javascript libraries like Dojo, Prototype and Scriptaculous

OOA/OOD: Telelogic System Architect, MagicDrawUML, Rational Software Architect, MS Visio

Configuration Management: SVN, CVS, PVCS, Clear Case, Visual Source Safe

Rules Engines: ILog JRules, Blaze Advisor, Drools

Unit Testing: JUnit, DBUnit, HTTPUnit, StrutsTestCase, Fitness, Selenium, Soap Sonar

System Testing: Mercury Load Runner, Test Director

Performance Testing: OptimizeIT

User Stores: OUD, OID, Active Directory

Development Tools: MyEclipse6.0, Rational Application Developer 6.0, Together Control Center, Weblogic Workshop 8.1/9.0/10.3 , Eclipse 3.2/4.4, NetBeans 4.1, JDeveloper 11.1.2/12.2.0

Build Tools: Apache Ant, Apache Maven, Ant Hill, Cruise Control

DevOps: Puppet, Chef, Ansible

Code Quality Reporting Tools: Maven Reports using plug-ins for Cobertura, CheckStyle, FindBugs, PMD, etc.

Content Management Systems: Oracle UCM 10g/11g, Interwoven TeamSite 6.0, Artesia Teams 5.0



Senior OIAM Developer/Architect


  • Served as a Senior Oracle Identity and Access Manager Developer/Architect on eTWD Project for Confidential .
  • Installed and configured Oracle Identity Manager 11g, Oracle Access Manager 11g in Development environment.
  • Supported patching of various Fusion Middleware components.
  • Configured Identity Asserters and Security Providers in WebLogic.
  • Installed and configured Oracle EBS connectors for provisioning and reconciliation of User Identity information from and to Oracle Identity Manager. Unit tested provisioning and reconciliation between OIM and Oracle EBS.
  • Worked on customization of user interface, connector setup and management, access policies, approval workflows, custom event handlers, custom scheduled tasks & reconciliation.
  • Developed several Sandboxes, custom plugins making use of OIM APIs, ADF and Java.
  • Developed and Customized multilevel Approval workflows using Oracle SOA and JDeveloper.
  • Developed customizations for OIM and OAM, by developing and deploying plugins for validation, pre-processing and post-processing as per the business requirements, making use of OIM and OAM API and Java
  • Developed several custom notifications with customized notification templates making use of the event metadata and notification framework within OIM.
  • Worked with Bulk Load Utility to load users, roles, role membership, role hierarchy, account data into OIM from .csv file and DB table. Troubleshoot and Monitor Bulk Load logs to fix issues.
  • Made use of OIM Health Check utility to generate reports on system health for the OIM installation.
  • Configured LDAPSync between OIM and OUD.
  • Developed some POCs for the use of Puppet, Chef and Ansible for the installation of Fusion Middleware Products - OAM, OIM, BIP and OUD.
  • Defined Roles and imported roles to OIM and to OUD through LDAPSync.
  • Configured OAM Single Sign On for OBIEE 12c
  • Configured OAM Single Sign On for WebCenter Portal 12c
  • Configured OAM Single Sign On for WebCenter Content 12c
  • Configured OAM Single Sign On for Oracle EBS 12
  • Configured OAM Single Sign On for Oracle Enterprise Search 12c
  • Supported development and deployment of custom Servlets to extract information for users CAC card and create or update user.
  • Participated in the design discussions for BPM workflows and the data needed to be passed on to BPM processes.
  • Participated in the design discussions for various roles that are needed in OIM for supporting different types of users needed for Webcenter Portal.
  • Supported development, configuration, integration and unit testing of various Fusion Middleware components in Development and Test environments.
  • Made use of OAM, OIM, JDeveloper , WebLogic Server 10.3.6 and Oracle Database


Senior OIM Developer


  • Worked users and interfacing teams to finalize the identity provisioning requirements.
  • Designed and documented user and role provisioning workflows.
  • Installed OIM in the local development environment and configured them appropriately. Documented the installation and configuration steps.
  • Automated Role and Entitlement provisioning and de-provisioning based on HR demographic information
  • Implemented a service request catalog and user self-service interface to consolidate and expedite user provisioning to target applications using OIM.
  • Customized Identity UI and Sysadmin UI as per the IPPS-A requirements using customization code developed using ADF.
  • Installed and configured Oracle EBS Connector, PeopleSoft Reconciliation Connector, Office 365 Connector, PeopleSoft User Management Connector and Oracle Internet Directory connector.
  • Developed the customized approval processes using Oracle SOA for user creation and role assignments.
  • Unit tested the changes to user interface and the provisioning workflows in local environment.


Senior Oracle SSO SME


  • Worked with stake holders, business users and developers to finalize the application requirements.
  • Configured OAM policies for protecting Confidential resources in different environments.
  • Developed and maintained Confidential, WAM and Openptk applications that provide API for programmatic authentication, Restful API for user creation, locking and unlocking the user.
  • Created a framework called Authservices which separated the OAM ID cookie creation concern from WAM. By invoking the restful API on Authservices, SSO cookie is made available to multiple Confidential applications
  • Developed an innovative approach for avoiding the Oracle native screens through OAM policy configuration.
  • Implemented versioning on Authservices and provided Restful API for login and logout that can be used by different clients with different requirements.
  • Supported upgrading and patching of OAM and OIM environments.
  • Maintained various configurations including Reverse Proxy configuration, OAM Configurations for Authentication and Authorization Schemes.
  • Implemented a single end-point for logout2 API with a capability to logout users no matter where they logged in from.
  • Supported patching of the OAM environment and made necessary modification to make sure the Authservices API work with the new patched environment.
  • Developed various Dockets and Services to support these dockets for Confidential application.
  • Responsible for ongoing product implementation, design, and development activities on the OIM track. Worked with an extended team to deliver releases including integration, test, and deployment activities.
  • Documented the design for Multi-factor authentication for the next release.
  • Analyzed Performance Test results and made changes to improve the performance where ever performance bottlenecks are seen.
  • Supported deployment, and debugging and fixing the errors on deployed applications on various environments.
  • Documented all the architecture and maintained the design documents and interface documents for various releases.


Oracle Fusion Middleware Consultant / Tech Lead


  • Installed and configured various Oracle Products including Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11g R2 PS2, Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) 11g R2 PS2, Oracle Adaptive Access Manager (OAAM) 11g R2 PS2, WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Content 11g R2 PS2.
  • Created and maintained OAM Custom Authentication Schemes, policy, id store configurations and fine-tuned proxy servers.
  • Developed and maintained OIM custom connectors, approval workflows, custom event handlers, custom scheduled tasks as per the client’s requirements.
  • Designed and developed various taskflows including Self-Registration taskflow, Update UserProfile taskflow, Request Additional Access taskflow, and Forgot Password taskflow, making use of the OAM and OIM API on the backend.
  • Created and standardized page templates so that the layouts for the header, footer and the body meet the requirements and the web-pages in the portal have uniform look and feel.
  • Implemented changes to the hero-carousel that displays products on the home page. Adjusted scrolling and roll-back timings as per the client’s requirements.
  • Implemented email functionality so that the system sends appropriate emails to either the administrator or the user about the user access requests and their status. Used Freemarker Templates for generating the text for the emails.
  • Made changes to gallery template to include several new product pages.
  • Made necessary changes to menu bar to include pages as per the new page hierarchy.
  • Configured and implemented an automated build and deployment process using Ant and Jenkins for the Confidential Portal Application.
  • Enabled single sign on, using OAM, OIM and OAAM 11g.
  • Environment included Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g, WebCenter Content 11g OVD, OID, OAM, OIM, OAAM 11g, Weblogic Server 10.3.6, and Oracle 11g Database.
  • Used JDeveloper for development.


Oracle Fusion Middleware Consultant / Lead Develope r


  • Serving as an Oracle Fusion Middleware Consultant and Lead Developer on the Redesign Effort for Confidential Portal.
  • Installed, Configured and maintained OAM, OIM and WebCenter installations and their configurations on various environments.
  • Did necessary proof of concepts and demos to validate the technical feasibility of using Webcenter Spaces and its ability to integrate with OAM and OIM infrastructure and demonstrate various customizations on Webcenter product as per DOT requirements.
  • Helped upgrade managed servers on different environments from Oracle 11g PS2 to PS4 and from PS4 to PS5. Identified and resolved technical issues and dependencies.
  • Evaluated Entitlement Server and did a feasibility analysis for use of Entitlement Server on Confidential Portal.
  • Defined and Documented the security architecture for various features and created design artifacts like sequence diagrams, flow charts and interface diagrams to capture the details of the design, for user provisioning, single sign on and the role based access control.
  • Created two webcenter applications one for external users and the other for the internal users, using JDeveloper and ADF. Deployed on Weblogic Server 10.3.6.
  • Helped develop and deploy External User application that consists of the special permits functionality for external users. Reused existing special permits components and enabled functionalities like renew, modify, partyto, create new, functionalities for special permits.
  • Worked on developing Internal User application with special permits search (both simple search and advanced search), announcements, worklist and statistics functionalities. Using EJB 3.0 for persistence.
  • Created two Webcenter Spaces for the External Application and for the Internal Application and configured them as needed.
  • Configured single sign on for both internal and external applications using OAM 11g
  • Implemented access control to various functionalities on both internal application and external application through OAM policies.
  • Made use of OIM API to support provisioning and de-provisioning work flows.
  • OIM infrastructure management including the management of data feeds between multiple identity stores
  • Migrated content from legacy content management system to Oracle UCM. Consumed the content using applications deployed Webcenter.
  • Developed and maintained Operator Management System using ADF-Business Components and integrated its components into PhmsaMain Portal.
  • Maintained BPEL processes using Oracle JDeveloper, for the automated and manual approval processes for the special permit applications. Used Oracle Business Rules for routing decisions in the business process for special permit approval. Made use of Human Tasks and Composite Services in the processes. Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) is used for monitoring of your business processes to identify the processes and notify the administrators for corrective actions.
  • Provided production support for various issues related to OAM, OIM and OUD infrastructure. Analyzed and resolved complex authentication, integration, and automation issues in various environments.
  • Deployed Webgates to web servers (OHS) and configuring them as needed.
  • Responsible for following best practices and adherence to standards.
  • Working on build scripts for various Confidential projects using Apache Maven 2.0
  • Unit testing the flow and fixing any miscellaneous errors.
  • Served as an Oracle Fusion Middleware Consultant on eUSMC User Services Portal project for US Marine Corps, through General Dynamics IT.
  • Created Portlet templates and enabled the creation of portlets from these templates. Documented the steps and shared it with the team
  • Created templates for both UCM Content Portlet (narrow) and UCM Content Portlet (Wide). Using these templates, created the portlets that are needed for the eUSMC Home community. Resolved the UCM integration issues for the UCM Content Portlets.
  • Developed an example WSRP Producer and a WSRP consumer portlet, Demonstrated the WSRP Portlet Consuming Capability within WCI.
  • Resolved the problems in collaboration server that prevents administrators from viewing the Manage Projects buttons in the Project Explorer.
  • Demonstrated the creation of PTE files and importing of PTE files to project team members.
  • Created OAM, OIM , BPM, UCM and WebCenter Deployment topologies for the DEV environment.
  • Created a Business Process using Oracle BPM Process Composer for provisioning and de-provisioning of users for the eUSMC Portal. Created the user interfaces for these business processes using JDeveloper11g and ADF.
  • Created a presentation that to persuade USMC to migrate to BPM 11g. Created the PPT, highlighting the advantages in migrating to 11g, disadvantages in not migrating to 11g, Oracle BPM roadmap, etc.
  • Setup Oracle Access Manager Policy domains and defined authentication and authorizations configuration as per requirements. Managed access policies through OAM. Configured and updated OAM policies as needed.
  • Documented the step by step instructions for designing and implementing and enterprise strength OAM11g infrastructure, creating and managing OAM policies to secure the various resources on web applications.
  • Developed OAM/OIM, BPM and UCM road maps, architecture documents, implementation plan for upgrade to 11g versions.
  • Created a new community announcements portlet with a customized look and behavior and deployed it to the collaboration server on the development environment.
  • Trouble-shooted and fixed the authentication and authorization issues seen on the portal due to OAM/OIM configuration errors.
  • Supported administrative tasks like restarting webservers, application servers, building and deploying portlets, trouble shooting any performance issues, etc. as needed.
  • Served as Subject Matter Expert (SME) providing assistance on Oracle Fusion Middleware products. Environment included Oracle WebCenter 10.3.0, Oracle Ensemble 10.3.0, Oracle UCM 10.3.0, OAM 10g/11g, OIM 10g/11g, Oracle BPM 10g/11g.


Senior SOA Architect


  • Interacted with system owners including program managers, functional team and system users to complete the existing system analysis and documented the existing processes (about 60 business processes) using process models (OV6c) using BPMN 2.0 in System Architect.
  • Done the requirement analysis and came up with systems and services that are needed to support the requirements and the interfaces they need to have with the existing systems.
  • Did necessary business analysis to identify the data elements in each interface.
  • Documented To-Be processes (about 60 business processes) using process models (OV6c) using BPMN and captured all the data flows diagrams (SV4) in the System Architect and in Oracle BPM (Process Composer). Created the executable processes in BPEL(Process Editor) for these processes. Documented Best Practices to serve as guideline for the developers working on creating the business processes.
  • Developed a road-map for transforming the existing system into To-Be system. Identified various miles-stones that can be targeted as deliverables and divided the deliverables into six different releases, which includes Core Services, DISS Portal, EAI Layer, JVS Services, CATS Services and ACES Services with different releases.
  • Developed DISS Portal using ADF on JDeveloper 11g.
  • Identified the Data Services and Security Services needed to support DISS and developed and deployed service composites on Oracle SOA Suite 11g . Designed for use of Oracle Service Bus (OSB) as a mediator between the Portal and SOA Services.
  • Provided multiple alternatives for the implementation of Security Services, including use of Oracle Security Suite with OAM and OIM and documented them.
  • Did a proof of concept to demonstrate the capabilities of OAM and OIM .
  • Created XML Schemas and WSDLs for various services using JDeveloper.
  • Created and documented the SOA Governance Model for DISS SOA Services.
  • Participated in project planning to provide estimates for level of efforts for various technical tasks.

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